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  1. Re: Looking for a DM Otherwise, perhaps Javi Garcia Sandro Kacar Mangala (much more long term) Fellaini (injured and currently AM/CM, but will change probably to CM or even CM/DM) Bolatti Matuidi
  2. Re: Cm/dm Kacar Matuidi Javi Garcia Mangala Jucilei
  3. Re: Rising World Cup Goalkeepers Frankly I would be amazed if Mucha became first choice next season (or the few after that). Howard has been one of our best performers since he joined us, and according to the stats hes the best we have had since Big Nev! Admittedly I don't kow much about Mucha, but still, Im pretty sure he isnt coming in to take Howard's spot. More like a definite improvement on Nash and Turner.
  4. Re: Left sided midfielder required Theres the obvious suggestions like Perotti, Elia, Di Maria, Hazard, Marin? Or perhaps someone like Loidero, Stoch, Stanislas, A.Johnson, or even someone younger like Holtby, but he wont rise to 87 for a while. Might be an option for an older winger who will be cheaper but still going to keep his rating (or even rise). Pienaar (i am biased here) could be an interesting option.
  5. Re: Best formation for my team. I would say 4-3-3 Adler Lahm - Bruno Alves - Lucio - Chiellini ---------------Diarra--------------- ----Gerrard------------Alonso------ Arshavin----------------------Silva ---------------Gomez-------------- Perhaps if losing take off Diarra for Forlan and go 4-4-2? If you do switch to a back 4 you need some back up defenders though
  6. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread You have a good squad but I think it could do with some strength in depth. I would say definitely cover at left back and centre back. There is a promising serbian left back, rated 86, about 20? whose name currently escapes me. Alternatively monzon or muratori? Centre backs....perhaps someone on loan or a player like Stearman or Dann, of Wolves and Birmingham. They will both have a lot of defending to do this season but being in the Premier League should boost their ratings regardless. Stearman certainly looks to have a bright future, being in the England Under 21s would suggest there is something about him. I would perhaps look to raising funds via player exchanges, if you don't have a huge amount of cash. I would use Ched Evans as a makeweight with an unmanaged club. He shouldn't rise by much more and still has a decent value, and you are quite strong up front. I just used him in my set up to sign Kjaer. Hope this helps.
  7. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread I've reached a level I am quite happy with with my Roma side, as I started with the Roma side of a few years back and have developed it a lot. I was hoping for advice to take it even further, be it potential signings, players to let go, or recommended tactics. I know the squad is too big, especially the youth side, but it doesn't make financial sense to release most of the 17-18 year old players. http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=75690&clubid=6503396&sid=3112 Thanks
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