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  1. Re: risers within 3 changes Reyes +1 at least, riser within -2 changes. If he doesn't go up i'm going to keep spamming this!
  2. Re: Salvatore Bocchetti He's at the russian league, and he isn't an -outsanding- player, so no, not worth keeping, SM underrate Russia at the moment.
  3. I've dumped a lot of smaller league players in the last year, because it's irritating watching your players hold off Inter Milan in the quarter final of the Champions league, then get a -1 for their troubles because of uefa coefficients. You all know, when that Brazilian starlet goes to Shaktar, or Zenit, instead of Sevilla or Fiorentina you are disappointed, as their potential to be a rating increase superstar has just nose dived. At the same time, if your amazing Seria A megastar goes off to the Premiership, the nerves kick in, you brace for a ratings reality check, the is high chance of failure or the highlighting of a players deficiencies. This got me thinking, is this instinctual feeling simply because certain leagues favour certain characteristics in players? Or is it based upon your feelings about certain leagues being overrated or underrated by SM? I've been thinking about this for some time I conclude 2 things. Top players at Medium rated leagues in europe are underrated. There should be more flexibility for a top players performing week in week out in Russia or Portugal to get a 92. I'd also love to see some 91's in leagues like Greece or Turkey. I also think the premiership's toughness means it's not the destination I would chose first for my players, but it does allow the AAA players to realise their potential. Overall though I'd say premiership is slightly underrated, Seria A a tiny bit high and Spain and Germany about right. Favourites - I love seeing players with potential go to mid/upper table Bundesiga, Seria A teams. High chance of starting, high chance of very speedy rating increases. Portuguese league is also good for players to get up to 88/89 or so quickly. Top French sides also enjoy nice high potential for ratings in a league that isn't that toughest. Least Favourite - Shaktar, any Russian team (underrated league in general where players stagnate at 88 or 89), or any league with a cold climate. Low level premiership can also signal ratings potential is over. Manchester United as a fringe player - high chance of few games or flopping. Turkey or Greece - they will probably never break 89 even if they are very good. Any team at a small european league - you hope they star enough to move to a bigger league within a few seasons!
  4. Re: Giuseppe Rossi He's 92 for me, scored a screamer today again.
  5. Re: Player Concerns Well it needs tweaked again, they aren't updating any more, at least in my setup. Since implemented I haven't seen 1 player go to level 5, barely any are level 4, and this is in a setup which is completely unbalanced - a bunch of teams with hundreds of players. No players would be happy in such teams in real life. In fact no team in real life could realistically have 100 players never mind the 200+ i see everywhere.
  6. Re: Busquests at 91? Surely a joke No. Playing with high calibre players can equally show you up, for example, Mascherano (94) has looked poor in Barcas midfield so far, and Busquets is keeping him out of the team. IMO, Busquets should be 93, but will probably get 92 on next changes.
  7. Re: gonzalo castro help Since he's mostly a RB, and he's not even on the bench for the national team, I would say there is a slight risk of a drop to 89, he's a "barely 90". He's a good player, but SM are strict these days and he hasn't stepped up to national team level. For example Vasili BEREZUTSKY dropped to 89 recently - a defender who achieved much more last season than castro.
  8. Re: Player Concerns *Sigh* I sold a bunch of promising youth players and some fairly young 89 and 90 rated players when I first read about this coming in - so much for doing the right thing. I thought it would be the smart thing. I thought if everyone was being forced to sell up, the value of players on the market would drop a bit. Now it's been almost 2 soccer manager seasons, everyone else has hung onto their massive squads with massive amounts of talent in each position, and I'm left looking stupid for trimming my already fairly lean squad. What is the point of this system if it achieves nothing? Has anyone seen a Level 5 in their set-up? It seemed to be working perfectly or the first few months, and then they totally bent to the complainers on here and made it much less strict. The ridiculous squad sizes are the elephant in the room that no one wants to admit is a problem. I really wish I hadn't sold those players - gah.
  9. Re: player grading systems in reality? http://www.castrolfootball.com/rankings/rankings/
  10. Re: Tasci sedar or gonzalo castro Doubt Castro will rise, if anything he's high at 90 as he is - he's not getting on the german team and is rated higher than badstubber and andreas beck who do.
  11. Re: Busquests at 91? Surely a joke If only you could have Guardiola's ear for 5 minutes you could show him the error of his ways. Del Bosque too.
  12. Re: Busquests at 91? Surely a joke Man of the match today and scored a really nice goal. Although he's started the last few games ahead of Masc, masc wasn't even on the bench today - maybe injured?
  13. Re: Flecther and Busquets Decision Busquets keeps Senna, Xabi Alonso, and I guess you could say Fabregas out of the Spanish first 11. He kept toure out of the barca team, and is now forcing Masc onto the bench. He's won the champions league and the world cup playing just about every game, is usually never subbed off. Never mind the league titles and domestic cups. Would Darren Fletcher start over any of those players? Busquets should +2 on the next ratings changes to reflect how much Guardiola and Del Bosque both rate him, even if the average fan doesn't. You gotta take into account the ratings of the people he is starting ahead of. Fletcher higher than 92? Maybe if he wins the champions league this year. He's higher rated than Misimovic or Hamsik already. Busquets should be 93 imo, fletcher is about right at 92 for now.
  14. Re: the next 90+ players that are 88 or less enoh, mcdonald mariga
  15. Re: Utd Droppers potentially What about fletcher at 92?
  16. Re: Andreas Beck Rating?? 89->90, since he's the Hoff captain and they are Top of the league, they also did well last year, and he played almost every game. Also Gonzalo Castro (RB/90) is solidly behind him in the pecking order for the German national team.
  17. Re: Lucas Barrios: unknown Argentinian goal-machine Has been on the front page of the castrol rankings for almost a year now. Due to his continuous form in just about every game he is now up to 11th in the world! http://www.castrolfootball.com/rankings/rankings/
  18. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything Can Turan get higher than 90 if he stays in Turkey?
  19. Re: BOCCHETTI, Salvatore I thought he was inline for a +1 but since he is moving to the Russian league you should be concerned. SM have been really harsh on this league since it dropped in the UEFA rankings. I guess only the absolute best in the league get a 90 now. For example Vasili Berezutsky has played every game last season for CKSA, and just about every game for the Russian national team. CSKA had a good run in the champions league before going out to the eventual winners Inter Milan in really tight games - for that he got a 90->89 (-1). Owen Hargreeves is rated higher than him. Bad example, as I'm sure Hargreeves is in for a -4 soon, but I still think it's really, really harsh. I have many Russian players and it just spells doom for them, even if in my personal opinion, the Russian league is very competitive at the moment. (rubin beat and held barcelona for example). So you can hope for a +1 maximum if he plays very well, Rubin have a good run in europe and he stays on the Italian national team.
  20. Re: Javier Hernedez 90 is a bit premature, balotelli is still 89 after 2 good years in Serie A.
  21. Re: Player Concerns Still no level 5's in my gameworld, and just a couple of level 4's. This is on teams with 200 players. These concerns are achieving nothing.
  22. Re: Mc Donald Mariga- Manchester United and AC Milan Target Started for Inter yesterday Bologna, played the whole game, looked good.
  23. Re: solution to player concerns: For all the moaning about concerns from people with hundreds of players, I have yet to see one player go to level 5 concern and force a transfer, there are a couple of level 4 concerns on enormous squads in my setup, but it's overall not strict enough yet imo.
  24. Re: Russian Premier League Ratings & Analysis OUCH. I wont say "worst rating changes ever" (comicbookguy voice).... but I will say this is the most unexpectedly I've been hit by drops. Ignashevich and Berezutsky have both dropped for me. I tend keep tabs on my players so I know ahead of time if any are going to drop due to not playing, or their club being on a downturn. 2 Russian international defenders who have been playing consistently for their team in the past year (especially Berezutsky) Both playing a big part in CSKA getting to the Quarter Finals of the Champions league, before being put out 1-0 and 1-0 by eventual winners inter milan in hard fought games. Lets quote from goal.com about those quarter final games. "V Berezutski: 7 - He made sure Eto'o had a limited impact on the left hand side, but might be a little disappointed that he couldn't stay tighter to Milito when he scored." "Ignashevich: 7 - Another impressive performance at the back from the Russian as he generally limited Inter to long range shots, while he also made a couple of fine interceptions at key moments." After playing all season domestically and then getting to the quarter finals of the champions league, they deserve a drop? Just cause they finished 5th last season? They were 3 points off finishing second, it was incredibly close. They are currently 3rd, with 2 games in hand on 2nd place. I completely admit, i don't watch Russian Premier League, so many one of you can enlighten me?
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