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  1. who to buy? both 91 de Jong - manchester city makoun - lyon
  2. i got offer for essien. he offered me carrick and van parsie for him? accept or not?
  3. my best keeper is rated 89. i offerd 25.0M + Diego BENAGLIO(gk 89) + Joe COLE for pepe Reina. he accept it! do you think this is got move for me or not?
  4. when will we decide who will take penaltys in our games? this season i lose with twoteams in two cups in penalty!!! this is funny and stupid
  5. he is 91 golkeeper of marseille. what do you think, he will rise or no?
  6. Re: Higuain+Aguero+30mill for Cristiano Ronaldo i would accept!
  7. whic of this two pandev or QUAGLIARELLA should i buy??
  8. Re: mata for £6.0M + Theo WALCOTT + Mario BALOTELLI i am selling mata! so i will get balotelli, walcot and 6m?!
  9. mata for £6.0M + Theo WALCOTT + Mario BALOTELLI accept or not?
  10. mata for abidal and 5m? what do you think? accept and sold mata or not?
  11. they offerd me diego capel for antonio valenica. Accept or not???
  12. whitch Gk to buy? who is better?
  13. they offer me this deal. accep or not?
  14. bojan3


    Valecias golkeeper now raiting 88! what do you think on him? is he a prospect for the future?
  15. do you think he will rise in the future? now he is 88 and playing in valencia?!
  16. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread i would sell bosingwa olny if we get maicon! zhirkov will come i think. then we need on good striker. i think tevez will fit great to the team
  17. who do you think chelsea will buy this year. who do you think will sell? what is your opinion on team.
  18. Re: mikel+j.cole for david silva?
  19. Official Chelsea Thread who do you think chelsea will buy this year. who do you think will sell? what is your opinion on team.
  20. would you accept it? do you think mikel ad j.cole will rise?
  21. Re: How long will this deal take to complete? deal will be completet in 24h!
  22. Re: david silva for essien? i am not sure if this will go through, to! i think his chairman will reject!
  23. They offerd me essien for david silva. i dont need silva because i play with wingers so waht do yiu think?! accept or not?
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