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  1. Re: Desperate for help

    the same problem in one of my gameworlds now. A whole host of brazilain accounts all buying/selling so that one club ends up with all the best players.

    These cheats are: (name - username)

    Matheus Nascimento - mnascimento7360361

    Bruno Santos - bsantos7391955

    Leticia Regina Vieira - lvieira7298652

    João Carlos Manoel - jmanoel6128727

    Jonas Faro - jfaro10

    Guilherme Henrique Z... - gzanotti1

    Fabio Junior Marciano - fmarciano10

    Kleo Jordan - kjordan7298519

    Zilda Carreiro - zcarreiro1

    Mario Jose Almeida - malmeida7630709

    Mayara Jacunda - mjacunda2

    Thiago Silveira - tsilveira7630673

    Kaio Henrique Silva - ksilva7630719

    other than reporting the transfers and reporting them for duplicate accounts, not sure what else to do.

  2. Re: Gold Championship 1 News


    Thought I would pop in and say hello as the newbie to this championship - I have just taken over at Dinamo Zagreb and also took on the challenge of managing Belarus....

    I have a very small squad (22 players plus 1 on loan) so need to hang on to what I have! No offence to those who's transfer requests I declined earlier.

    I Have only recently become a Gold manager, after a few years of normal play. Relishing the challenge.. Feel free to request Friendlies....I need to roadtest this team!


  3. Re: English Championship 1663 Match Reports/Transfer Gossip.


    New Boss Backs Team

    Today Shefiled United Boss Roy Keane has moved to Sunderland after a second loss lat night he is happy to be back with the black cats and is aming for promotion then a top 7 finish in the premirship he hopes he can make a impact here and is looking to keep all the stars he has he also is in need of some new players and has a few in mind he is top of the champeonship with 20 games to go so lets see what he can do.

    ...and then promptly resigned after 2 games!

  4. Re: English Championship 1663 Match Reports/Transfer Gossip.

    Am fairly new to all this (3 games in as Portsmouth Manager) and don't have the patience to make a flashy report.....but just wanted to mention Portsmouths 5-0 thrashing of Fulham that moved us up to 3rd.

    Goals from new-boy Riise, Davis, Defoe and 2 goals from 20yr old wonderkid Collinson did the damage.

    Look over your shoulder Arsenal...... ;)

  5. Re: Liverpool to sign Glen Johnson

    I think he would be a good purchase...and am glad to see some more British talent coming in.

    I agree in part with the comment about a Bench warmer striker - I would like to see some more talented youngsters ready to step in, but need to bear in mind what happens if Torres is sidelined for any period again, as I can really see anyone in the squad at the moment that could hold the frontlone on their own.

    Still very optimistic for next year though.....

  6. Hi Everyone - newbie here.

    My name is Paul and I am from Luton. I am a Liverpool supporter but I seem to have ended up with Everton as my first managed club. (World championship 5979). There really should be rules against that sort of behaviour....

    First job here is to get some info on when new leagues are started, as I need a decent English League game to get my teeth into!

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