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  1. Is he going to get a rating increase? Thinking of buying him as my current left back is only rated 86.
  2. Should i sell Valencia (89) to buy Mata (91)?
  3. Basically I have 18 million left over and i am in need of a quality right back who is 90+. any suggestions?
  4. I have got the chance of signing one out of Aguero, Villa and Ibrahimovic for the same amount. Which would be the best buy to partner Forlan or pato?
  5. Is he worth keeping or should I sell him now?
  6. Just been counter offered Riquelme and Veloso for Pique. I have cover for Riquelme so is this deal worth accepting? Cheers
  7. Just offered Forlan and Simao for Tevez is this a good deal or is it likely to be blocked by the chairman? Cheers
  8. I have just offered 5 million and Escudero Raul Garcia, 91 for Pique and it has been accepted just wanted to know if this was a good deal or not? cheers
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