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  1. sdm

    Rate My Team Thread

    Re: Rate My Team Thread My Man City team in WC5974. We have played 6 games so far this season. Won 4, Lost 2. Currently in 4th place, 1 point behind Hamburg, Valencia and Wolfsburg. First Team: Youth Squad: I also have Michael Johnson out on loan and I am considering spending some or all of my remaining 30 million on bringing in some more players, probably risers from Brazil but these are my more serious transfer targets. Also this is the formation I play. Ireland is not match fit and I just bought Angeleri and forgot to put him in otherwise they would both start.
  2. Re: ChrisBentons Sigs/Graphicz!! =] Thanks mate looks great.:D Was picturing a different background but this one is much better.
  3. Re: iTunes & PC User Account Help Needed i think you answered the question yourself there mate. it would take a long time (probably) but yeah i believe it will work. you should try copying(but dont delete the files from there origional place) your files into a folder called Shared Documents in My Computer and then you should have access to the files. if that doesnt work you'll just have to use external storage devices like CD's or USB's.
  4. Re: Your Shirt Number? 11 and 10. 11 cos i used to play left wing from when i was young and i also play left wing for my college team. and 10 cos it's my favorite position and i asked to be played as a striker and my club manager agreed.
  5. Re: Ramsey vs Wilshere I certainly hope so. I may be a United fan but you can never say no to watching top quality football and Vela is a beautiful footballer. some of the goals he has scored are top notch and he usually makes a big impact in any game he plays.
  6. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread I think if Barca signed Ronaldo when he was that age he would definately be a completely different player to what he is now as at Barca he would have had to adapt to their system of play and tactics. The same with United he had to adapt to the physicality of the Prem and that has made him the player he is today.
  7. Re: Ramsey vs Wilshere I'm no Arsenal fan but I would imagine it would be Ramsey as he has just signed a new contract http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12875_5409737,00.html. Then again he could use both but I would personally choose Ramsey cos he's bigger and stronger and has a bit more experience than Wilshere.
  8. Re: Toronto FC vs. Real Madrid guess i'll just have to find a website that will be streaming it live. thanks anyway mate.
  9. Re: ChrisBentons Sigs/Graphicz!! =] yeah thats great mate. dont care how long it takes i'll just be happy when i get it.:D:D
  10. Re: ChrisBentons Sigs/Graphicz!! =] could i get one with roy keane please. with black/dark wings and a fire background if it's possible. i was thinking: the first one on the left, the second one in the middle and with wings, and the third one on the right. http://www.it.com.cn/f/hotweb/058/9/roy%20keane.jpg http://nbcsportsmedia4.msnbc.com/j/msnbc/Components/Photos/051118/051118_roy_keane_vlrg_8a.widec.jpg http://www.telegraph.co.uk/telegraph/multimedia/archive/01389/roy-keane_1389674c.jpg thanks mate.
  11. Re: Tom's Comedy Corner [All Things Comedy] frankie boyle Live at the Apollo. was watching a repeat of this on the telly earlier. my fav bit is about the condom.:D
  12. Re: Toronto FC vs. Real Madrid will it be on ESPN or some other worldwide sports channel?
  13. Re: Real Madrid vs Shamrock Rovers good summer for Shamrock Rovers then playing the new Galactico's and beating Newcastle.
  14. Re: Summer Transfer Rumours Thread.
  15. Re: Summer Transfer Rumours Thread. Lucho Gonzalez to Marseille!!!!!! http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12874_5408446,00.html
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