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  1. Re: DM doubt - Lass Diarra or Yaya Toure Diarra all the way... better national team ..and a regular in it.. for all what barcelona achieved last season ...it would be very hard to maintain that level ..hence yaya may reach 93 ...but that would be it ... but for lass ..i think when people say with alonso coming in ...it would be hard for lass to hold down a regular spot ...obviusly they dont watch spanish league gago will become an understudy to xabi and well both the diarra's will fight it out for the DM spot ...and seeing all the preseason and the last season ...it would be fair to say that atm Lass is the first choice and u never know may be M . Diarra might be sold . Real madrid need a midfield controller ...to partner with lass. hence if Pellegrini wants to play 4-4-2 it would be ... ronaldo ----- lass----alonso-----kaka if he goes for 4-2-2-2 then -----lass----alonso---- ronaldo-----------kaka if 4-2-3-1 then -------lass--------alonso--------- ronaldo----kaka-----sneijder/Robben/higuain hence .. Go for Lass
  2. Re: Curious: Why are top teams so popular? hi there mate....a Good Question ... When i started playing SM i took over Arsenal(brand new)..and have been the managing ever since...currently in its 7th season. The fact is that most people take over the clubs they support(not that i support Arsenal..but there were no spanish championships back then) and hence mould the way they want to see their club in the game..whilst they cant do it in real life... I support Real madrid and spain as a national team...hence whenever the possibility arrises i buy RM players and Spanish players(not all of 'em) its the joy you get when you lead ur supported club to League title ....and since not many people would be supporting Barnsley or Almeria or Chievo...most of 'em support the big guns....and go for the big clubs in SM however i do understand ur point of winning is the only expectation ....however continuity of winning is also important ....like in 7 seasons ..i have managed to win 5 league titles ...hence its important for me to keep winning and failure to win is a loss desipte having a title competitive squad, finances to improve.
  3. Re: Amongst the following, who would you sign if a gun is pointed at your head. Negredo ...ur best bet.. 18or 19 goals for lowly Almeria and 5 assists...in 28 games.. Valencia looks set to snap him up ...if they sell Villa Real Madrid have a buy back clause on him....not sure they will exercise it yet or not...as there are elections in Madrid in June...(dunno wat new administration decides...but probably they will buy him back and sell to the highest bidder..) and only 23...u cant go wrong...he is sure to hit 90 this spanish ratings and a slight chance of 91..
  4. hi guys....i need your help.. i m struck in a dilemma over here.... i know VDV is going to drop to 93 and he might be transferred to another club depending on the new Administration at Real Madrid(which is most likely Florentino Perez ..and 90% chance of VDV going out). but i have been offered 50 Million for him...i would like to do the trade before the spanish ratings... i have a star studded lineup...and have 2 class players for every position.. i have Iniesta and VDV for the AM position...one has a geniune chance of 96 while other defo drop to 93...but the point is i m not able to get arshavin(manager being stubborn and my first choice to replace VDV)..Diego(second choice )as well as Gourcuff(third choice).. hence i am limited in options...if you could provide be with better alternatives ...i would be very glad...and shall i do the trade.? thank you ...
  5. Re: Spanish Ratings Iniesta is a 96 player...no doubt about that. Diego has to prove in a much tougher league and in the best clubs to be able to be called on par with iniesta... Diego flopped at Porto...and is succeeding well at Werder ...but can u compare German League with Spanish League...no Werder Bremen with Barca...no Diego has the potential...to be playing for the biggest clubs...and a 95 or even 96.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... okay... i have traded Lavezzi and Baxter + 10 million for Higuain.....gud one or not..?? my other strikers are Messi , RVN , Raul , Benzema , Huntelaar , Zarate and also i want to sell JOe Cole ...manager has offered me 10 million and aquilani i have countered for marcelo ...as he will be changed to LW and i will have that position covered....but howe much money should i add to the counter offer..?? my other wingers are....Ribery , Robben , Cole , Cazorla.
  7. Re: Not a Guide but ...u can copy and use it ..helpful for 3-4-1-2 users thankx for using the tactics ...and hopefully u get the same results as i ve had.
  8. Re: Not a Guide but ...u can copy and use it ..helpful for 3-4-1-2 users
  9. Re: Not a Guide but ...u can copy and use it ..helpful for 3-4-1-2 users
  10. Re: Not a Guide but ...u can copy and use it ..helpful for 3-4-1-2 users i m glad it worked for both of you guys..!!! and thankx for using it.
  11. Re: Joe Cole hi mate..thankx for ur reply..he doesnt have a gud youngster that i can take as player exchange...
  12. Re: Joe Cole hi .... i have atleast 2 players for every position ... and my Wingers are..Ribery , Joe Cole , Cazorla , Robben...with ribery and cole first choice... after the spanish rating changes i am not expecting cole to be in first XI...robben would replace him... i ve got a 40 million offer for cole...and i m thinking of considering it.... whats ur opinion on the deal guys..??? if yes ....whom should i replace him with...i m considering navas...young is unavailabe..any other options..???
  13. Re: Not a Guide but ...u can copy and use it ..helpful for 3-4-1-2 users i m extremely sorry for both of you ....that i didnt work for you..!!! but give it another try if it would please you..!! and hey thankx for using the above tactics..!!!
  14. Re: Not a Guide but ...u can copy and use it ..helpful for 3-4-1-2 users nah mate....ive played against pretty much all formations.... UPDATE : Arsenal vs Reading (5-2 ...half time 3-1) Messi :2 goals Ribery RVN: 2 goals Opponent played 4-4-1-1 and i played normal 3-4-1-2 with no special directions on players till now 9 games : 39 goals scored 14 against *****Top 5 Goalscorers*****----------------****Assists***** RVN : 14 goals 8 games-------------------------Joe Cole 7 assists Messi : 6 goals 8 games-------------------------Iniesta 7 assists Ribery : 6 goals 8 games------------------------Messi 7 assists Iniesta : 4 goals 8 games------------------------RVN 5 assists Nesta : 2 goals 8 games-------------------------Fabregas & De rossi 4 assists
  15. Re: Not a Guide but ...u can copy and use it ..helpful for 3-4-1-2 users not everytime mate....depending upon the opponent... if the opponent doesnt have good full backs...i set my wingers in the direction of "UP"....and de rossi "DOWN."
  16. Hi guys my name is Imran....as the title suggests this is not a guide ...it is the formation that i have been using for the past 4 seasons now. for the first 3 seasons with my Arsenal i used 4-2-2-2 winning the league twice and a cup..after that results werent coming good with that formation and since then i started using 3-4-1-2 and it has been 4 seasons now that i have been using this formation and have won the league twice...but more importantly the no. of goals Arsenal have scored. 4th season goals scored 84(in the league) 5th season goals scored 96(in the league) 6th season goals scored 125(in the league) 7th seasons goals scored till now 8 games 34 goals scored. My team...first XI --------------------Casillas--------------------- S.Ramos-------------Nesta------------------Evra Ribery------Fabregas--------De Rossi---------Cole ---------------------Iniesta---------------------- ------------------Messi-----RVN----------------- Subs--VDV , Raul , Sneijder , Toure , Benzema. Pre-Match Instructions---- Tackling Style - Normal Mentality - Attacking Passing Style - Short Attacking Style - Mixed Pressing - Own Half Tempo - fast Play Style - Counter Attack , Tight Marking , Use PlayMaker , Men Behind Ball , Use Target Man. Captain - Casillas Penalty Taker - Messi Free Kicks - Ribery Corner Taker - Iniesta Playmaker - Fabregas Target Man - Messi If u see Target man is usually a CF , but i have used Messi coz target man is some one whom the team would look to pass more ...and F is more of creative role up front IMO rather than scoring much....thats the reason why Messi is a target man also if u see Playmaker is Fabregas ...one can use an AM as well but if iniesta is a play maker then the options availbale up front for iniesta would be the wingers and the 2 forwards...but if Fabregas is playmaker it gives an extra man as an option up front with wingers , forwards as well as the AM....and also my theory is the if the play develops from deep in the middle of the field the better. It is better to make small changes to the tactics depending upon the opponest rather than changing the whole formation. now...the IN GAME INSTRUCTIONS.. minimal change maximum effect. if you are loosing at half time or drawing a simple change would be to swap the position of wingers .....a small change but can win you games ... (i have 90% success rate wnning games which i m loosing or drawing at haf time) other changes being ....brining on Raul and benzema at different time intervals ...depinding upon the scoreline. also ....by using this formation ...RVN .....has come to life..... last 42 games RVN has scored 42 goals .... this term 12 goals and 4 assists in 7 games ....last term 30 goals & 30 assists in 35 games Hence if you have a players capable of playing 3-4-1-2 ...feel free to use this tactics....hopefully you have same results as i've had.. GOOD LUCK Imran...
  17. Re: The New R17 yes its 6 goals in last 5 games ....and then next five games of real madrid are not that tough....so he has a very gud chance to continue scoring and put a stamp on 93 rating. his first against athletic was sublime....and i think he is a future heir to RVN and 95 rating is not out of reach... playing for real madrid means inflated ratings ...i dont think so....if you have the talent only then you would be playing for real madrid....but he can be a great player he has 4-5 peak years ahead of him....and players like him and RVN or Crespo or even Raul(even though he is a support striker and not the main striker) .dont rely on pace....they know how to put the ball past the goal keeper ....no matter what age.
  18. Re: RAUL TO 96: YES or NO? i agree with your point mate....but as the great players grow old the mantle passes to the next generation of superstars. maldini retired from the national setup after 2002 world cup...still at that time he was the best defender along with nesta. Totti and Nesta could walk into any national setup's XI ...but they chose retirement ....still they are 95+ in my opinion ...i dont think Rooney would be a certain starter for england if Villa and Torres were English internationals and not Spanish.
  19. Re: RAUL TO 96: YES or NO? raul is an icon.... if we see the stats ...then he has scored 9 or 10 goals since the start of new year...which ironically happens to be the time when real madrid starting turning their poor start into fighting season...by cutting barcelona's lead from 12 to 6 points. so one can say the importance of Raul's goals in the new year (he has always the most influential player on the team) ......its just he is extra influential this year. he may not have the dribbling ability of ibra ....but if you see last 10 of rauls goals they are absolute delight to watch...(couple of lobs to make the keeper look amateur and couple of first touch shots) so i think Raul being a 95 was of the fact that he scored 20+ goals last season after having a goalscoring drop due to galactico era and constant change of position. now he is player better than last season...already has 17 goals in all competetions...so its naturally fair to be awarded a +1 increase.
  20. Re: Massive Clearout Help Needed... thankx guys... all your suggestions has really helped... just 1 game to go for the end of the season....all the players will bw coming from their loaned clubs...and will start clearout...soon...!! thankx again...
  21. Re: Massive Clearout Help Needed... thankx mate.. help on other players ...will be appreciated..!!1 thankx..!!
  22. Re: Massive Clearout Help Needed... thankx...again .. i m going to sell gutierrez and scholes....de la red ...not yet... scholes....i cant...i have de rossi and VDV injured for 6 weeks ....so i'll have to wait..!!!
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