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  1. Re: Customized Teams and Setup Even that's would be a good choice to have! Your fav team i.e. Rangers, with a blank canvas and 200 mil to spend. Lol and before anyone says it I know Rangers could be doing with a blank canvas!
  2. Hi People FIRST POST!!! Anyway, I've been playing SM for a while now and after speaking to a few friends came up with the idea of having totally custom teams instead of your usual Man U, Barca and the like you could pick your own name and upload your own logo. I suppose this could work like the fantasy football you get in the papers, giving teams £XXX Million to spend in the current database (This amount could also be decided by the game world creator). I really think this would generate even more interest in SM and would be financially beneficial to the SM creators as more CGW's would be sold. Looking forward to you feedback! Cheers:)
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