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  1. Please remove the option "insulted by received offer" and replace with something humorous that gets the same message across
  2. 5 years later ... zombie thread .. but did not want to start a new one. Please remove the option "I'm insulted by the received offer". I often want to press this button for laughable offers but don't want to offend some stranger. "Are you have a laugh?" "I cannot entertain such an offer". "Would you accept the same offer in my shoes?". Something humorous.
  3. applied for the celtic job ... in Pav 2. Applied for pav 1 too but I understand that you need a certain quota of unmanaged teams
  4. Hi - I applied for the Port Vale job - been waiting for a few days for a response. Would appreciate if you could accept my application. Keen to try this out. Cheers!
  5. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Russia Division 1 getting competitive - new Champions in Shaktar and Torpedo have strengthened in the close season adding Di Maria and Dzeko. Congrats to Ajax on winning the SMFA Cup - no shame in losing to the eventual winners of the trophy!
  6. Re: Match Engine Changed I have a team with Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta, Robben, Van Persie, Alves, Benatia, Casillas .. won the title 3 out of the last four seasons .. but this season, in the bottom three with 10 games to go. Can't buy a win at the moment. Top scorer in the division is a full back. It is a source of great joy for my competitors at the moment .. ha ... but come on .. not very realistic!
  7. Re: Pre-set Transfer Responses Could you please get rid of the "insulted" response? It causes no end of friction in some of the gameworlds especially those who take it too seriously. Some possible alternatives "Are you having a laugh?" "Ha. Don't be ridiculous"
  8. Re: The "Rate the Classic Team!" Thread
  9. Re: Are some of the Inter players over rated?? What about Javier Zanetti? 36 years old and rated 94. Had a good start to the campaign, I wonder though will he keep such a high rating? I'm guessing he will though. Still a first team regular
  10. Re: CB Options any update on Miranda from the Brazil experts on the forum? Made his debut according to wiki in April but doesn't seem to have played since in the national team. 89 seems to be the limit for Santos players. I'm guessing that he won't rise?
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