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  1. Re: Help with tactics please Tried these tactics and they havent worked Results havent got worse they just havent changed, I havent won in 9 games now! Last couple of games I have been trying a 442 diamond formation, what does anyone think? PS. new addition to squad is Diego Milito (93) on loan so he will be in my first team
  2. Re: Help with tactics please Thanks guys, I will try these
  3. Hello guys. I manage Galatasaray in a world championship game world, currently in Division 3 just above the relegation zone. My first 11 has an average rating of about 90, so my squad is quite decent, nothing spectacular but I have some good players. I am unbeaten in 6 games, which sounds great but the thing is i have drawn 6 out of my last 8 games! I currently use an attacking 4132 formation, attacking mentality for home games and normal for away, hard tackling all the time, passing style short - but direct against superior teams, fast tempo and attack through the middle. Here is my squad
  4. Re: Applying for new club Oh of course, lol sorry didnt think about that!
  5. Hello guys, I am already a manager of two teams and have just applied for a third but I was just wondering how long it actually takes until you are able to actually go into your club. They are on my homepage with my two other clubs and I have club messages waiting to be read but I cant actually enter, does anybody know why? Thanks in advance
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