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  1. Re: how to get new team? what i must do to be quick? can you describe me a littel more in my private messages? thanks!
  2. i would like to get new team in new world championship. but all new championship are full.
  3. Re: how much for gattuso? i have stankovic senna pirlo hamsik gorccuff, fellaini
  4. Re: how much for gattuso? they have offerd me 20m plus Franco ZUCULINI? accept or no?
  5. how much can i get for gattuso? how much to ask?
  6. will he rise? how much?
  7. Manchester United have made an offer to Milan for Assis Moreira RONALDINHO of £13,000,000 plus Luis ANDERSON and Darron GIBSON accept or reject?
  8. Re: how to rise players morale? thanks for your addvice! how many time in one season you can offer new contract to players?
  9. Re: how to rise players morale?
  10. how to rise players morale? is realy so immportant in his games?
  11. MOLINARO, Cristian TAIWO, Taye CRISCITO, Domenico FILIPE, Luís All of them are 89?!
  12. PJANIC Miralem or DZAGOEV Alan. Both are 87 AM 19years. who is better?
  13. Re: arshavin for ronaldinho? but will he stay AM or will be WING? i nead AM so i am a littel woried!
  14. accept or not? what do you think? will arshavin stay AM?
  15. Re: best young CB? thanks for your help!
  16. Re: My MILAN team. What do I need? i play 4-3-2-1 so i dont ned wingers!
  17. ABBIATI, Christian GGk 90 ASENJO, Sergio GGk 88 FIORILLO, Vincenzo GGk 74 SOLIMAN, El Hani GGk 60 ANKULOVSKI, Marek LB-LM 91 CISSOKHO, Aly LB 86 KUIPER, Nicky LB-LM 77 SCHENNIKOV, Georgi LB 74 ZAMBROTTA, Gianluca RB-LB 94 FANNI, Rod RB 89 BECK, Andreas RB 88 SANTON, Davide RB-LB 86 NESTA, Alessandro CB 94 CORDOBA, Iván CB 94 GALLAS, William CB 93 LESCOTT, Joleon CB-LB 90 FORLIN, Juan CB-DM 86 TOMKINS, James CB 82 VUCKIC, Haris LM-AM 74 SENNA, Marcos DM-CM 94 JOSUE, Anunciado DM-CM 91 RODWELL, Jack DM-CB 83 PIRLO, Andrea CM-DM 95 GATTUSO, Gennaro CM-RM 94 STANKOVIC, Dejan CM-AM 93 FLAMINI, Mathieu CM-DM 92 SIELVA , Óscar CM 74 ROSE, Danny CM 66 DIEGO, Ribas AM-CM 94 GOURCUFF, Yoann AM-CM 90 FELLAINI, Marouane AM-CM 90 DOUGLAS COSTA, de Souza AM 78 FORLAN, Diego Fwd 94 RONALDINHO, Assis Moreira F-AM 94 PATO, Alexandre Fwd 92 ELAZQUEZ, Pablo Fwd 78 MILITO, Diego CF 93 MACHEDA, Federico CF 80
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