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  1. Re: Introduction lamby asin lamby316???
  2. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 Looking for a few guys to start a ''clan'' on the 360. Let me know if anyone's intrested.....Highest killstreak 36, 11 nukes etc Must be half decent
  3. Re: Xbox 360 fifa 10 tornoment Im intrested in joining, but i dont know how the online league things run. So anychance you could provide a little info on how it works etc.. Can you only have one of the same team in a league? When do you play games etc etc thanks in advance
  4. Re: Divison 4 changle/Yeovil Town/English championship Errmmm im not sure you understood my comment, good luck anyways kidda
  5. Re: Divison 4 changle/Yeovil Town/English championship Good luck on the challenge, as for telling you who to buy.... take a look around the forum there is plenty of threads on up and coming risers, asking people on who to buy is just damm lazy in my opinion. Try a little scouting yourself, you will get alot more respect on taking challenges alone, rather than other people doing it for you.
  6. Re: Cheltenham Town Journal - GC1 Nice little thread mate, really surprised no one has commented so far as it makes good reading. Anyway keep up the good work and good luck for the new season, its great to see managers taking challenges with low league teams and stick with them despite the results. Respect!
  7. Re: Potential 90+ player for the future Yeh its 88 at the moment' date=' sure to go up next season. Several top clubs are reportadly chasing him.[/size']
  8. Re: Potential 90+ player for the future Thats the one
  9. Moussa Dembele 'Report taken from reputable scout site' Following AZ Alkmaar’s sensational season, slowly it is becoming clear how Louis van Gaal’s side stunned Holland and secured only their second Eredivisie title, by eleven points ahead of nearest rivals FC Twente. From back to front there were some impressive performers for AZ. Goalkeeper Sergio Romero improved his reputation, full back Sebastien Pocognoli, midfielders Stijn Schaars and Demy de Zeeuw and strikers Ari and Mounir El Hamdaoui were undoubtedly consistently good. But, the AZ player who could be most in de
  10. Re: le Confederations Reports/Transfers Thread
  11. Re: le Confederations Reports/Transfers Thread Errrmmm Lyon?!?!?
  12. Re: le Confederations Reports/Transfers Thread Lyon Transfer Update Earlier today Lyon FC confirmed the signing of 2 players, both of which were long term targets of manager Gareth Haigh. Mladen Petric (Frwd) Clemens Fritz (Def) Mladen Petric was the first of the two to arrive at Lyon earlier today, Mladen who has joined from Hamburg SV is reportadly delighted to have signed for the former french champions. Shortly afterwards Clemens Fritz arrived at the club. Fritz who has signed from Werder Bremen on a 4 year contract believed to be around £45,00
  13. Re: Gold Championship 38 Transfers And Match Reports Earlier today in the weekly press conferance new manager Gareth Haigh stated that carles puyol has been trasfer listed after the ageing defender requested to be added to the list. ''Carles is a very big player not just for us but for most teams, obviously losing him will be a dispointment and it will leave a very big hole we will need to fill, but i believe we have a squad capable of remaining on course for automatic promotion.'' Carles has thanked manager Gareth Haigh and all the backroom staff at the club, for every
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