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  1. Re: Diego CARDOSO :: SANTOS He's now on the DB
  2. I currently have frey in goal but am after a good young goalkeeper that will rise, ive been offered the above deal, should i do it? Most of the other goalkeepere have been snapped up, david de gea is my back up Cheers
  3. I have the option to swap ozil for either of the above strikers, which one would you swap for or would you not swap at all? Cheers Mike
  4. Re: Didier Drogba 96-97 I've been offered drogba for xavi, should I do it?
  5. Re: Drogba for Xavi ???? I have fabregas, cambiasso ( who I may swap for ribery? ), ozil, di Maria, navas, and krasic? My strikers are Suarez, pazzini and del piero..
  6. Re: Drogba for Xavi ???? Thats what my heart says too
  7. Hi, What is the possibility of the above happening? With Drogba been 33 next year is it unlikely? He gets better every week and he's now Chelseas most important player, surely theres a chance...
  8. Im been offered Drogba for Xavi and i dont know what to do for the best? Ive also been offered Pirlo and Ronaldinho for Xavi? Please help!
  9. Re: Best Formation + Cambiasso Thanks alot, does it not really matter then that fabregas and xavi will playing like DM's? I'm liking the look of that team, just need to replace del piero now
  10. Re: Best Formation + Cambiasso Thanks alot Repped
  11. Re: Best Formation + Cambiasso Thanks for that. I'm just wondering, is ok to play a RB & LB in a back 3? And would xavi have to be a DM to play that position? Thanks
  12. FREY, Sebastien DE GEA, David EVRA, Patrice SAGNA, Bacary AZPILICUETA, César SAMUEL, Wálter CARVALHO, Ricardo SILVA, Thiago DAVID LUIZ, BONUCCI, Leonardo RANNOCHIA, Andrea NAVAS, Jesús SISSOKO, Moussa XAVI, Hernández CAMBIASSO, Estaban FABREGAS, Cesc OZIL, Mesut KRASIC, Miloš W DEL PIERO, Alessandro SUAREZ, Luis PAZZINI, Giampaolo Please can some tell me what they think would be the best formation with this team - Im thinking of swapping Cambiasso for Ribery aswell, would this be a good deal? What could i play then 4-5-1? 4-3-3? Cheers
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