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  1. Re: Section 1 Risers - Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Uruguay
  2. Re: Section 1 Risers - Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Uruguay Any news on Christian Cueva of Universidad San Martin? I've read he's been scoring for them, recently got the winner in a cup final, but I have no idea other than that.
  3. Re: E-Mail From SM Phishing scam, report it to Soccer Manager admin. Someone blatantly trying to get hold of your username and password, obviously they're not very smart.
  4. Re: Robinho I say keep hold of him, he could drop, but as said 93 is still a very good rating on the game. The thing it seems with Robinho is he is a very tempermental player, he has to be in the right surroundings and feel superior in order to flourish. You can't argue with his record during his time at Madird, 3rd highest scorer and got into the top 10 for the Ballon d'Or. The fact that he was basically going to be used as bait to sweeten the deal to bring in Ronaldo probably hit his esteem, then being left without a contract, thinking he was going to Chelsea and then ending up at City. I can imagine that was a pretty torrid time, to fall from the grace of the Galacticos to the melancholic wonder of Beswick, the historical Bernabeu playing alongside Raul to the council stadium...I mean Eastlands playing alongside Darius Vassell. I know where I'd prefer to be. The decision to return home probably shows the fact he wants to be the centre of attention, arriving in a helicopter with Pele... I think it's the best move for him for now, he can jump straight into a team and be the star player, be at ease back home and be loved once more by the fans, and hopefully get back to the form that got him the 95 during his time at Madrid with a view to moving back to Europe with a top team.
  5. Re: Insua or Criscito Be aware that Insua isn't the most accomplished defender, as has been shown up a few times so far this season. Whereas Criscito, at ease at centre back, left back and left midfield is a much more accmplished player defensively, having a good defensive education at centre back. He has also appeared for the Italian national team a handful of times, and is a good look in to make Lippis squad for the world cup. Criscito is also part owned with Juventus (they own 50% of his rights), where he started, which obviously shows that they believe in his ability. To be honest, either player would be great to have. At the moment Criscito is the more accomplished player with the better playing history. Insua is a year and a half younger, and this season is his first as a first team starter, so he has plenty of time to mature. They're also facing similar competition to make their respective squads for the world cup.
  6. If you're in need of an attacking goalkeeper than you need look no further than Morgan De Sanctis, just take a look at his recent exploits in the game against Fulham this evening. 14: Morgan DE SANCTIS miss hits his shot wide of goal 22: A golden opportunity is wasted and Morgan DE SANCTIS knows it! 48: Morgan DE SANCTIS carves through the defence with some quick give-and-go passes 64: In a swift counter-attack, Morgan DE SANCTIS races up the field but clumsily trips over the ball 80: Morgan DE SANCTIS loses his marker and his snapshot from the edge of the box which results in a wonderful reflex save from the keeper
  7. Re: Stange bug? Transfers I just got this in my gameworld: Rangers have managed to sign Kenny MILLER from Rangers on a deal believed to be around £6,282,800.
  8. Re: HELP!! - Any computer experts here? It's not a problem with your laptop, so don't blame it lol. Does the problem only persist while you're using the internet? If so, which browser do you use? (internet explorer, firefox, etc) it could be something as simple as a setting which opens things in a new window, rather than in the existing window. I wouldn't reformat your harddrive to deal with the problem, unless you want to wipe everything on it, which wouldn't be much help with this problem.
  9. Re: Sotiris Ninis Anyone any idea?
  10. Re: Sotiris Ninis That's what I saw too, given that he's one of the more important players at Panathinaikos, I reckon thats about what he should have gotten considering players of equal stature in the squad are rated 87/88.
  11. I noticed that Panathinaikos have been reviewed in the Greek changes, yet Ninis didn't recieve a rise. Considering how good his form has been, the fact he's a first team regular and gets called up to the Greek national team, I thought he would be deserved of something. He's a player who's been linked with moves away to clubs like Manchester United and AC Milan also, just wondering if anyone can shed any light as to why he didn't rise?
  12. Re: FWD vs CF That would be the logical placing in real life, but I'm pretty sure that you can play CF in the exact same places as Fwd and have them perform the same. I have Mario Gomez and I always play him alongside Raul in a pair up front and Gomez always bags loads of goals. Not really sure that it matters too much.
  13. Re: Chelsea v Portsmouth http://www.myp2p.eu/broadcast.php?matchid=57970∂=sports You'll probably have to download one of the programs that are listed; Sopcast, Tvants, PPLive, etc There is one MediaPlayer link, but no certainty that it'll be online or any good. I use Sopcast and that usually has a lot of good quality streams.
  14. Re: Hugo LLORIS He's 91 rated at only 22. That's the sure sign of a great player with world class potential. You can be sure that any player that young who is rated that highly will certainly be a player of world class potential.
  15. Re: FWD vs CF In terms of the game, CF is best positioned as the central front man. Forward can play anywhere across the front. I think the positions are interchangeable, the real reason there's a differentiation on the game is because of their position in real life, I'm not sure how much of an effect there is in the game though.
  16. Re: Uros Cosic - 'Bigger than Vidic' That's my boy.
  17. Re: sell melo and sign muntari? I just swapped Muntari for Moussa Sissoko, I've seen that Munatri is going to drop down to 90 in the coming changes as well. Melo probably will as well, they're both on the same plateau of poor performances and lack of form. Swapping one for the other would just be an identical change basically, better to cash in on them or swap them for potential risers and young stars.
  18. Re: I need a LB: CRISCITO, Domenico or FILIPE, Luís?
  19. Re: Paul scholes rating Why do you even bother supporting Liverpool if all you do is defame your players, whine and moan about them. Anyone would think you hate Liverpool.
  20. Re: Paul scholes rating Scholes is 92 quality through and through.
  21. Re: Berbatov or Totti They're both great players, very different though. Berbatov has brilliant natural skill and he pulls off some incredible moves, but he does swagger too much at times and can lose a bit of focus and as a result he doesn't score the goals that he should. Totti on the other hand is an Italian legend, he's been brilliant for 14 years. He's been a goal machine this season since his return from his knee injury, seems like he's had a new lease of life and has found fantastic form, the issue with Totti is that he is 33 and probably doesn't have many years ahead of him, but in Italy stalwart players seem to play forever e.g. Paolo Maldini, Cafu, Javier Zanetti, Fabio Cannavaro, etc, so I reckon a player like Totti could keep going til he's 38/39 easily (recently signed a new contract til 2014). If it was my choice I would go for Totti, because he's a brilliant player and has been brilliant since his injury comeback, I'd like Berbatov as well, because he is the ultimate skill and finesse player and maybe he will start to apply some real urgency to his game soon.
  22. Re: {UKFSC} World Cup 2010, Discussion Hey, can I be Ivory Coast please.
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