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  1. Re: Counter offers! Please Help! what did u do here? what happened ?
  2. i have been counter offered for i player i really want,,, im short of a few million but i just accepted 3 bids for my other players, so can i accept the counter offer and by the time it goes through the cash will be there or will it not let me accept because i dont have the cash just now? hope that makes sense... i dont want anyone else eo get him so the sooner i accept his counter offer the better?
  3. i think it would be great to have same shortlist for all my clubs,, would save me a great deal of time
  4. will his rating go up in next few years or anytime soon? what u think?
  5. i think i would spice things up a bit if your keeper got injured or sent off ,as i know loads of clubs with 1 good keeper and the second keeper is a 70 rated pensioner!...??? why is it no keepers ever get injured etc etc?? very very strange.... id also like 1 or 2 more formations , i know custom formations would be too complicated to work out how a team will perform , but id like to see a 3-5-1-1 ,almost like a 3-6-1,, would suit my team alot... but anyway never mind that just now ......... lets break some keepers legs !!!
  6. Re: changing back to your old club straight away? right i really want to go back to villa,, iv not bought or sold anyone with inter yet,, if i quit do you think il be able to join villa once it sais its unmanaged?
  7. can someone explane a few things when creating your own game worlds,im thinking of gettiong gold memebership etc to create new game for friends etc. can you let your friends get first choice of teams then open it for everyone else? when does the new game world start ? can you start it whenever or state a date etc? can you pick what teams you want in the world and what divisions? what other pomts and tips can you give to running a competitive good game? do you think its better to have 3 divisions or 4 i.e not as many teams?
  8. Re: changing back to your old club straight away? this is just some of my squad gk cesar- 95 def- cordoba 94 chivu 93 w samuel 92 maxwell 92 maicon -95 zanetti-94 mid- n d jong -91 toulalan 93 adriano 91 cambiasso-95 stankovic-93 viera-91 strikers- ibrahimovic-96 quagliarella -91 gomez -93 kalou-92 pogrebenyak-91 kanoute-94 huntelaar-92 do u think im mad for giving this and 100 million up?plus other 90 rated and 89 players that iv not listed? i personaly liked building my villa side up saving that little bit of cash up every little while to maybe afford an 89
  9. Re: changing back to your old club straight away? on turn 12,, iv just got a funny feeling im not going to enjoy managing them,,, when it comes up saying villa is unmanaged do you think il be able to re-join tho if a quit inter? il need to think about it,, i know there is nothing worse than folk arsing about swapping teams , but i managed villa since about febuary , should had stuck with them
  10. i accepted a job offer with inter without thinking about it yesterday,, but i already regret it,, yes they have an amazing team,, rather old ,, but i built my villa side up and prefered the chalenge with them,, i had no money to spend at villa either but at inter i have 100 million and all my players are 90-95 ratings...but i would still rather be back at my old club... if i quit inter will i be allowed to manage my old team? it6 sais they have offered villa to another manager just now,, but once it sais unmanaged i was going to try go back to them .. yes i know i shouldnt had done it in the fist place could someone tell me if its possible?
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