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  1. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 I have been offered Mexes for 18 million and Pato for 30m. I think Pato at 30m doesn't sound too bad but does anybody think Mexes would be worth 18million?
  2. Re: Utk's English League Prediction Zavon Hines has now risen a further +2 to an 80. People Power!!!
  3. Re: Utk's English League Prediction On a side note. I'm pretty much disappointed with the stingy rise of +4 for Zavon Hines. I thought he would at least be rising to 82, seeing as he has played regularly upfront for West ham this season.
  4. Hi Folks, Just wondering if any of you guys know of any left wingers that are in for decent rise in the next couple of months. I have recently adopted a 4-2-3-1 formation to my Perth Glory team but don't have any left wingers in my squad. I have 900k to spend so I will probably only able to sign a 77 rated player at most. I normally adopt the rule that I will only sign 74 rated players if they have a predicted rise of +6 minimum, or 75-78 rated players if they have a predicted rise of +5 minimum. I would also consider a player who is a winger that can use both feet. If you have player that fits this criteria I would be delighted as I have searched all the riser threads and found nothing.
  5. Re: Ross Forbes He has just scored again for Motherwell. 5 goals in 8 games from midfield. Rated 64 in a team that averages 83 for a first team player.
  6. Take my advice and sign Ross Forbes. Position-DM/CM Rated-64 Potential Rise- 76+ at next Scottish review Club - Dumbarton (plays for Motherwell) SM have him down as a Dumbarton player but he was on loan there last year. He has since gone back to his parent club Motherwell and been a stand out performer. He is currently rated at 64 on the DB but this will not last long. The average rating at Motherwell is around 83 and this guy is going to be one of their best players this year. He has a sweet left foot and scores spectacular goals. I think he could potentially rise 10+ by the next rating changes for Scotland. Top Motherwell players are rated 85 and this guy certainly has the potential to reach this level in the next year or so. He has played 7 out of 7 games this season scored 4 goals from midfield in the process. You can snap him up for 40k and his wages are £310 per turn. Absolute bargin!!! Sorry about the layout of my recommendation but I'm still getting used to this.
  7. Re: Skint team needs help Thanks guys. Big Help
  8. I have just won the Scottish division 2 with my Morton team and I'm too skint to buy players in the 81-86 bracket to compete next season in the 1st Division. Do any of you guys have any recommendations of players in the 70s that will rise to 81 + in the next few months? Thanks in advance
  9. Re: John Fleck , The Scottish Wayne Rooney? ''fleck will never be the same as aiden mcgeady'' Thank god for that. We have quite enough turncoat bigots in Scottish football these days.
  10. Re: Jami PUUSTINEN/FC honka forward I'm definately not going to buy him on the basis of that picture of him.
  11. Re: Víctor Hugo LOJERO - BIG Mexican Riser Well done mate. Massive return on a 10k investment. Just what my struggling St Johnstone team needed.
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