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  1. Talking point:- I have Chiesa and not having watched him I find it difficult to see how he is clear top rated at Fiorentina when he has only scored 5 goals and 3 assists ALL season? Even worse Last season only 6 goals in the full 3022mins he played. Yes he has played for Italy BUT in 640 minutes he hasn't scored at all and Yes a hattrick in the cup recently but Roma conceded 7 and that indicates to me they were'nt interested in the Cup??? (please correct me?) Yes he is young and has scope for improvement, but he's 90 while no one else is in the club, Top Cap, Numero One-o. Benassi with 7goals in 600 less minutes, Muriel 3g in 347mins. It's hard on just youth to keep him, what is forumers feeling B4 I finally decide to sell? Cheers Socca...
  2. Sorry if below is not very clear top one is Hamed Traore. Can forumers choose best 3 of these18yo's omitting any that are loans (Green icon at far left) or Owned by Stoke, Sheffield Wednesday or Doncaster Rovs).
  3. The Cryptic Clue is in the "im guessing" so it must be ... Never Believe TMCosta... đŸ¤Ŗ
  4. Should rise +1 during the coming week, Chances 75/25 Josh
  5. Robbo, If I understand U correctly, what makes U think U cannot purchase a player, any player if u have the required Cash??
  6. Nuehaus only 1min & 64mins played in January. Gladbach play at Schalke tomorrow 5pm I think and i'll be looking for hopefully that he's selected for full 90mins. If he doesn't I'll probably sell and Re-buy after his birthday 16 March and Re-buy B4 the next review in May if he's been playing regularly. Sounds like a good plan to me JrB 😊 Cunha not sure, he's only played 17mins since 8th December so totally dependent on getting more gametime b4 next review. Not a great bet to me but u never know he might break thru. Anybody know wether Marcus Wendel will get a rise for Sporting CP shortly. Only 575 mins might just? TM Costa??
  7. I promise U I'm not saying this as you are a gooner! BUT my first thought for the future was Ozil. He's already in part retirement and after giving up running back will soon confine his talents forward of the centre circle... cringe... Sorry mate 😩
  8. Mbappe will in the future become PSG's Cap breaker just a question of time. Mbappe is THAT GOOD he could go to 96 without winning the Champions League. Of course if he doesn't win the chapions league the pressure for him to leave for a "Better, Bigger Club" will grow & grow. 60/40 he will but taking into account exactly what u said & it's never certain with Gk's look at Strakosha. IMO he definitely deserves it, 60/40 eos. maybe 80/20 if Dortmund continue in the same fashion and win Bundesliga
  9. Yes he's played most of the minutes since he got his rise, so if he continues anything like the same YES mate
  10. Same size bid it's random in my experience. otherwise highest bid. Hope I've understood your question correctly?
  11. Recently (Not sure on your 5day deadline?)... Timothy Eyoma Ethan Hamilton Ki-Jana Hoever Jadon Brown Not sure HOW GOOD Joao Carvalho will be long term but IS worth buying. I saw him play at Home to Leeds and he looked good without being "really special" that day, played full 90 minutes. I'd guess 85 within a year & speculatively 88 within another 2 seasons. Zaniolo is looking a shade more promising IMO than Carvalho at the moment and he is at Roma rather than Forest. So they are my one 2, in that order.
  12. Yeah he was supposed to start training with Cardiff in the next hour. Plane came from Nantes destined for Cardiff with 2 persons aboard so does not look good.
  13. Worrying News - Emiliano Sala's plane missing near Alderney ☚ī¸ https://www.rte.ie/sport/soccer/2019/0122/1024718-cardiff-striker-emiliano-sala-on-board-a-missing-plane/ No confirmation yet. Hope he's found safe and well soon, time is short..
  14. England - Leeds (Hopefully promotion to Premier League this season - Top of Championship and 4pts clear at the moment) Joined 20 May 2009 so 10years this May. Joined with 28 friends in our own League, only me and 2 other originals still playing now) Bit suprised there's not more Uk players thought it was the majority here (ManU, Chelsea and Arsenal supporters etc.) Duo Definite
  15. Olivier Great to hear from you again, this thread I'm sure would appreciate your input a great deal 🙂 If your a fan then I know Tete's worth being patient with, just hope he can stay fit. While your here can I ask how much you appreciate other former players who have transfered from The Netherlands, what's the "Pecking Order" for one Example Davinson Sanches? I'm pretty sure you will put Van Dijk at the Top of the list? Also, how good is Neres, Mazraoui, Dumfies etc? You should have your own thread or takeover the previous Nederlands thread (IF you have the time?) Hope I'm not ambushing you here? 🤤
  16. Done some research and maybe this helps: Kenny Tete has had a series of injuries:- Knee Injury 11/2/18 to 19/2/18 but hada re-occurance of this 9/5/18 to 19/5/18. Seems like this took a long time to sort and was followed by more recent Groin Strain in September which was supposed to be ok by end of October. He played 76minutes on 10 November and then 4 lots of 90mins in December last playing on 22 Dec. Lyon have had a cup game recently but I don't think he played. There's the bare bones of the facts. My interpretation would be he is fit now BUT will he stay fit all season is the question?? Hope it helps tho
  17. Ahhh you have been reading the widely held references to me, which I entirely refute. I am NOT "a snivelling, dim-witted weasel of a man". I am Not "The Black Vegetable" . I am Not "The Black Adder"... I am The Prince Edmund Plantagenet who like our Monarch SM never get it wrong, Harry Kane will not get 95, Mane, Firmino & Salah will in fact get 96 coins very shortly. Mark my words, SM's incredible speed and fine judgement is the same as mine & be told, our cunning plans never ever fail...
  18. SM have a cunning plan Baldrick .. I mean Cam. They have patiently delayed until tonights clash of the Titans and IF Mane, Salah and Firmino shred the Man City defence... they will gain 95 apiece as worthy winners of the Title so early...what do u think Baldrick??
  19. Yep 64m euros (about 57m pounds) Samir Nasri (6m Euros) to West Ham and.. Van la Parra Huddersfield to Middlesbrough (Loan) Mason Holgate Everton to West Brom (Loan) Haidara RB Salzbg to RB Leipzig 20m Euros
  20. I was actually looking at Sir R's post of his predictions posted just 7 hours ago but agree it may be his work was done much earlier. No intention on my part to demean his predictions. Indeed I am a an ardent admirer and he is certainly the best predictor on here and has been for a long time. It was that Mahrez has the advantage on minutes but surely Shaqri's performances lately (Goals, assists) and more importantly the 89 to 91 rating difference swings at least a +1 for him?? That was what I was referring to in my "am I wrong?".
  21. With very few risers now to come I was wondering who was the best bet for a rise? Mahrez or Shaqri? Well both to my mind have played similar roles for their Top Clubs but I thought Shaqri had shaded it certainly in the last few weeks. Mahrez has slightly more minutes but Shaqri has scored 4 goals in December including 2 crucial against ManU in a 3-1 win. Mahrez 5goals & 2Assists. Shaqri 6goals and 2 assist. I looked at Sir Rahul's predictions and Mahrez gets a +1 and Shaqri zero. Can this be right? Surely IF anything it should be the other way round?? Performances at this level are more important than minutes. What clinched it for me was Mahrez is already 91 BUT Shaqri only 89. Am I missing something?
  22. An old lyric at this festive time, to remind us all, how very fortunate we are to be here with a roof over our heads:- When Winter's shadowy fingers first pursue you down the street And your boots no longer lie about the cold around your feet Do you spare a thought for summer whose passage is complete Whose memories lie in ruins and whose ruins lie in heat When winter..... comes howling in. When the wind is singing strangely, blowing music thru your head and your rain splattered windows make you decide to stay in bed Do you spare a thought for the homeless tramp who wishes he was dead Or do you pull the bedclothes higher, dream of summertime instead? When winter..... comes howling in. The creeping cold has fingers, that access without permission And mystic crystal snowdrops only aggravate the condition Do you spare a thought for the gypsy with no secure position Who's turned and spurned by village and town, at the magistrate's decision? When winter..... comes howling in. When the turkey's in the oven, and the Christmas presents are bought And Santa's in his module, he's an American astronaut Do you spare a thought for Jesus, who had nothing but his thoughts, Who got busted just for talking, and befriending the wrong sorts? When winter..... comes howling in. When winter..... comes howling in... đŸ˜Ĩ
  23. Ahhhh BUT which one is the Troll and which is the Russian Bot??? ... When they tangle it's a week minimum...
  24. Great post Dariosav. appreciate your input. Yes and there are some Questionable ones as well as u say, D'ambrosia? Strakosha? F Wallace? Hysaj? Larsen (Udinese)? Murru? Only excuse SM have for Belotti is the 91 Squad Cap and he will rise if he moves up or Torino carry on & Sm raise the squad Cap in Summer Review. Very Slipshod, Shameful SM! Maximenko, Peacock-Farrell Last time I looked Skipp wasn't on, thanks. Fraid it's random luck I'm keeping
  25. Literally Anyone, sounds good, flamboyant name, which Club... can't find him.... It's Cash to spend on Literally Anyone... Andre Silva only scored 1 goal for Sevilla since September and no assists all season. Has he lost his chance of a rise??
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