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  1. Re: Pablo hernandez

    Yes he will' date=' and he has now been capped for the Spain National Squad.

    People were saying he would hit 89/90 Last changes, he will rise and has big potential.[/quote']

    yes but hen he stay 88 :mad: i hope he rise in the future

  2. Re: Official Chelsea Thread

    Granted it hasn't been used for a while' date=' but there is already an "Official" Chelsea thread, so I have merged your new thread into this one. Please take a little time to use the search tool before posting in future please. :)[/quote']

    ok! thanks a lot! i am sorry for my mistake!

  3. Re: david silva for essien?

    Yes definately... essien is one of the best defensive middfielders in the world and if you dont use silva then this is a gr8 deal for you (not sure if it will go through tho)

    i am not sure if this will go through, to! i think his chairman will reject!

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