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  1. Re: Looking For Dedicated Managers Yeh, sure.
  2. Re: beardsley and tevez championship Applied for Inter under: David Villa.
  3. Re: New setup (private application) Applied for Valencia, I am David Villa(appropriate eh?)
  4. Re: Are You Bored Of Soccer Manager . . . I'll join, if this goes through.
  5. Re: ** NEW Forumers Standard @ 12:00/1:00? Got Juventus in ec 1323
  6. Re: ** NEW Forumers Standard @ 12:00/1:00? I'll see if I can get in with Chelsea.
  7. Re: Marks Sigs and Avatars. Class sig mate, thanks a lot! Rep comming your way.
  8. Re: NEW GAMEWORLD - simple idea Added you. SM name: David Villa
  9. Re: NEW GAMEWORLD - simple idea Thanks mate, I'll take Zamalek.
  10. Re: NEW GAMEWORLD - simple idea On second thought(deleted first choice) Could I have - Al Ahly/Zamalek. If they are too big, then my last choice would be Orlando Pirates. Sorry for confusion.
  11. Re: Marks Sigs and Avatars. Hey Mark, could you possibly make me a sig including Teko Modise in a Bafana Bafana(SA national team) shirt on the left, and David Villa in spanish colours on the right, design and colour are up to you. Thanks mate.
  12. Re: South Africa - Confederations Cup 2009 2 of our strikers were not included for attendance issues Besides, I thought we put in a good effort against the world #1. Khune's 2 saves, perfect birthday gift to himself.
  13. Re: Sky sources: New FIFA Super league on way? Today David Villa told Sky Sports that he promises to improve the financial standing of the Arsenal Football Club, aswell as ushering in a new era of Arsenal greats to be added to the Football hall of fame. Thanks to the organisers of the league! Your SM name is unclear mate, mind helping us out there?
  14. Re: Sky sources: New FIFA Super league on way? I would be interested in taking the reigns of Arsenal. SM Name: David Villa Thanks mate!
  15. Re: 4x4 Big Leagues Set-Up Match Reports and Transfer News. Hey, hey. David Villa, Everton manager here. Thanks to Darren.
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