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  1. Re: Stadium Capacity Your attendance is based roughly on real life attendance...........so if your team in Div 4 only gets 2000 per game.......when you are in Div 1 they will still only get a small amount of fans......although maybe about 3000 or 4000. Hope that helps
  2. Re: Big Cheat : SMFA=Crazy !!! By the sounds of it he has offered you a deal for players and you have accepted.......there is nothing wrong with that.......and then you have started begging him for players......
  3. Re: Virtual Betting Competition Accumulator Atletico Madrid to beat Sporting Gijon 11/8 Real Madrid to beat Mallorca 1/6 Wellington Phoenix to beat Perth Glry 4/7 Stake: 300 Returns: 1306.25 http://www.paddypower.com/football/football-matches
  4. Re: Virtual Betting Competition Accumulator Barcelona to beat Racing Santander 1/14 Man Utd to beat Birmingham 2/9 Adelaide Utd to beat North Queensland Fury 1/3 Australia to beat Iraq 4/6 Total stake: 50 Returns: 436.51 http://www.paddypower.com/football/football-matches
  5. Re: squad sizes cut to 200? I think squad sizes should be cut to 50....why do you need 200 players?
  6. Re: auzzie rules is overated When the current TV deal ends for A-League I think the new deal should show one match on a saturday night each week. And when the current socceroos deal ends I think after Brazil 2014, then there have been rules put in place to make it so that all socceroos games will be shown on free to air TV. Hopefully this will raise the profile of the game in Australia.
  7. Re: Match Fitness Problem That is true and I completely understand that. But the thing with Alonso was that he was starting the game at a reasonable amount of fitness. So possibly with the others they might go down the same amount as Alonso if when the game starts they have a reasonable amount of fitness....just a thought.
  8. Re: Match Fitness Problem I play attacking/fast/hard tackling and I get about the same 30%. And my players are almost always 100% by the time the next game comes. Normally for the 3 day wait the players are at about 90-95%. But generally speaking players play worse when NMF. So giving them all a break to get back to 100% could prove very beneficial in the long run.
  9. Re: Match Fitness Problem Just gonna put it out there....why not play with your youth/bad players for one game so everyone else gets a rest and goes back to 100%. It sounds to me like it is perfectly normal....you said "Xabi Alonso normally has the most fitness, and goes down to 50-60% after a match, then starts games at about 80%." This isn't very surprising at all...it's perfectly normal.
  10. Re: palyer management interactions I think what he is trying to say is that you should be able to talk to a player and give him encouragement to keep him happy and make him happy to be at the club....if i'm right i don't really see the point
  11. Re: English Championship 7515 - Discussion Thread Hey guys I am Histon in Division 5. Thought I would have a look to see if there was a thread on this section for the game world and was amazed to see 50+ pages. I would REALLY appreciate a 80+ RM/wing on loan. I would prefer someone with a higher rating but I will consider anyone. So through me a few clubs and a player you would loan to me for the season. Thanks
  12. Re: Friendlies - Gate Reciepts You don't recieve gate reciepts for friendlies unfortunately. And the chairman will only upgrade your stadium size when you finish a season and go up to a higher division and he believes that to be competitive in that division then you would require a bigger stadium.....I think
  13. Re: Reserve a Gold World Team I'm 95% sure you can't reserve a gold game world. You just need to try and get a good team when it first opens.
  14. Re: Virtual Betting Competition I lost this bet with Adelaide winning 2-0 just to save your time so you dont need to look....i dont really think a link is necessary.
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