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  1. Re: Barnet Fc rating Changes i agree some changes need to be done i believe harrison is correct to go down to 70 Beckwith 74 gillet 72 devera- on top of his game 73 o'ceaurill- has left burton-stay same yakubu-74 puncheon 79 nicolau-same carew-67 leary 72 wright- 80 _ he is CLASS bishop-(for me our best player) 77 porter-same birchall same- 8 goals not many starts grazioli-68 akurang 69
  2. Re: Best keeper in the world somone like Gordon given or jussi jaskalinne (however u spell it, most of those kepeers named have a really good defence infront of them. So the goalkeepers i have metioned i feel have done a better job.
  3. Re: Bobo's Personal Rumour Thread! "Now this sounds as bad as ronaldinho going to barnet" is see no reason why not
  4. someone has offered me ashely young plus 3 million for sidney govou is the deal worth it?
  5. i was at the game yh gd goal nothing i havent seen before that was the only threat he really made as well as that he came on as a sub so he had more energy than everyone so i cant see him goin up by much
  6. i believe he should of went up by a bit last year when he was bagging them in for southend but thos year hasnt been as good this year and you cant only increase him if he gets one goal. hope he doesnt go up to a premiership player because hell just be like dj cambell ( i no i spelt the name wrong)
  7. barnetboy

    SM Predict Wk3

    3-1 2-1 1-2 1-1 2-3 1-1 1-3 1-1
  8. barnetboy

    I like it!!!

    reply by what you just told us it will be funny
  9. i no this guy ait the fastest but should be in that list ryan babel
  10. yh i no but am still in agreement with the idea but i wouldnt pay 100m for no-one
  11. i think tebthereb is right and this is what should be happening but isnt 100m a bit crazy?
  12. i support barnet and manutd and barnet dont have a avastar and man utd do well done alan neller and sky blue lee
  13. thanks sam but i think if a premiership team or serie a or la liga teams go in 4 him i say he could increase but 5 or 6 if he moves
  14. you dont no who is do you? lol
  15. yes i had a player like that once he was a israeli but now he has the name of andre jeifley
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