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  1. Re: Unknown Bands Tame Impala are a good psychedelic rock band, definitely worth a listen. b0jqPvpn3sY Foals are decent too. QRR_pvZcu-o qJ_PMvjmC6M
  2. Re: Revision for Exams How are people's UCAS applications going? I've applied for Geography and have got offers back from Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam, Salford and a combined Geography/Sport management course at Loughborough. Currently, just waiting to hear back from Lancaster. Planning on having Sheffield as my first choice and then Sheffield Hallam as my back-up.
  3. Re: Football Manager 2013 Is the game worth getting? Normally only get FM every two years, but getting a new laptop at the end of the month so was thinking about starting with a fresh FM. Heard quite bad reviews towards the game, so I'm a bit unsure and I liked FM12 a lot.
  4. Re: YouTube Videos Hahaha brilliant stuff. u_ARdVD4VrE
  5. Re: Official Manchester City Thread We were shocking last night and the penalty at least gives us a bit of hope to qualify. Don't get Mancini's obsession to make this 3 at the back formation work. Why change a successful formation? Jack Rodwell is a very talented footballer, but just like Savic his confidence lets him down and at the moment he is costing us too many mistakes. Seeing as Milner has pretty much recovered from his injury, I hope Mancini gives him a chance. He's a great all round CM in my opinion and playing him will give Yaya the opportunity to get forward more. Would try playing like this against Sunderland; Hart Zaba - Kompany - Lescott - Clichy Milner - Barry Tevez - Yaya - Silva Aguero Think Garcia is a good signing, but I feel he shouldn't have been De Jong's replacement. When you've got such good attacking talent as we have, then you need someone who can just sit and hold. Garcia is too attacking IMO and gets forward too much leaving us open to counter attacks.
  6. Re: Official Manchester City Thread These rumours have really angered me, it's giving City a bad name. Loads of Villa fans at the game have denied it. The game wasn't available to stream tonight, so don't know where they've come from. ‏@VillaConnected Ignore the rumour going round City sung 'let him die' in the 19th, I have spoke to 20-odd Villa fans who went, they said it did not happen.
  7. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Absolute rubbish tonight, the defending is embarrassing. We miss NJD so much and Scott Sinclair is dreadful. Cannot beat his man at all, would rather bring Trevor Sinclair out of retirement than play him. Hopefully the result gives us the kick we need and we can get a much needed away win at Fulham on Saturday. Credit it to Villa, they wanted it more.
  8. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Feel like I've invested well in consumables, but could do with investing in a player for between 10-15k to make profit off. Was thinking possibly Gotze, Walcott, Valencia, Navas, Pedro, De Rossi or Higuain. Who would people expect to rise the most?
  9. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread vmTWHKDDtMU It's easier to get to the 59th minute on the computer, by doing this.
  10. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Really struggling to make much profit at the moment. Just making the odd bit on silvers, cheap Prem golds and formation cards. Hoping I'll get to about 30-40k before Friday and then I'll probably just spend it all on gold contracts, as I'm confident they'll shoot up in price once people start playing the game.
  11. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) lxGkMeS-5eI 2NXxWnFpstA KYseDEizrF0
  12. Re: Football Manager 2012 Championship Manager 2001-02 was the best. Still love that game.
  13. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Oh how times have changed that United fans are getting excited to see us losing in the first group stage match. :o:rolleyes: We were superb defensively for 87 minutes, just ashame we couldn't hold on for at least a point. We led to one of the best teams in the world twice away from home. I'm proud of how we played and if we play like that in future games we can certainly qualify and push on through the competition. Yaya was outstanding and Nastasic looked decent. Just gutted in the manner we lost it and that we blew a lead so close to the end.
  14. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Was at work, so missed the game. Great to see Garcia score on his debut. From what I've read we sounded unlucky not to get the three points. Disappointed to that Dzeko didn't start, he's been in great form for us and Bosnia. A point is alright I guess. I know Stoke is a tough place, but we really should be winning games like this.
  15. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Really impressed with the gameplay, a big improvement of Fifa 12. The passing is so much better. The only downside is the refs are still awful with some of their decisions, but I suppose it's incredibly hard for EA to get it accurate.
  16. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) hxVYZz0Jj6g 1rr4tXN2eJM&feature=related hVzUFNWIYM0
  17. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) fY0oPg1h8fQ
  18. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread FIFA 13 soundtrack in full: Animal Kingdom - 'Get Away With It' Ashtar Command feat. Joshua Radin - 'Mark IV' Astro - 'Panda' Atlas Genius - 'If So' Band of Horses - 'Feud' Bastille - 'Weight of Living, Part 2' Bloc Party - 'We Are Not Good People' Cali - 'Outta My Mind' The Chevin - 'Champion' Clement Marfo & the Frontline - 'Us Against the World' Crystal Fighters - 'Follow' deadmau5 feat. Gerard Way - 'Professional Griefers' Django Django - 'Hail Bop' Duologue - 'Get Out While You Can' Elliphant feat. Adam Kanyama - 'TeKKno Scene' The Enemy - 'Saturday' Featurecast feat. Pugs Atomz - 'Got That Fire (Oh La Ha)' Fitz and the Tantrums - 'Spark' Flo Rida feat. Lil Wayne - 'Let It Roll, Part 2' Foreign Beggars & Bare Noise - See the Light' Hadouken! - 'Bliss Out' The Heavy - 'Don't Say Nothing' Imagine Dragons - 'On Top of the World' Jagwar Ma - 'What Love' Kasabian - 'Club Foot' Jonathan Boulet - 'You're a Animal' Kimbra - 'Come into My Head' Kitten - 'G#' Kraftklub - 'Eure Madchen' Ladyhawke - 'Black White & Blue' Madeon - 'Finale' Matisyahu - 'Searchin' Metric - 'Speed the Collapse' Miike Snow - 'Paddling Out' Passion Pit - 'I'll Be Alright' The Presets - 'Ghosts' Reptar - 'Sweet Sipping Soda' Reverend and the Makers - 'Shine the Light' Rock Mafia - 'Fly or Die' The Royal Concept - 'Goldrushed' Royal Teeth - 'Wild' Santigold - 'Big Mouth' St. Lucia - 'September' Stepdad - 'Jungles' Two Door Cinema Club - 'Sleep Alone' Walk the Moon - 'Quesadilla' Wretch 32 - 'Blur' Youngblood Hawke - 'We Come Running' Young Empires - 'Rain of Gold' Zemaria - 'Past 2' One of the best soundtracks in a long, long time in my opinion. Delighted to see the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, The Enemy, Kasabian, Reverend and The Makers and Bloc Party on it.
  19. Re: Official Manchester City Thread It was undisclosed, but rumours it was about €3.5m. Time will tell if it is a good deal. I liked De Jong, because he just used to sit and hold it together and coverered for other midfielders like Yaya/Nasri/Siva/AJ when they wanted to get forward. I don't know much about Garcia, but he looks good going forward as well, but with the midfield we've got, it's useful to have one midfield that will just sit and hold it together. Mancini seemed to favour Barry over De Jong, so it will be interesting to see if he favours Garcia now. I know some fans say De Jong is too limited, but personally I feel with the team we have that's what we need, just someone who's task is to provide cover. I'm delighted to have signed Garcia, but I fear we could miss De Jong.
  20. Re: Official Manchester City Thread So, Javi Garcia joins for £16m + Add on's. Overall a decent day. Maicon should provide good cover at RB, but I hope it doesn't mean limited chances for Richards. Still not sure abour Sinclair. I really hoped for a top class winger to sign for us this Summer and instead we signed an average one IMO and lost a much better one in AJ. I know Savic was branded as the "next Vidic", but I'm confident Natasic will be a big improvement with the experience he's had playing in a big league. Richard Wright is a very odd buy, but he's not going to play. Would have rather have brought back an ex-player like Weaver or Nash.
  21. Re: Summer 2012 Transfer Deadline Day Thread Berbatov joins Fulham, great buy. Proven Premiership goal scorer.
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