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  1. Re: Walcott for Pastore, Deal or no Deal?...Help Needed I would do that deal, Pastore should rise to 90 in the next ratings and 91 at the end of the season isn't unrealistic if he maintains his form. Long term too Pastore could become a 93/4 in time if he keeps developing and proving himself. I just don't see that in Walcott at the moment (at least until he finds a level of consistency and composure.)
  2. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (I) Outstanding work Phil, fantastically accurate, goes to prove what happens when somebody who really watches the league in detail gives their rating opinions
  3. Re: The Ultimate Messi vs. Ronaldo Thread Both fantastic players, botyh of whom could go on to get 99 if the tims whey play for win major silverware (or continue to in Barcelona's case.) I guess in the case of who is the best then the votes from th last player of the year award is a good measure, fomr within the coaches of the world. Messi 1073 points Ronaldo 352 points The votes of those in the game are a pretty good measure, had Ronaldo not picked up the injury at the start of last season or Real had won the title then it may have been a lot closer, but you can't decide on ifs, buts and maybes - for now its Messi
  4. Ging


    Re: Boyata He's obviously not going to be a first team regular, however I suspect he'll get a fair few games. Due to his age he doesn't have to be named in the 25 man squad which goes in his favour and one to keep long term. He was been linked with a loan move to Newcastle but not sure what happened with that story
  5. Re: Robben deal I would wrap that deal up without delay. Bastos is probably doubtful for a rise, Robben is likely and is on of the top wingers in the game - it's a deal I would do in an instant
  6. Ging

    Turkish Super Lig

    Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything No rise for Potuk yet either, it seems as if SM haven't finished all the Turkish teams but still started on Portugal - could be an error in uploading the changes lists yesterday
  7. Re: Best buy: Neuer vs Joe Hart Neuer for me, proven at the higher level. His team are 2nd, going to be his country's GK in the WC (due to Adler injury.) Neuer himself will get a move to a bigger club too within the next 12 months.
  8. Re: Fabregas for Aguero + Pique Got to agree with the rest on here. For me - No Deal Pique is well on the way to beocming one of the highest rated defenders in the game at least 93/quite possible 94. Aguero stuck on 94 at the moment, but if he gets a big move his stock could easily rise again. Fabregas is a great player but one of the above 2 plus a lesser light would be fair
  9. Re: Spam's Guide to - Risers, Droppers, Youngsters Good work, I'm looking forward to the updates and feedback that come into it to develop it further still
  10. Re: Big Turkey SuperLig Risers (+3 or more) Great work Caleb, don't let the lack of appreciative posts or constructive comments get you down
  11. Re: Hitzlsperger for Sissoko Definitely Sissoko, one of the most highly rated young defensive midfielders in the game. Already a French international, destined for much bigger clubs. Having a storming season in France and has bagged 7 goals this season too, not bad at all for a combative largely defensive midfielder.
  12. Re: Rodríguez PEDRO Based on Insua getting 83-88, given his level of play has been higher than Insua's and for a team that is performing better I would say he is likely to get an 89. I would rate it 70/30 of an 89/88 rating.
  13. Ging

    Spain Scout

    Re: Spain Scout Hi, Look in the Player Ratings Section within Player Assistance, there is an excellent thread there started by a guy called Kensational. the thread is fairly obvious and is called "Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (09/10)" That should give you everything you need, only bother with Primera League players now as the Segunda league rating changes will have been done by the time you have any bids go through.
  14. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread DerbyPower - you keep your head up mate, your ratings were sound and of major benefit to loads of us on here. The ratings are all about opinions and you can give us yours, which you did along with your reasons, if the team at SM have a different opinion there is nothing that you can do.
  15. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread There did seem to be quite a harsh rating of the teams in the league, also was there no increase for Clebao of Nacional (is this down to SM not having him recorded as a Nacional player?) I would suspect q few tickets going in with queries over the next few days about some of the more controversially low rating changes
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