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  1. Re: The "SPECIAL" Setup

    i guess on it'll be up on either 10th or 12th June..

    draws well today? hmmm... I'll just think over it coz we still need 1 manager rite? so some advertising of this may help...

    so spread the word..

    why dont you do the draw and whatever team if free goes to the next manager

    why dont you make it today ?

  2. Re: The "SPECIAL" Setup

    Well you are right. BUT i ain't one of those people who'd Reserve a GREAT team for himself just because i own the setup. ALL MANAGERS must be kept on EQUAL Level. and anyways i'm kinda lucky in RANDOM draws so hope i get a good team regardless ;)

    Btw' date=' guys we need just 4 more people to make it 30 managers and that'll be it.. 30's enough i guess...

    30 managers are enough i guess.. What say guys?

    So just 4 more managers required..


    hey what you shoulld do

    do the random thing the next person that want to join is number 1 the second numkber 2 third number 3 fourth number 4 they you do the lucky dip and if they want to join they have to have that team just a thought as it might take a while for some people to join :)

  3. Re: star trek

    its a good movie not what i usally watch but its alot different to the old ones

    and has more action

    Terminator salvation is better imo

    movies this year so far

    1.terminator salvation

    2.Star trek


    4.Role models

    5.slumdog millionaire

    6.fast and furious

    7.Green street hooligans

    8.role models

    9.Crank 2

    10.The Curious Case of Benjamin Button = Sh!t lol

    transformors will be the best tho

  4. Re: Operation-A's New Custom GameWorld

    We're just waiting to see what team these fellow SM Members want.




    If i get no reply by Tuesday 9th June 2009' date=' 8PM then the setup will go up for the public, and SM Forum users can request certain teams.[/quote']

    can you not just make it private then accept the ones you already know then msg these 3 niks,monorn & shack with the teams available

  5. Re: The "SPECIAL" Setup

    well there is quite a few number of NEW FORUMMERS [managers] interested in this setup.. and i'm not too comfortable with brand new forummers joining setups because almost 80% of the times some of them leave before the setup is even created and some leave within 2-3 games..

    but still i don't want to be the guy who "DISCRIMINATES" b/w Old experienced forummer and the new Guys because at one moment of time We all were NEWBIES right?

    So i'll put the newbies' names in the list too but will have to see some activeness before i can be sure of your participation.

    I've made a different list for the newbies just in case...

    Plz don't mind i'm just being cautious ..

    Hope you guys understand :):)

    hey im not new to the game iv been playing this for a long time my rep is 109 and im commited to all my clubs been with one for 3 seasons and been with the other 2 seasons im just new to the forums althought i have used other forums and i do goos match/transfer reports check my last posts :D hop i can join im a good manager who is after a good challenge and this is one im very interested in

  6. Re: Operation-A's New Custom GameWorld

    Hey MR.MCFC

    i think you should do it as

    2 leagues 12 teams per league

    league 1


    Real Madrid


    Inter Milan

    Manchetser United

    AC Milan

    Bayern Munchen





    Athletico Madrid

    League 2





    Manchester City







  7. Re: Operation-A's New Custom GameWorld

    Other members are higher priority than you at the moment. Please no rush for teams no teamlist will be compiled to midway this week. But discuss ideas' date=' and spread the word.[b'] I only want commited, experienced managers.[/b] Not people who will leave when a GC is made or managers that aren't prepared to manage the team for the long term.

    that should be me in then iv been commited with both of my two teams one for 3 seasons and the other for 2 seasons :) and have a rep of 109 :)

  8. Re: Operation-A's New Custom GameWorld

    Hes a bit of a crank' date=' he took over a Athletico Madrid team in my set-up sold most of the top rated players for cash and lesser rated players then left after two days leaving a team no-body wants:mad::mad::(:confused::eek::([/quote']

    lol he always does it in one of my leagues he took over ac milan and sold kaka for two **** roma players lol bless him

  9. Re: Ash and sam league activities


    ManUtd 3-3 Aston Villa

    A good start saw Villa 1-up within the first minute with anelka scoring on his debut, 10 minutes later Diego Forlan made it 2-0 to the visitors, it all looked good for Aston Villa until the 19th minute which saw 2 goals from Fernando Torres and Carrick within a minute of one another Aston Villa boss saw his new teams bright start overturned by two wonder goals from two top players, Rio rises above everyone else to nod in a third which made it 3-2 to the home team.

    With only 10 minutes left of this amazing half it looked like Aston Villa manager would have to mix up his team for the second half, YOUNG!!!! Goal poor communication between the center back and the keeper saw Ashley Young through on goal with only the keeper to beat who he goes around to slot in a empty net to make it 3-3

    Torres off the woodwork was the last chance of the game.

    A decent result for the Villa boss up against a formidable team who had beaten Tottenham by 7 goals earlier in the week and beaten Manchester City by 6 goal in a friendly.


    Rooney giving away a freekick which resulted in the second goal from Forlan

  10. Re: Which Gameworld would be better?

    Arn't you hard. Come to me and say it to my face' date=' then your mum will be reading a sign saying RIP[/b']. Seriousley, trying to act hard over the internet isn't anything to be proud of.

    Anyway back on topic.

    And in England, its Mum, not Mom.

    And learn to use the correct tense.

    Arnt you hard too:cool:

  11. Re: Ash and sam league activities


    Aston Villa sign winger Simao

    Simao joins Aston Villa for 12.5 million from Athletico Madrid. Manager Fletcher tells the press "Im glad he has come to us, he didnt need much persuasion to join us he knows we are building a strong squad thats why he joined us".


    Simao arrives in training

  12. Re: Ash and sam league activities


    Villa sign 6 new players

    New manager Fletcher has brought in 6 new faces Italian due Totti & Zambrotta,

    Spanish midfielder Senna, Ecuadorian centerback Cordoba and the two new strikers Folan & Anelka

    new manager Fletcher said "I am delighted that these great players have joined us they know this club are capable of winning things that’s why they joined, most of them have won trophies with other clubs and they know what it takes to be successful".

    The manager hopes to bring in more players over the next week he said "now i have two world class defenders i will be looking to buy one more defender to have a solid back four, i also will be selling some of the players i think need to move on and replacing them midfield is where i will look at now".


    Zambrotta shown to the fans along with the other new arrivals

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