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  1. Re: youth/ reserve games lol true it helps to manage more games tho n makes it more fun n make more trophies available for winning lol thanks for the support
  2. Re: youth/ reserve games i see what your saying about your questions and i shall answer them best i can 1) the fitness would go down but not as much as in the first team as the reserves dont work as hard but they do still lose a bit of fitness. 2) it will be a mixture of both there will be a league and a cup for the reserves so they can feel the atmosphere of being in a cup final 3) good question but unfortunately i dont no of a good enough answer the only idea i can think of is if you get some free agents or something for free from soccermanager 4) im not to sure about that question 5) yes u shall recieve income for fans that come into your stadium to watch the reserves but u should also have to pay their wages too 6) the players can be any age but the rating is still undecided yet but i was possibly thinkin 87 lower or something like that i didnt really think about that one 7) another good question but like in the reserve team in england the reserves play one day n then the seniors play another this could possibly be the structure so no confusion happens wondering how to play reserves lol 8) it could be complusory each manager could be asked if they want to enter before every season n depending on the numbers sort that into how many leagues there is so one season there could be 2 with quite a few teams another could jus be 1 so it would depend on numbers thanks for the questions hope they helped
  3. teams usually have players that are mainly sat on the bench or not playing at all these players should have their own reserve league like in england the players are therefore more happy to stay at the club n perform better if needed in the first team and arent "rusty" and have little expierence
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