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  1. OK, this topic has been talked about a lot on this forum, and it's clear SM needs a squad limit option - just an option, relax, you could still have your squads with 105 players. Still in awe that SM's budgeting is that unrealistic. But I digress. Custom Game Worlds are now more expensive, and there absolutely, without question, should be an option to limit squad size. Say, the creator can choose the limit at 35, 45, or unlimited or something. Come on SM! It NEEDS to happen!
  2. Re: Player Ratings just to clarify, I'm talking about the ratings/points each player is awarded every game for their performance, from 1-10...NOT their overall rating from 60-100 based on their real life ability that come from Soccerwiki.
  3. Re: Soccerwiki/Kit editor. Unfortunately yes, this is a common problem. Or maybe a constant problem is more accurate to say. I have tried the soccerwiki kit selector with at least 5 different web browsers, and all to no avail. I was able to get past the buffering maybe only 3 times of out 150 attempts or more with Google Chrome. But, it is a problem/glitch with soccerwiki's site. It's terrible and ridiculous how long this has gone on without them bothering to even try and fix it or address it.
  4. This is a basic and important improvement, although it has been suggested before and still has never been changed: Attacking players should not be given far better ratings on average than defenders. This is especially apparent involving shut-outs and nil-nil matches, but I'm just talking about on an average basis. It's obvious and flawed. In real life attacking players do get more spotlight than defenders, but the average rating is still far too unbalanced.
  5. Anyone else seeing nearly all unmanaged teams selling off as many of their players as they can until they reach the 21 minimum???? And transfer listing most other players too??? Some teams in my GW have sold off all players until they have 21, then transfer listed their remaining 21 players.... glitch time, SM
  6. Re: Soccerwiki/Kit editor. Yeah, this post is quite old now, but still 100% a problem. Soccerwiki's kit editor is a bad joke. After all this time, it is still next to impossible to edit a kit. It does not function at all in the browsers Safari, Firefox, Opera, OmniWeb. In Google Chrome it now allows you to edit kits, but it freezes 98% of the time when you try to save the new edited kit. Who are/is the developer of Soccerwiki?? Horrendous.
  7. This is not as important, say, as including an option to limit squad size (desperately needed in SM, at least as an option in Custom GW's for god's sake!), but this would be a nice cosmetic improvement: Having the team's kit, home and away - or home during weeks with a home match and away with an away match - present and bigger at the top of the page, or just there and bigger on each selected team's home page. Right now, all you see is a small kit of whatever team you're playing next, which not only is weird (I can understand having your next opponent's kit on the tactics page, but on the home page??) but is also confusing. This, of course, would require a synonymous effort from Soccerwiki: right now, Soccerwiki's kit editor is a disasterous joke - it barely functions on any browser - on most browsers it won't work at all. With some teams, the kit editor freezes every time you try to save your edits. Very few teams actually work with any internet browser (Chrome sometimes works, but don't even try Safari or Firefox) and manage not to freeze when saving (about 1 of every 5 teams doesn't freeze). It's been like this for a long time too, pretty awful from SW.
  8. Re: Smaller teams finances MUST be fixed I don't know, it's already so easy for smaller teams to quickly buy players that realistically they could not afford. Every single GW that does not have special rules ends up with the same big players on every team, gets pretty redundant. More realism is what is needed badly in the game. As to the big clubs hogging up all the young players, well there obviously needs to be a squad limit (or at the very least an option when creating a game world to have a squad limit), and it is absolutely ridiculous that it is so easy for teams to have 100, or even 40/50 top players and still make money.
  9. Re: Soccerwiki/Kit editor. Yeah it's a bad joke and still messed up. I tried it in several web browsers, all the latest version, and it doesn't function in a single one: Safari - doesn't work at all Firefox - doesn't work at all Google Chrome - it partially functions; however, it freezes to the point of being unusable. Before, it would always freeze when you tried to save an edited kit. Now, it freezes when you try to load a kit that is not the default style. Unusable. Opera - doesn't work at all OmniWeb - doesn't work at all Seeing how this thread is months old, Soccer wiki has completely failed to fix the kid editor, or create a new one. Awful.
  10. Re: Squad Caps These posts are all 100% correct. A lack of there at least being an option for a squad cap is ruining the game to an extent. There should be a squad cap no matter what, in my opinion, as there is no decent argument for managers being able to sustain (usually easily sustain!) enormous squads of great talents and be able to pay their wages like they had quadruple the budget of Man City in real life on just with just about any team. But, since some people in the game are so absurdly for unlimited squad size, there NEEDS to be, at the very least, an option to implement a squad size if you wish in your own Game World. SM what are you waiting for?????
  11. Re: Squad Sizes Wow There is no doubt that there should be a squad cap. 50 is even quite high; the best post of all these was the guy who suggested 30 for the first team and 20 for the youth team. The squad limit should realistically be around 40, 50 at the most. 100 is ridiculously high, and having no squad size is laughable and very bad for the game--I see no legitimate arguments below. The way SM is set up, it is too easy to make money and buy players, and far too many leagues just wind up having the same top players, which is boring and amazingly unrealistic--not to mention too easy. Therefore the most fun, challenging, and interesting leagues are Custom ones that have some sort of transfer guidelines--such as limits on player ratings to be bought (no higher than 82, etc), or not allowing External players to be bought. And one thing that jeopardizes these leagues, which again are most of the interesting ones worth playing, is not having limits to squad size. The squad size limit should be 50, at the most, without question.
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