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  1. Re: History In The Making Match Reports/Transfer Gossip


    Real Madrid 4-0 Liverpool

    A bright start from Liverpool saw them dominate the first 25 minutes and keeping the Real Madrid’s keeper Iker Casillas busy until Kaka got the ball and started playing his magic football by testing Reina from 25 yards out then Sneijder also when close before Van Der Vaarts amazing volley rippled the back of the Liverpool net three minutes later and Madrid were 2 up after Pepe’s great dribble and cool finish,

    Madrid lead 2-0 at half time.

    Real Madrid continued where they left off and Kaka only inches away from making it 3-0

    Then finally Kaka unlocks the Liverpool defence after the ball bounced around the 6 yard box it came to Kaka who scrambled it across the line and his second goal came 12 minutes later he was left all alone in the box with only the goal keeper to beat and makes no mistakes.


  2. Re: History In The Making Match Reports/Transfer Gossip


    Seydou Keita joins Real Madrid

    Seydou Keita swaps Barcelona for Real Madrid for 10m. Real Madrid manager spoke about the transfer "Its a good signing he's a solid midfielder that i brought to help out the back four we also have Lassana Diarra & Muhamadou Diarra who also play a in similar role, he will be a key player for us during the season. Its about the squads nowaday due to alot of injuries teams have and i think we have a very strong squad of players".

  3. Re: History In The Making Match Reports/Transfer Gossip


    Inter Milan 2 - 1 Real Madrid

    Bad start for Real Madrid as they lose to Inter at the San Siro,

    it looked good at the start from Real Madrid with Sergio Ramos smashing a 25 yard bullet off the bar until Huntelaar loses his rag with the ref and is send off which changed the balance of the game Inter Milan took advantage of the extra man and soon went one up with milito's towering header, Robben rattles the bar from 25 yard just before the break but its stays 1-0 to Inter at half time.

    Robben then gets in behind the defence and lops the keeper it looked bound for a draw until keeper Iker Casillas fumbles the ball and cambiasso rounds up the 3 points.

    Real Madrid manager said after the game "its a bad star we will put this on behind us and look forward to Bayern game but we done good to get level if only we had 11 men on the field we could have gotten something out of the game" he also commented on the Huntelaar incident "I'm disappointed in him he doesn’t usually get hot headed but I understand his reasons I thought the ref was a bit harsh against us".


    Could it be his last game?

  4. Re: History In The Making Match Reports/Transfer Gossip


    Hugo Rodallega joins Real Madrid

    Young ecuadorian signs for Real Madrid,Hugo Rodallega leaves wigan for Madrid just after one season with wigan he was one of Twisted's main targets,

    Wigan chairman said "Unfortunately Hugo was a target for a top team, we knew it would be hard to keep him here but the price was right and he wanted to go i could not stop him from a dream move"Hugo Rodallega also spoke out about the move saying "Its an honor to join such a great club, the club is one of the best in the world i never fought i would be playing at the bernabeu as a Madid player, im thankful to the new manager it's a dream move for me".


  5. Re: History In The Making Match Reports/Transfer Gossip


    Negredo returns to the Bernabeu

    Spanish giants Real Madrid resign striker Álvaro Negredo, Manager Twisted is delighted to have him back at the bernabeu according to the Spanish press

    the new manager said "I'm a keen admirer of the lad he has been outstanding during his time with Almería, he scored a lot of goals with them he also scored a lot while he was here with Real Madrid B team, I hope he will produce the same skills with us as he did with his previous club"


    Negredo while he was at Madrid

  6. Re: Ash and sam league activities

    Fletcher resigns as manager of Aston Villa

    Manager Fletcher told the press"the league was very poor not much activity so i decided to step down i brought in a few good players and promised good times ahead but i will not be apart of that i wish the team good luck and hope they get a few trophies over the next few seasons"

  7. Re: Ash and sam league activities


    Man Utd 1-0 Wigan Athletic

    Aston Villa’s first win under there new manager, Senna’s last gasp goal earns Aston Villa a vital win the manager Fletcher said after the game “I’m very happy with the result we didn’t play at our best and I’m disappointed in the manner we won but the result is the main thing ,these players are capable of winning games more convincingly and we will work on different tactics to do so, Senna saved us from what would be a bad result for us credit also to the keeper he made a few good saves and that’s why he will be our keeper he is not going to be replaced ”.


  8. Re: Customized Teams and Setup

    this is not a good idea imo how do you decide what players start of with what team i.e. i name my team Twisted FC do i get to pick what players i get so say i want kaka and iniesta in cm i can have them ?? or do i have no team at all and we battle for players with the same budget.

    plus the whole idea of the game is to be as real as possible ohh and if you want to create your own team on these manager games theres a few also you can change the players names i think you might enjoy that.

  9. Re: History In The Making Match Reports/Transfer Gossip


    Real Madrid have named Twisted as there new manager and hope that he can bring in a trophy or two manager Twisted said "I’m delighted the club have given me the opportunity to manage such a great club I hope to bring in a few new faces that I think could help us win things, we already have a new player Kaka he is a top player, one of the best in the world he will be a big part of my plans, the team will built a team around him"

  10. Re: all players in differant shirts

    There class' date=' but Zambrotta pic looks bit weird lol hes lookin away from the ball, but none the less class[/quote']

    yh i done it as if he was looking up for another player but it would have looked better if i done the glare on his face it was only a quick on tho

  11. Re: History In The Making Setup!

    If there was enough people interest i would have made it tonight. But obviously not' date=' im going out for a couple of hours though now. Will people who are particiapting do their very best to advertise it and get forumers to post on the thread and request a team. Thanks, Adam[/quote']

    hey if you make it now then managers will just come in and msg you to join it'll be much easier than getting every one to wait

  12. Re: History In The Making Setup!

    I get the sense without keeping this thread posted on' date=' it's going to lose interest. Lets try and generate some conversation :) Refer to the first post if your interested in joining, definetly not one to be missed.[/quote']

    whens it going to be created

  13. Re: The "SPECIAL" Setup

    how you could to the random

    on http://www.random.org/lists/

    say you put





    manchester united

    and so on all the teams

    then when you get the order

    then do it again with the managers





    and so on do all manager get the order then you say chelsea was number 1 and Torres+Gerrard was number one then they manage that team

    number 2 could be inter inicikirock could e number two therefor he managers them

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