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  1. Re: Rate My Team Thread

    My Man City team in WC5974.

    We have played 6 games so far this season. Won 4, Lost 2.

    Currently in 4th place, 1 point behind Hamburg, Valencia and Wolfsburg.

    First Team:


    Youth Squad:


    I also have Michael Johnson out on loan and I am considering spending some or all of my remaining 30 million on bringing in some more players, probably risers from Brazil but these are my more serious transfer targets.


    Also this is the formation I play.


    Ireland is not match fit and I just bought Angeleri and forgot to put him in otherwise they would both start.

  2. Re: iTunes & PC User Account Help Needed

    Any techies out there help me out? If i made a new account on the computer system' date=' and transferred all music files from one account to the other, would i still be able to dock my ipod and keep the same music that i had on the other account.

    Basically my main account on the PC (Windows XP it's running) won't let me do anything on the account it simply loads and i can only access iTunes and basic features. However stuff like Adobe Fireworks, MSN Messenger, IE, Safari all don't load and freeze. Anyway i made a new account through control panel and gave it admistrative tools meaning i can access the files from my main account which isn't working. On this new account all IE, Safari are fine and i can use it normally except i have no music. If i docked my iPod on the new account the music would be lost from my iPod. [b']So what i planned on doing was transferring the files from the main account to the new account and putting them in their individual folders. It would be a long, time-wasting job yet very essential as i can do this with photos, videos, and any other files of direct interest.[/b]

    So the main questions are:

    Would i be able to successfully transfer all files from the main account to the new account and dock my iPod and all my music to be there?

    Does anyone seems to have any understanding of why the main account simply freezes when MSN Messenger, IE, Safari are opened?

    Your help is urgently needed.

    Thanks, Adam

    i think you answered the question yourself there mate. it would take a long time (probably) but yeah i believe it will work.

    you should try copying(but dont delete the files from there origional place) your files into a folder called Shared Documents in My Computer and then you should have access to the files. if that doesnt work you'll just have to use external storage devices like CD's or USB's.

  3. Re: Your Shirt Number?

    11 and 10.

    11 cos i used to play left wing from when i was young and i also play left wing for my college team.

    and 10 cos it's my favorite position and i asked to be played as a striker and my club manager agreed.

  4. Re: Ramsey vs Wilshere

    I don't expect Ramsey to become a big part of Arsenal for another few seasons. He'll maybe get the odd start this season unless we have massive amount of injuries (so expect him to get played then :P) where he'll start more if that's the case.

    Wilshere still has alot of years ahead of him to mature and get even better (and he's pretty **** good now)' date=' but Wenger doesn't like to rush players, so he'll only get sub appearances. But will once again do the goods in the Under-18s.

    [b']If you are really wanting to buy an Arsenal youngster, I'd say go for Vela. He's a magician on the ball, and really hard to tackle, plus he can take defenders apart with the greatest of ease :D I expect him to break into the first team this season.[/b]

    I certainly hope so. I may be a United fan but you can never say no to watching top quality football and Vela is a beautiful footballer. some of the goals he has scored are top notch and he usually makes a big impact in any game he plays.

  5. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread

    These players become amazing even before they are noticed' date=' look at Ronaldo how many clubs where after him at 16/17 years of age? [b']are you honestly telling me if Barca signed him he wouldnt be the player he is now?[/b] when they have done such an amazing job with bringing youth up themsevles?

    I think if Barca signed Ronaldo when he was that age he would definately be a completely different player to what he is now as at Barca he would have had to adapt to their system of play and tactics. The same with United he had to adapt to the physicality of the Prem and that has made him the player he is today.

  6. Re: ChrisBentons Sigs/Graphicz!! =]

    could i get one with roy keane please. with black/dark wings and a fire background if it's possible.

    i was thinking:

    the first one on the left,

    the second one in the middle and with wings,

    and the third one on the right.




    thanks mate.:D

  7. Re: Summer Transfer Rumours Thread.

    Tbh' date=' Porto lose a lot of their stars every year, yet they still produce more stars and perform well. :eek:[/quote']

    yeah but Lisandro, Lucho and Bruno Alves have been there a few years now. I knew Lisandro and possibly Bruno Alves were going but i just expected Lucho to be one of those players who stays there till he retires.

  8. Re: Summer Transfer Rumours Thread.

    Josip Simunic has moved from Hertha Berlin to TSG Hoffenheim for 7mill.

    Kelvin Davis is undergoing a medical in a deal which will see him replace Jan Lastuvka at West Ham as Lastuvka is returning to Shakthar Donetsk.

    Miralem Pjanic has apparently claimed that Lyon teammate Karim Benzema is close to a 38 million pound move to Man United.:D *hoping*

    all sky sports.

  9. Re: Bring back the LEGENDS!

    Duncan Edwards his career was cruelly taken away such a shame:(:(:(:(

    That one would be nice. Especially to see if he could become the player people made out he was going to be.

    A lot of people from back then who seen him always says that he had unlimited potential.

  10. Re: Bring back the LEGENDS!

    This thread is simply who would you pick to bring back to your team when they were at their best or simply and footballer you would like to watch again.

    Mine is Definetely Roy Keane back at Manchester United. He was a total legend and always stuck up for his team-mates and scored important goals aswell when we needed them. He was always one for a tough tackle and seemed to easily get in Argues with Shearer and Vieira.

    we could definately do with having roy keane in his prime back at united. we have absolutely no one who can dominate the midfield like he did.:(

  11. Re: Offical exam/results thread

    So lets get cracking got my uni results in today, had to pass 5 out of 6 modules (modules being coursework and exam) to make it onto the next 2 years of my course. Nailed 6 outa 6 :eek: ... im on like a total high right now :D

    well done mate. i officially got my results in the post today but i've known for about 2 weeks roughly what i was gonna get and i got the exact same. passed all 6 modules.:D:D:D:D

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