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  1. I'd be happy with either but hopefully this review & if not ...... It was a fallacy all along, SM hoped the "community driven" blurb/ advertising would fool people but it just confused & then irritated the forum years ago. Rodri but all have a good future, your order of R K A is how I see it. WELL! Paco Alcacer is at it again today, comes on in the 70th minute (pretty usual for him) and scores in 90th minute! Dortmund 7pts ahead at top with 2-0 victory over Freiburg. Reus scored the first (usual again) Akanji & Pulisic both played no part in the game or "warmed the bench". Can't at the moment find any injury reason. Bruun Larsen, Diallo got the full 90mins as did Hakimi & Sancho. Dahoud 0mins and M Philipp 9mins when Reus rested. Marius Wolf may return from injury b4 year end.
  2. Should, but what a mess Sm are making of French review & missing many They are going so well, Haller & Eintracht Frankfurt 3rd when I last looked. Have a feeling they will break the Squad Cap at 89 & give him 90 if still doing well when reviewed Can't choose between them. Can u get both Om? Or Toss a coin. If u haven't got a coin on you... Paper, Stone, Scissors??? 😊😁
  3. Yes your right Yuasa +2 or maybe more. I've added him onto Mainz on spreadsheet above 🙂 Upamecano due back from Injury yesterday Sabitzer due back today Saracchi & Mukiele 70+ mins played by both tonight Demme out while 9Dec due to Calf/ Shin Forsberg out while 27Dec due to Hip /Thigh Baku out while End Dec due to Ankle Ligaments & probably the xmas festivities while he's free to party Ginter at Monchen out while end Dec with facial injuries ( Early Xmas Festivities? ... maybe??? ) Radonjic not played since 28 Oct, only 204mins this season and SM awards a +1? Srarfi not played since 21 Oct, only 231mins this season and SM awards a +1 also Thauvin SIR
  4. Definitely not Monaco as its already been said, deservedly WC Performances. Joe Gomez for me by a mile at the moment. Ndombele again by a mile now, later & probably forever I agree with 1000db We'll know tomorrow for sure, but my pennyworth ... No Rise for Thauvin. Saint-Maximin possibly tomorrow. Unlikely tho it seems I'm hoping...
  5. I'm sure there was a few of us saying it was more possible than not Caci would get a further rise and not long away. I've waited. Aub 60/40 he keeps his 95 80/20 Torreira will get his rise. I have him 5.3% ahead on minutes now, But it's Less rated on minutes more on performances. After not being selected early on, for me his performances have been 90+ level so come on SM... 🙂 Totally agree. 99.9% he won't unless SM take half a season to review Real Betis and even then probably not.
  6. Hesselink, off the top of my head, he will rise and fall. SM will give him his rise/ increase valuation and also at the same time reduce him for being a year older when he rises. So my guess is, he'll overall increase to 16M from 14. Haven't the time to plot it out & check it, at the moment as it's late and I'm going out tomorrow for the day, but that's my guess/ estimate. 16M.
  7. Extra to above:- Grillitsch Out while 12 Dec with Toe injury Posch Out while 10 Dec with Calf strain Dilrosun Out while 29 Nov with Hamstring Rekik Out while 29 Dec with Thigh Strain..... Gulp!
  8. Team B I was hoping Sir Rahul would give us his thoughts on this Squad Cap? Below Update for Germany Review soon. Where you see Played Minutes in blue as per Dilrosun & others this usually means Either no mins last game or next to no mins which could be caused by injury. ie Upamecano is Injured but actually is expected to be available for next match on Thursday or Sunday. When the right hand column is out of order this usually means it has just changed position in the last game (Szalai/ Kaderbeck).
  9. He should CERTAINLY get one. 😒 I have an Idea 😃 SM have put a Moderator Fella on US to make sure were not Naughty 😒 Why shouldn't the FORUM put a moderator fella on SM 😜 🤔 I Vote SIR should be OUR Moderator Fella to keep them from making more naughty blunders 😍 Cos of course it wasn't my suggestion, I'm a good boy! 😝
  10. As good as Kane is Duo is definitely the better deal - NO doubt Hesselink, as the Cap at Saint-Etien is actually 89 and only 1 other with that rating, it is just possible SM will stingely ignore him and delay it while summertime. BUT he has 1148mins and 6goals and an assist so far and should really give it to him In my opinion. I've updated them below, they lost and slipped a place at the weekend and the spreadsheet does take that into account in a small way as well as minutes. Diony, I'd err on the side of +1 really & be really very happy if he got +2. Spreadsheet Updated below:-
  11. Abdou Diallo has only just returned from an Injury he had on 27th of October and played his first 7mins again on Saturday, Lukke. BUT as u can see above at +18.2 he should still get a Plus1 unless he continues not getting gametime from here to the review date. Paco Alcacer did his usual "stunt" of being subbed on in 64th minute and scoring 2 minutes later (assisted by the rejuvenated Reus). He has only 262mins but amazingly 9Goals, that's a goal every 29mins!
  12. I have had a Squad Cap of 90 on Florentina and doing my usual spreadsheet ratings for them just now, unexpectedly found no player over 89! Is this something I've missed OR has a 90 rated player moved on? It makes a big difference as Chiesa, Simone, Veretout and Benassi are all 89 & won't get a rise if SM use the 89 figure. Anyways if anyone knows please advise (suspect it's a question for SIR) but anyone else throw any light on it???
  13. Think I'm up to date with most of the interesting Players in French Review after these:- Monaco is jus the dribs and drabs of a very disappointing season for them so far. Won't stop top 2 from getting rises tho. Amavi at Marseille didn't play in last game so dropped a little. Ocampos has been higher too.
  14. SM would have to increase Monchengladbach's Squad Cap to give Thorgan TWO rises. He will get 1 and I'd favour this coming review rather then Summer but it's not certain say 70/30ish Chiesa Mbappe DO NOT SELL HIM As Below Thorgan Hazard's minutes are fine but at this level needs performances as well, should tho
  15. I really like Simeone, like FR as well but short on mins to rise so Simeone 4Me After you've done this deal I want to know who he is and I'll ask if I can buy his house for a couple of quid 😋😆 I watched him play for Swansea on loan the season they got relegated and he was awful I mean pathetically awful! What's happened since then to get these minutes for a top class club I can barely imagine. No rise this review he needs to show consistency again... Yippee it's going to be a week late if it starts in a couple of days. LM 50-50, Suso 80-20 is my feeling for this next review. Then definitely Moura in Summer if not this one soon.
  16. Seeing as French review is immenent, I've tried 3 at a time and it worked or I think it has, as I haven't pressed the submit button yet. Right here goes (hope it's all right) ..... Thanks again to Kev if it is
  17. Wow U do make it hard for a used car salesman. 300k ish... 🤔🤔 What about Pedro Porro, D james, Tchouameni, Jules Keita, Boadu, Maksimenko, L Beyer, Dagba, Bernede ..... Must be one of them left 😆 ?????
  18. Pssssstt ......... "liamgriff Cheap? I've got it if U want it, Don't tell anybody I told u this" .... 😋 "Manu Morlanes, got 153mins in the engine. going very cheap, to you 700k. What U want cheaper?? 😮 Ok then... M Llambrich, got 260 mins under the engine. going even cheaper, to you only 600k. 😆😆 What!! Ok this is my final offer... S Chukwuze Only 180mins for only 300k all available at the Villarreal Garage. It's a deal for cash, no questions asked 😋 Remember No one must know, nothing gets back to that moderator fella, he's watchin around here all the time you know...."
  19. Should be +4 I think Doubtful but please don't be disappointed, keep trying, getting a feel for risers and things will fall into place soon enough. It's not easy at first, good attempt. Crap is a four letter word .... Oooops I repeated it. Am I in trouble now?? 😁 Both clubs 4th & 5th out-doing themselves from last season at least at the moment. Interesting to see where SM pitch there coefficient and wether Granero gets his rise etc
  20. Duo Kimmich Definitely that's why SM gave him 80 (High) but as you see below Todibo SHOULD get another rise in the French review. I hope they do because he deserves at least 83 if not more. I've left him in light green becos there is still that doubt SM will give him what he deserves.
  21. Hoffenheim: Look very fertile ground for risers, but beware of some injuries:- Posch out while estimated 10 Dec (calf), Grillitch while 12Dec (toe) Also not mentioned here Amiri 29Nov (Metartarsal Fracture) Rupp 29Dec (Knee) Since May! I have Reiss Nelson (Arsenal) and really glad to see he's getting gametime like Jadon Sancho in Germany and impressively 6 goals in 7 appearances. Joelinton Cassio (only 82rated) also looks a mighty prospect with 4 goals & 4assists (previously this Brazilian had 2 seasons with Rapid Vienna scoring 15goals and played in excess of 4000 minutes). Interesting to see if Akpoguma and Bittencourt get rises as I could then raise my spreadsheet for Hoffenheim by the same approriate amount. As a riser I don't rate Szalai at 30yo as little profit at that age to cover wages.
  22. Definitely Joe Update Bournemouth Top 3 should be guaranteed.
  23. Update French Review: Montpellier: Noticed highest rated was 87 same as Skhiri so maybe 50/50 that he will get a rise. Thankfully there are 4 above him with safer rises. Hope no one has bought him in the meantime. Probably not as these posts aren't getting as much attention as earlier ones. My appreciation to Kev for painstakingly pointing me in right directions ie (postimage.org). A forumer to be proud of I would say ☺️
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