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  1. Re: Player Rating Changes in English Leagues Hey guys yo know how I said that I just wasted 15M on Heitinga, well I was wrong, he just got sent off in my 1-0 victory over Madrid for time wasting, so now I've still got 90 rated Vermaelen as back-up. lol
  2. Brought Heitinga a few days ago to replace the Underated Vermaelen (Who was going to be my backup) only to log on today and find that, Heitinga, who I brought for around 15Mill has had his rating decreased to 90 and is now valued at 7 Mill, and Vermaelen had, rightly so, his rating increased to 90. So I basically wasted 15Mil which I could of used for buying a much needed Right Mid. I guess on the plus side I have got a decent back up. Anyone else had any bad timings?
  3. Vito Mannone & Jack Wilshere they have got to be due a rise soon. Vito is only a 70 and is well worth at least a 76. Jack is a 80, Ramsey is a 84 and I would say Wilshere was as good as Ramsey so I think he should get a rating increase to at least 83 . What do you think?
  4. Re: Manchester City vs Chelsea | Barclays Premier League | Kick off: 17:30 Lol Double Wammy:D! Chelsea lose and Adebayor scores an own goal! 100th Post
  5. Re: Poder do Representante? Yeah it's nice too mix things up a bit:)
  6. Re: Has SM Slowed Down Rapidly On Your Browser? It hasn't happened to me for a long time. In fact I think it's got faster!
  7. Re: Manchester City vs Arsenal Carling Cup quarter final The only problem I find with Wenger is his incapability to accept losing in other words he's a bit of a bad loser. But Hey! nobody's perfect;)
  8. Re: Manchester City vs Arsenal Carling Cup quarter final No offence or anything I've got nothing against you, you made my sig:p. But Wenger uses the Carling Cup for the young players to get some experience, not because he dosn't want to win anything. And if Wenger left which I hope he wont for a long time. Who would replace him. No one can do what Wenger has done and will do, apart from Fergie but he's managing Man U and tbh I wouldn't like to see him as Arsenal manager. So why say that? And please say it's not about winning trophy's.
  9. Re: Play in my Game Worlds and win prizes from SM Shop! Can I join? Or am I too late?
  10. Re: Arsenal Gossip Can't wait for tonight's Carling cup game. I love watching Arsenal's youngsters play, they bring a whole lot of passion to the game. In some respects I prefer watching them play than the first team. Your views on tonight's game? Me, 2-1 Arsenal:p
  11. Has anyone noticed that Rep Power has changed to Poder do Representante? Have I missed anything?
  12. Re: Arsenal Gossip Just try Iraqgoals at KO time(16:00). They usually have the best vids that actually work.
  13. Re: Arsenal Gossip Definatly Walcott on the bench because if we go 1-0 down, bring him on around 75th minute and he will run circles round Cashley. (And hopefully create or score a goal)! We should use him as an impact player this match! C'mon You Gooners
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