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  1. Yes you do especially after Tampax Rovers turned you over 1-0
  2. YES! We have a football team... Hope you all can last the 90
  3. Anderlecht have no manager mate.
  4. Ok can you get him to join please as what we want to do will take time.
  5. We can help with what happens season two as I've been a part and run some exclusive game worlds in the part. Also Rio, whose Money? He's the Belgium guy. The French manager and I want to chat with him regarding players.
  6. I've applied Rhys Evans How did you come up with the divisions Rio?
  7. Nice, welcome aboard!! Real are looking for a deal or two.
  8. I wouldn't start with a unmanaged team as you said, it'll be difficult to get it covered later on, I've been off the game for a few years but I'll hit a few contacts up.
  9. Hopefully you did. Game world is officially unlocked guys!
  10. What was that!! FREE ICE CREAM for the next manager to join!! WOW!!!!
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