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  1. Re: Highliy rated strikers Torres is injury-prone. You should go for Luis Fabiano who's definitely going to increase. As for the midfielder go for Aquilani or Fletcher, Aquilani's going to be incredible while Fletcher will definitely get an increase.
  2. Re: Website Error! Everyone's got the same error. I've had enough. SM had better not undergo maintenance for the entire day, I'll slaughter 'em.
  3. Re: International management for all free members! We won the poll.
  4. Re: International management for all free members! Haha, you got SM too? Surely you can tell the difference?
  5. Re: International management for all free members! Good managers don't waste their time on the forum unless SM is making mistakes that need to be addressed.
  6. Re: International management for all free members! Gold members get their extra club slots, their gold championships, and so many more different tournaments. SM was meant to be a free game and this is getting too much.
  7. Re: International management for all free members! I would like to inform everyone about another ridiculous thing SM has done. It says: Every member who purchases either a Standard or Custom Game World via the SM Shop will from now on be able to choose a starting International Team to manage alongside their chosen club side during the creation of their Game World. However, only Gold Members can manage International Teams. Therefore you will lose your International Team after you have created your Game World unless you become a Gold Member. This is absolutely ridiculous and cruel to those managers who have their international teams stripped from their control. Please, everyone, join me to protest for International management for all free members!!
  8. SM has added international management to standard game worlds. And it is only available to Gold Members! What's the point? The motto of SM is to 'Make the world's best soccer manager game and let the world play it for free'. What has happened to the second part? SM should take into account the risks of entering card numbers into websites, and the inconvenience of posting cheques in sterling for foreign members just to gain more privileges which last for less than a year.If this results in only one or two international managers in a standard game world, I would rather SM remove this feature from these game worlds. Taking into account the slowness of rating changes on SM, the website errors that have always been present every now and then, the poor navigation of the site even after 'improvement', I think it is reasonable to ask for international management to be made available to all free members.
  9. Re: The exellent manager ? you're a noob.
  10. How do I report racial abuse made on the newspaper? I know you can report racial abuse on private messages, but there is no place to report this!! I have tried emailing support@soccermanager.com with no reply! Does anyone know how to report this?
  11. Re: Time zone dif The wait is almost over. I think.
  12. Re: Xavi Torres i signed him a few days ago. and i was the one who uploaded his picture.
  13. Re: Time zone dif this is terrible, absolutely terrible. they've changed the time to 14.00 but wait, they say the time is from 12 to 14, maybe there's a break. but that's unlikely so we can just check everything tomorrow cos sm will probably keep delaying it.
  14. Re: Time zone dif AHHH.... I still haven't checked the results from yesterday.....why cant sm just forget about the entire thing and stick with the old one...
  15. Re: Time zone dif dude, they just changed it to 11.50... i got so upset i created a forum account to complain about this. hey sm, you guys are really giving everyone a hell lot of inconvenience. before this they said it would be ok at 7 BST, then it's 9 BST, and when the wait was almost over u change it to 11.50!! don't bother to apologise cos it's no use.
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