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  1. not sure bout you dave but u won herb. If you want a laugh look at the match report 4 my game ( im rushden) it put totally different team out to the 1 i saved , 10 men an no gk good eh????
  2. yeh i heard the same it said it on the radio few months back , he was a copper in corrie but i think he is the producer of deal or no deal as well i think it said.
  3. yeh your not wrong there. ive noticed arsenal have spent about 70 million+ over the last few weeks , ballack , shevchenko among others. It may be all above board , but having that sort of money seems little unusual to me.
  4. top drawer yet again dave!!!! it was definitely a demolition , you got that spot on.
  5. dave your a genius u said cazorla would be a key man an he got the mom. cant believe i won. ha ha keep up the predictions there serving me well.
  6. Great preview dave just hope it turns out to be true.
  7. loving the report fella , think you should make it a regular thing either every turn or weekly?? wat the rest of you think???
  8. i think its a good addition the the game to. But what happens if you try to field a NMF do you play with ten men like if u start with inj or suspended players or does it replace the player???? Any ideas guys?? Im not really effected by it personally but notice a lot of teams in my set up have most of the better players nmf.
  9. Yeh ive made few bids for couple of them , cheers for the tips
  10. Did the player play in a testimonial match over the weekend??? Just out of interest .
  11. Totally agree with what your all sayin here, especially bout when ur club is a small one like myself. If i want to get a higher rated player i have to either go for the aged stars 30+ or gamble on lower rated young players an hope there ratings increase because its not feesable for me to spend all my transfer budget on 1 player. Loan deals do help but only slightly, even then its hard to get some good rated players in. I thought the half price free transfers was a good idea but can understand why they changed it. To boost the transfers from club to club.
  12. Is any one else having problems setting up there tactics and starting 11???? Ive set my starting 11 up 4 times now for saturdays games (and saved them) an then wen i go back on to check player conditions etc my starting 11 has totally altered to the side i set up. Just gettin little annoying. Any one else had the same problem?????
  13. Young gk JOE HART 19, 70 rating was the keeper in league 2 team of season last season for shrewsbury. Man city have signed him few weeks back , so rating should go up cus will probly be number 2 , cus weaver on way out, and kasper scmeichel seems to be constantly loaned out.
  14. gingerboy83


    welcome fella, enjoy
  15. Was wondering what is happening @ the end of the current season regarding play-offs??? I remember during the final stages of last season i posted a thread about this an was told it was being looked into for the forthcoming season. Is there any news on it???? Personally I think it would b a good addition to the game, making the final run in @ the end of the season a little more important. Anyone else have thoughts on the matter positive or negative???
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