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  1. This two players are available. I will buy one of them. Your opinion, please!
  2. I need help! I will buy one of them. What is your opinion?
  3. Re: Marco Reus or Theo Walcott thanks for all your help!
  4. both are 90. who will rise? who is better? i will buy one of them...
  5. Re: thiago silva yes i will buy him. my offer was accepted
  6. is 40m for silva good deal or not? or is it to much?
  7. SCHMELZER, Marcel or PEREIRA, Álvaro? who will rise in the future...
  8. Re: Sell Tevez for 50m? i have aguero, balotteli, dzeko and adebayor at forward...
  9. Someone send me an offer for tevez. 50 million. sell or not?
  10. Benfica player. Will he stay 91 or drop. 17m for him to much?
  11. who to buy and who will rise? thanks
  12. lampard (94) and soriano bruno (90) for schweinser (94)? i would likle to buy schweinsteiger.
  13. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) gervinho(89) or ayew(88). i am looking for winger. who is better?
  14. i will buy one of them. who is better. who will rise higher
  15. Lorris is 92 and Cech is 94. who is better. which one would you buy. both are 19m
  16. i have xavi(97) and someone offerd me for him lampard plus drogba. what do you think? accept or not?
  17. is this deal good or is to expensive?
  18. Re: malouda for 20m? david silva 93
  19. how much i can get for maluda? he offer me 20m. can i get more? how is he worth?
  20. Which player to buy? Walter Samuel, William Gallas or Juan. They are 93 CB?
  21. David Silva(93) for Joe Cole(92) and Sessegnon(90). What do you think? accept the offer or not. He offerd me david silva.
  22. who is better. who to buy. johnson for 25m or sagna for 30m? please help me!
  23. What do you think? will he stay at 92 ro drop. if drop he will be 90 or 91
  24. both are 20y and have 89 raiting? who will do better this season?
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