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  1. Re: Squad limit 40 players is a good idea. 22 players for the first team and 18 young talents players. This would make the strongest teams could not have all the stars and divided among more teams. In my league, Real Madrid has more than 70 players! and it is very difficult to buy one. So the new managers can not ever improve
  2. Re: Squad limit There are limits in the real life. Teams have to register for national competitions 25 players in Spain. And for playing in UEFA competitions too.
  3. There are many teams wiht more than 60 players. with this limit, the game will be more competitive, the teams with less money could sign more players 89 or 90+
  4. Re: Summer Transfer Rumours Thread. Kaka: Milan to R.Madrid X.Alonso: Liverpool To R.Madrid Silva: Valencia to R.Madrid Albiol: Valencia to R.Madrid Villa or Forlan: Valencia /At Madrid to R.Madrid Ribery: B.Mun to Barcelona or R.Madrid C. Ronaldo: ManU to R.Madrid Granero: Getafe to R.Madrid Negredo: Almeria to Valencia Eto'o: Barcelona to Manchester City Ibrahimovic: Inter to Barcelona Juninho Pernambucano: Lyon to Genoa
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