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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Is there any news about a the leftback postion? hope wenger is not going to relay on gibbs because he is injury prone.
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Hey guys what do you think about Gervinho, is he about to sign or what ? And what about our captain Fabregas and Nasri, I think both are going to stay.What do you think?
  3. Re: What shall I do !? They deleted my account. I can't send support tickets to them. How can i contact them.
  4. Hi I managed a realmadrid in a spanish champ. My friends are managers as well in this spanishchamp. One of my friends had multiple account and I reported him. Then the SMFA removed him. He talked to me msn and said that now that he lost his team he wants mine.And he made a new account with the same name of mine and reported me so that the SMFA thing that i got two accounts. They didn't just remove one team but now all the teams i had and removed my account. What can I do? I want my teams back I already Had 95 repetition. How can i contact the SMFA because they removed my account.
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Hey what i noticed is that alex Song is no longer with the number 17 but with the number 9. Eduardo gone and Song took his number.
  6. Who should i get from these. I need the best two. Luis ANDERSON SISSOKO, Moussa WITSEL, Axel JAVI MARTÍNEZ, Aguinaga DEFOUR, Steven
  7. Re: Football Manager 2010 Hi i have done a mess with my game. I arranged the display of the game and the range is out of the monitor range. When i start up the game only see OUT OF RANGE!. Can any one help me??
  8. Hi I need help!! Should I exchange Ozil & Marin + 5M for David Silva. Or should I wait to exchange Silva with Gourguff. In Red my players. In Blue oppostion player.
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi I need help!! Should I exchange Ozil & Marin + 5M for David Silva. Or should I wait to exchange Silva with Gourguff. In Red my players. In Blue oppostion player.
  10. Re: Spain Ratings [La Liga] I am from the small Island of Malta and watch all the top teams. I can't watch all the teams. It was hard work for me.
  11. FC Barcelona Victor Valdes - 91 -> 92/91 Jose Manuel Pinto - 87 -> 87 Olazabal Oier - 78 -> 78 Eric Abidal - 93 -> 93 Scherer Maxwell - 92 -> 91/92 Victor Espasandin - 75 -> 75 Silva Dani Alves - 94 -> 94 Rafael Marquez - 93 -> 92 Gabriel Milito - 92 -> 91 Gerard Pique - 90 -> 92 Dmytro Chygryinskiy - 90 -> 90 Andreu Fontas - 78 -> 78 Carles Puyol - 96 -> 96/97 Hernandez Xavi - 97 -> 97 Seydou Keita - 92 -> 92/93 dos Santos Jonathan - 78 -> 78 Jose Manuel Rudea - 77 -> 77 Gnegneri Yaya Toure - 92 -> 92 Sergio Busquets - 8
  12. Transfer IN : NEUER, Manuel CISSOKHO, Aly BECK, Andreas BOATENG, Jérôme MARIN, Marko LENNON, Aaron WITSEL, Axel AFELLAY, Ibrahim SISSOKO, Moussa SUAREZ, Luis There are the players got with some exchanged players. This is all the team reamining :: NEUER, Manuel RENSING, Michael KRAFT, Thomas CISSOKHO, Aly BRAAFHEID, LAHM, Philipp BECK, Andreas DEMICHELIS, Martin BADSTUBER, Holger BOATENG, Jérôme SCHWEINSTEIGER, Bastian SISSOKO, Moussa WITSEL, Axel EKICI, Mehmet AFELLAY, Ibrahim RIBERY, Franck LENNO
  13. Re: Ozil. DI Mario, Modric or Nani The best one is Ozil. He is world class. I realy like him. After him there is Di Maria or Nani. I would Prefer Nani for Di Maria. Modric was very good 2 years ago but now he flopped....
  14. Re: Internazionale Rating Changes by Edox My opinion :: Julio Cesar - Won't rise he has a fair rate. This season was not so good as the other and he has no reason to rise. Davide Santon - He will mabye rise +1. His place was taken by Chivu. Chivu - Surely won't drop. Can have a postion change to lb/cb. Samwel - Stay. Muntari - I don't think he will drop. He will keep his rating. The others I agree with them.
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