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  1. Re: new set up Iv added you keano can i be Valencia my names Twistedskillz
  2. Re: I dont know how to use a 4-2-3-1 formation How i play my 4-2-3-1 Tackling Style - Hard Mentality - Attacking Passing Style - Mixed Attacking Style - Mixed Tempo - Fast Pressing - Own Half Play Style - Counter-Attack - Yes Men Behind Ball - No Tight Marking - No Play Offside Trap - No Use Play Maker - No Use Target Man -Yes (Choose the CAM not striker) My team when i play this formation __________Buffon__________ Macion_Ramos_Rio_Abidal/Evra ___Stankovic__Hargreaves___ _Nani_____Messi_____Ribery_ _____Rooney/Berbatov______ Although i think 4-4-2 is a better option against 3-4-1-2 & the best formation imo is 3-4-1-2 OHH and that formation 4-2-3-1 leaks alot of goals even with that defence i have but also you can score alot with this formation just depends on how stronbg the team is your up against GOOD LUCK WITH THIS FORMATION.
  3. Re: Ash and sam league activities FULHAM 1-0 ASTON VILLA Bad start for new boss Fletcher, D.Murphy was the difference on the night with him being the only scorer .New villa manager said in an interview with SoccermanagerNews “losing this game shows I need to bring in new players in certain areas of the pitch, we were the better team yet couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net, I will be looking for a few new players in the attacking area and hope they can form a good partnership” he also goes on to say “a new defence is key for us to succeed the goal conceded tonight was very poor and hopefully will not cost us points again.” Barry at fault for soft goal
  4. Re: What realistic starting XI would you like to see your team line up with next seas
  5. Re: Ash and sam league activities BREAKING NEWS Aston Villa appoint new manager MR Fletcher on a 3 year deal MR Fletcher said in an interview "Myself and Randy Lerner know this club is capable of winning things with a few more additions, I have been promised a big budget to get in the players I need."
  6. Re: What realistic starting XI would you like to see your team line up with next seas What id like to see next season ----------foster---------- --Brown-Rio--Vidic-Evra-- --------hargreaves------- Valencia------------Robben ----------Rooney--------- ------Huntelaar-Benzema---- swap Ronaldo for Huntelaar,Robben & money buy Valencia with the money from Ronaldo
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