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  1. Re: DM doubt - Lass Diarra or Yaya Toure Diarra all the way... better national team ..and a regular in it.. for all what barcelona achieved last season ...it would be very hard to maintain that level ..hence yaya may reach 93 ...but that would be it ... but for lass ..i think when people say with alonso coming in ...it would be hard for lass to hold down a regular spot ...obviusly they dont watch spanish league gago will become an understudy to xabi and well both the diarra's will fight it out for the DM spot ...and seeing all the preseason and the last season ...it would be fair to say
  2. Re: Curious: Why are top teams so popular? hi there mate....a Good Question ... When i started playing SM i took over Arsenal(brand new)..and have been the managing ever since...currently in its 7th season. The fact is that most people take over the clubs they support(not that i support Arsenal..but there were no spanish championships back then) and hence mould the way they want to see their club in the game..whilst they cant do it in real life... I support Real madrid and spain as a national team...hence whenever the possibility arrises i buy RM players and Spanish players(not all of 'em)
  3. Re: Amongst the following, who would you sign if a gun is pointed at your head. Negredo ...ur best bet.. 18or 19 goals for lowly Almeria and 5 assists...in 28 games.. Valencia looks set to snap him up ...if they sell Villa Real Madrid have a buy back clause on him....not sure they will exercise it yet or not...as there are elections in Madrid in June...(dunno wat new administration decides...but probably they will buy him back and sell to the highest bidder..) and only 23...u cant go wrong...he is sure to hit 90 this spanish ratings and a slight chance of 91..
  4. hi guys....i need your help.. i m struck in a dilemma over here.... i know VDV is going to drop to 93 and he might be transferred to another club depending on the new Administration at Real Madrid(which is most likely Florentino Perez ..and 90% chance of VDV going out). but i have been offered 50 Million for him...i would like to do the trade before the spanish ratings... i have a star studded lineup...and have 2 class players for every position.. i have Iniesta and VDV for the AM position...one has a geniune chance of 96 while other defo drop to 93...but the point is i m not able to get
  5. Re: Spanish Ratings Iniesta is a 96 player...no doubt about that. Diego has to prove in a much tougher league and in the best clubs to be able to be called on par with iniesta... Diego flopped at Porto...and is succeeding well at Werder ...but can u compare German League with Spanish League...no Werder Bremen with Barca...no Diego has the potential...to be playing for the biggest clubs...and a 95 or even 96.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... okay... i have traded Lavezzi and Baxter + 10 million for Higuain.....gud one or not..?? my other strikers are Messi , RVN , Raul , Benzema , Huntelaar , Zarate and also i want to sell JOe Cole ...manager has offered me 10 million and aquilani i have countered for marcelo ...as he will be changed to LW and i will have that position covered....but howe much money should i add to the counter offer..?? my other wingers are....Ribery , Robben , Cole , Cazorla.
  7. Re: Not a Guide but ...u can copy and use it ..helpful for 3-4-1-2 users thankx for using the tactics ...and hopefully u get the same results as i ve had.
  8. Re: Not a Guide but ...u can copy and use it ..helpful for 3-4-1-2 users
  9. Re: Not a Guide but ...u can copy and use it ..helpful for 3-4-1-2 users
  10. Re: Not a Guide but ...u can copy and use it ..helpful for 3-4-1-2 users i m glad it worked for both of you guys..!!! and thankx for using it.
  11. Re: Joe Cole hi mate..thankx for ur reply..he doesnt have a gud youngster that i can take as player exchange...
  12. Re: Joe Cole hi .... i have atleast 2 players for every position ... and my Wingers are..Ribery , Joe Cole , Cazorla , Robben...with ribery and cole first choice... after the spanish rating changes i am not expecting cole to be in first XI...robben would replace him... i ve got a 40 million offer for cole...and i m thinking of considering it.... whats ur opinion on the deal guys..??? if yes ....whom should i replace him with...i m considering navas...young is unavailabe..any other options..???
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