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  1. Re: 10th Season Strong Team The 3 mentioned by Duncan that I should swap/sell: RIBERY, Franck AM(RLC) 95 ROBBEN, Arjen AM(RL),F(RLC) 94 SNEIJDER, Wesley M,AM© 94 They are my first-team starters. I know the concern is their age and that they have peaked but there should not be any risk of them dropping right?
  2. I have played this team from the first day the gameworld was created. It is now in the 10th season and my team is as follows: BUFFON, Gianluigi GK 94 TER STEGEN, Marc-andré GK 87 ALBA, Jordi D,M(L) 90 ALVES, Dani D,M® 95 BADSTUBER, Holger D(LC) 91 HÖWEDES, Benedikt D(RC) 90 PIQUÉ, Gerard D© 95 BUSQUETS, Sergio D,DM© 94 BENDER, Lars DM,M© 89 NAVAS, Jesús M®,AM(RL) 92 VIDAL, Arturo D(RLC),M© 91 SNEIJDER, Wesley M,AM© 94 MÜLLER, Thomas AM(RLC) 93 KAGAWA, Shinji AM(RLC) 90 RIBERY, Franck AM(RLC) 95 ROBBEN, Arjen AM(RL),F(RLC) 94 PEDRO, Rodríguez AM(RL),F(RLC) 93 GÜNDOĞAN, İlkay DM,M© 87 DRAXLER, Julian AM(RLC) 86 HAZARD, Thorgan AM(RLC) 76 SUSO, Fernández AM(RLC) 75 REUS, Marco AM(RL),F(RLC) 90 MANDŽUKIĆ, Mario AM(RL),F(RLC) 89 IBRAHIMOVIC, Zlatan AM,F© 96 HIGUAÍN, Gonzalo F© 94 CUENCA, Isaac AM(RL),F(RLC) 86 STERLING, Raheem AM(RL),F(RLC) 75 I play a 3-5-2 formation so it explains why my midfield is overloaded with players. Busquets and Vidal double up as my defenders if the need arises. Any areas that I should improve my team? Any recommendations on who to keep/sell?
  3. Re: Pato = Gomez + Rossi + 50mil? Thanks for the feedback. I didn't think the other manager would take the deal. It was originally the 2 players + 5mil cash but I countered with 50mil and he took it. Hope it goes through. Another question: If it does, should I then use Fabiano or Gomez as my starting striker?
  4. I'm the one with Pato and the bid is accepted. £50.0M + Mario GOMEZ + Giuseppe ROSSI for Pato. It will be processed when the transfer window comes around in the private league. Do you think it is a good idea? Or should I reject it? I only use 1 striker on my team in 4-3-3 wingers and I still have: Luis Fabiano Alberto Gilardino Bojan Krkic The money would be useful as there are a lot of good players out there in unmanaged teams. I love Pato but this deal seems really good. Your help would be very much appreciated.
  5. Re: Lucio or Carragher? Interestingly, I do not believe that Carragher will be rotated with Agger or Skrtel. I hold the same viewpoint as the threadstarter that Agger and Skrtel will share their minutes and I follow the EPL closely. He is by far the most experienced of the trio and the EPL is physically demanding. Carra is willing to throw his body on the line and he commands the backline. Agger and Skrtel will be outwitted by the menacing forwards if they were to partner each other at the moment but I do believe they would be the future of Liverpool in 2 years. The thing is with Hyypia gone, Agger and Skrtel will fight head-on for the remaining spot beside Carra. I have facts to back me up that Carra will not see a huge drop in minutes. He played a total of 3400 minutes (based on the official Premier League) website over the course of last season. That means he only missed a total of 20 mins With Liverpool looking to mount another title challenge, Benitez will not go back to the days of rotation and Carra is a safe bet to start whenever fit. He seemed to already realised that last season if you were to compare Carra's minutes of 2978 (06/07 season) and 3040 (07/08 season). Lucio would stay at 94, considering that he won't be making any marked improvements. If Liverpool win the league next season, I think Carra will rise to 95. (exactly because he hasn't won in a long time)
  6. Re: Attacking Mid Conundrum! I have Fayzulin in my Newcastle United team. I won the title but he was mainly used as a sub. Pretty good for a backup. He's also only 23. I've seen him being mentioned as a good young prospect around the forums.
  7. I'm looking for a new keeper and I'm deciding whether to go for Reina 24mil or Akinfeev 15mil. Any advice? Whichever keeper I buy will become my first choice.
  8. Re: Should I swap Eduardo for Bojan I would definitely say go for it! Bojan is a player whose ratings should rise. Since you're looking at a back up, you should go for players who could improve in the future. He has more potential considering his age and exposure at Barcelona.
  9. Re: Formation Positions Hi, I play 4-3-3 wingers. I'm having some issues with the 3 in the middle. I'm playing Pirlo as the deeper player of the 3 which I think should be ok. The two in front are currently Seedorf(93) and Modric(91). But they are now AM/CM and AM/LM respectively. They wouldn't fit in now, would they? Shall I replace them with other players rated (90-91) like Hamsik (CM/AM), Hernanes (CM), Denisov (CM/AM), Montolivo (CM)? Alternatively, I would need to switch a formation which I don't really feel like since 4-3-3 wingers has worked well for me. Please help.
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