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  1. Just had this warning when trying to access Soccerway:- Firefox detected an issue and did not continue to uk.soccerway.com. The web site is either misconfigured or your computer clock is set to the wrong time. I then tried Google Chrome and got this:- Attackers might be trying to steal your information from uk.soccerway.com (for example, passwords, messages or credit cards). Learn more NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID Anybody got same info??? Then tried same thru Google Search Engine and:- Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead
  2. Thank you for caring, so thoughtful of you Milanista but.... Socca is NEVER Unhappy. How can he be to have lived so long, have 3 children, 2 grandchildren and still be walking on this great BIG BEAUTIFUL SOCCA-PLANET? Liverpool 4 Barca 3 etc of late winners (Spurs etc) and a Champions League Final to come .... Delicious!! 😊😊😊😊 Can't wait ... Yippee!! I can't wait, I have very positive thoughts about his future at Andeelicious!! Should stay BUT maybe a win in C/Lg final and plays well a rise?? Might be stretching things BUT U never know Well spotted Sir! Tough one particularly with 3for2 value as things stand. Kimmich is such a "Prize" to have tho, so ok Kim & Erick. Brilliant wasn't he? Another tough one, see your logic but on the other side 2465 minutes in League and benched 10times (8 since 2Feb), 2goals, 6 assists. Then again Valencia finished 4th so lets say 60% rise. Have to admit haven't seen him play so If anyone can confirm he's played consistently well last half of season it might just clinch it! Edit: Forgot PLUS: Valencia won the Cup too beating Barca and Soler played throughout! Sorry to end on a downer BUT SM seem to be lazily dragging their feet on SW with the German review it seems to have stalled over the Holiday weekend. Next to nothing done since Friday. SM=Slow Motion again.... At least Paderborn came thru today from last week
  3. Witsel best Laporte, Zinchenko, I'd like to have seen Kompany go out with a rise BUT I'm too sentimental I guess... 😢😥😜 Poor old Alba ... sob ...😥🤡 NOT sure about Delaney so not gonna guess, Torreira 70/80% YES I hope so he deserves 91 even tho he only got 90 in March! He is a "Champion" after all. YES YES YES More of a chance 88 as Dortmund finished 2nd and fell away
  4. Very small overall effect on the whole squad ie the higher the total of Morale the better but minimal difference on results maybe up to 2 to 3% SW are up to Hertha, Mainz andF. Dusseldorf this morning. Should start next 2days?? Germany Schulz will rise and then T.Hazard will too in December review 87 yes 88 my guess 40% Aouar Very surprising rise, maybe anticipating transfer to Atletico??? LJ I'd say Me too! May2009 ... Hurrah 😆 No too inconsistent but at his best and maintaining it he will rise eventually. Looks lazy in many ManU matches this season with shades of brilliance, maybe looking for another big transfer Payday!! Not selected or played enough. Yes it will be crazy if he doesn't rise this review! Undoubtably Kante, been played out of position in a lot of games but still gives everything he's got.
  5. Hi TM, Playing 2 CF's will work with 2 wingers outside but isn't 100%, maybe 95% dybala would be my choice with Kane but its dependent on what tactics and strategy you use. Morale comes into it slightly too. I use 424 myself VERY successfully, it's a winner. I have 311 Trophies in about 10 years (mostly last 5 years with 424). PM me, with your T and S and I'll respond by PM. I'm not on-line for long tonight so it may be tomorrow.
  6. It is usually that one club is rated higher than the other, Fiorentina seems to be rated lower than Benfica??? Also and critically Dias tho birthday 14 May, is STILL retaining his previous value. This will probably change when he is reviewed or 1st June in a weeks time. Confirm Freiburg, stuttgart, Augsburg etc flowing thru to SW "Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain. SM could leave England til after Champions League Final and Europa tho for obvious reasons" - as stated previously Will check & see if I can see any promoted clubs as yet MF EDIT: YES MF I see going back 25 pages or so, I see Koln and Paderborn went thru to SW yesterday. Didn't see any Union Berlin tho they might be even further back... I guess Approx 4 to 5 days till they go to SM??
  7. After finishing Austria it could well be Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain. SM could leave England til after Champions League Final and Europa tho for obvious reasons so order may change. Just looked at SW and Czech Republik seems to be coming thru shortly, B4 the Big 5. then. Just a marker from last year Wolfsburg was done on the 22 May 18 (8days??)
  8. Both have a chance but for me Cristante has the better chance say 80% to 40%. Premiership may get a boost tho what with 4 teams in the top finals (I've taken that into account with Gomes 40%). More Forumers opinions would be helpful.... I've bought Cristante and not Gomes.
  9. Watched worldwide football since the sixties and have said Pele, Super Leeds, 1966 WC and those days were the very best ever. It's a longtime to have this steadfast belief and then have it ruthlessly SMASHED in two Nights of sensational, unbelievable, incredible football. I have to change my mind and admit now after all these years, this the BEST TIME EVER to be watching football on this Planet. I also thank whoever made it possible at my time of life that I am still here to glory in every minute of those 2 incredible matches on 2 consecutive nights. Thank you to fate or whoever made it possible... SoccaVeryAPPY! 😂
  10. The answer to Pepe Rising is a question in itself. WILL SM raise Lille Cap? they've done it once, will they do it again? The same question can be asked about a number of players, one being SEb Haller at E. Frankfurt. Sir Rahul seems to be the expert on whether SM will raise a Capped rating or not. I hope he will answer for both players when he sees this post. Being that he hasn't shown N Pepe rising seems to indicate he doesn't think they will? Over to you please SiR??
  11. Messi, Neymar, Salah, Gomez,VVD, Kimmich, Oblak, Kante .... 😬 After their result against Weymouth, Bournemouth are now unbeaten in 304 games setting a new club record for most games unbeaten in a row. 😬
  12. Yes, I have an image of what your saying in my mind and yes he was 5to6 feet away behind and to the right. Maybe he could but I don't remember if he'd HAD been marking someone else or whether he was just not tight on him. It happened so quickly when Southampton were on top and I think the whole defence wasn't tight at all. Anyway other than that, 100% from what I saw. Edit Just watched it again and the guy was it Bertrand ? came in fast from well outside the area, not a lot of time to pick him up but yes it was possible.
  13. Liverpool won 1-3 at Southampton last night. I closely watched a number of players on both sides. Summary:- Southampton clearly the better side for long periods of the first half playing at a higher pressing pace than Liverpool. 1-0 to Southampton 7th minute (Long). Was Impressed by Hojberg, Valery, Bertrand, Redmond and particularly Ward-Prowse. Surprisingly NOT so impressed by Bednarek (Supposedly a Beast) who lost a number of duels I expected him to win (I have him). Liverpool and particularly Fabiano, Wijnaldum and Keita didn't get to grips with Southampton players in midfield. Keita particularly giving the ball directly to opponents twice in the first 9mins. This upset the whole teams rhythm and Liverpool were on the back foot as Southampton counter attacked. Keita did score in the 36th minute with a fine header from Alexander-Arnold cross. But neither of these 2 or the rest of their team looked convincing in the first half with the exception yet again of Van Dijk. The game changed in the 2nd half particularly with Henderson and Milner replacing Wijnaldum and Alexander-Arnold. Liverpool had most of the possession throughout the whole match but now they played at a higher pace, moving the ball much quicker. The rest was almost inevitable, Salah finally scored his 50th goal with a solo run and Henderson came like a snipers bullet into the Box to score from close range. Impressed by Henderson & VVD for Liverpool and not quite so impressed by Keita, Wijnaldum, Fabiano and Matip. Even Trent A-Arnold and Robertson were below their usually very high performances. Southampton should have no problems avoiding relegation as they were the better team for almost half the match.
  14. Sorry about that, thought U might be rich and own the company 😋 ...A SMOOTH operator definitely uses your Cream:- "NIVEA Creme, the unsurpassed classic among skin creams, cares and protects all skin types from dehydration with its rich formula"
  15. Shaw & Eriksen (Shaw has been doing well but will be suspended next game if not more) Keita and Can then (Your obviously a smooth operator nivea) gulp! hope u get that meaning...😁
  16. Hi TM thanks, I LIKE him very much. Watched him many times and he just loves to get forward, i mean REALLY Forward and at speed. Having said that If Liverpool finish 2nd and THEY PROBABLY WILL (SOB!) - I think it's LESS THAN 50%.) If they win the title or get to another CL Final and he's still bombing forward and providing crucial assists, then YES Whoopee! You can probably tell... Liverpool are my 2nd favourite team behind my Home Club Leeds. Man City actually are my 3rd fav team. I watch both teams on a regular basis. I don't know who can beat City as Liverpool and Salah are not quite at there best just now and look a little vulnerable (Matip) - Come soon back Joe Gomez. The Anfield Crowd were worth the 3points at the weekend and they only just beat off an excellent display by Spurs. You won't be surprised to know Spurs come 4th of my favourites. All 3 still fighting in CL as well. They all help make me Socca-Happy 😁
  17. Doubtful I would have thought SM would wait to see if he succeeds with his new club Juve A difficult decision but Keita AS YET hasn't impressed at Liverpool - Keita for me. Has played for England recently and although he didn't impress me, he was workmanlike against clubs below Englands capabilities. Even for Everton he hasn't impressed me in the games I've watched (Only a couple club games). Don't think he would improve Arsenal or Tottenham but u never know. Confidence is a big thing and if he gets more International games against such as Holland soon and plays well then he could improve. At the moment I'd rather have Stones for England. Hasn't played much and my impression is he won't rise above 90 until he gets more playing time. 2 lots of 90 minutes in March but since 24Nov only minutes are: 69, 2, 59 and the 2x90's. Benched 19times, sub in 4times, subbed out 3times. Random thoughts:- Russian review is much later than previously ie it's about a year ago. Also Belgium similar ie last April. Come on SM get some work done! Cutrone and Bakayoko I have as 50/50 for a rise at the moment. What does the Forum think?? Think someone asked about Son getting a rise. For me its 20/80 he won't just yet BUT if he goes wild scoring goals for Spurs that could easily change...
  18. Hi Vitor, Have had Sofiane Diop in mind myself, but he hasn't played since b4 Xmas has he? Can U add anymore about his play and potential as I haven't seen him myself, cheers!
  19. IF cash is VERY IMPORTANT in your GW then its just Winks shading it, otherwise definitely FDJ Muller will probably keep it into his 30's but Ozil should lose it this May Review. Random Thought: Sterling reached a BIG Milestone in his career last Friday scoring a hatrick against Czech Republic BUT it wasn't just the goals. I have been a BIG critic of this guy's lack of composure. We always knew he had the talent, but he's improved at Manchester C this season. Also b4 Friday his display when England beat Spain was special but I thought "was it just a flash in the pan?" . I watched him carefully b4 his goals In the early stages Friday and thought to myself he's got the confidence and the composure and he continued to blow me away. Not only me the Wembley crowd who have always been lukewarm about Sterling's fragile displays, particularly when finishing, were convinced too. Well tonight a further test for his mentality and confidence away to a hostile Montenegro crowd. I shall watch closely is this a 94 + player in the May review??? Yes I know it's only Montenegro but we might well have a "great" striker in the making. I hope so...
  20. 1) Mohammed Ihattaren, can't see he's been mentioned yet on SM. This guy looks good, I mean REALLY GOOD! 17yo who already has 284 minutes for PSV first team since 3rd of February and the big guns of world football are already circling. Plays also for Netherlands U19's as an attacking midfielder, 12 appearances & 5 goals. Check him out on Youtube & Get him if i was you! 2) Declan Rice, Hudson Odoi both got 2nd rises playing for their Country very recently, so why not Daniel James debut goal for Wales today and maybe Tyler Roberts, also coming on as sub too. My Choice - Definitely Lukaku, he's playing much better since Moaner-ino took his massive payoff and left a top club yet again.
  21. A little bit of Fun! Percentage chances please of a rise Next Review in May (From 0-100%), Obviously your estimation on who wins League or Cups or Champions League or goals scored or performances will be critical also:- Premiership: Lucas Moura Shaqiri Xhaka Mane Issa Diop Doucoure (Watford) Sterling Bernardo Silva Laporte Luke Shaw Lindelof Pogba Lukaku Winks Solly March
  22. Yes I think its the way things are going. Dortmund have struggled without Reus. BUT to make some hopeful possibilities:- 1) Reuse is back now and the team could get back to earlier form when they looked great front runners. 2) Bayern at Home, were really dominated by Liverpool and easily turned over in the end. They can react 2 ways after that result... BUT yes I have to give it to Bayern too, but I hope Dortmund prove us all wrong in the end. Edit: Just checked with about 10 mins left Bayern 6 v 0 Mainz. Goal difference out of the question now but it's points that matter and Bayern have got to drop points to lose now. They have Freiburg away Dortmund at home and Fortuna Dusseldorf away. Dortmund HAVE TO BEAT Bayern away or its in the bag.
  23. Who will win the race for the Bundaliga?? Well Dortmund managed, with some difficulty to win away at H.Berlin yesterday. They had gone behind twice before equalizing early in the 2nd half thru Jadon sancho assist for Zagadou to score. Going into extra time it was Sancho who again assisted a Reus sidefooter and it ended 2-3 to Dortmund. Diallo, Reus. Sancho, Akanji, Pulisic, Zagadou and Weigl all got 90mins. Wolf 78mins, Bruun Larsen 75, Hakimi 12mins. Of these I can see Diallo, Zagadou, Bruun Larsen, Hakimi and of course Jadon Sancho all getting rises. So Bayern are 3pts behind but play their game in hand today Home to Mainz at 5pm and already have +1 goal difference advantage over Dortmund Then next, the BIG possible Decider on Saturday 6 April Bayern v B. Dortmund in which incidentally Tolisso may well be fit to return. Whose your money-on for the Title forumers?
  24. Definite No and it should tell u this on your tactic screen (I'm on Old system, so might not be on, but should On SM Neymar is more effective now BUT Mbappe will be in the future. So that is your personal decision are you looking say 2to3 seasons or more or now? Werner isn't progressing much so for my mind not in a non competitive GW and yes otherwise Don't know why I clicked on this Joshvic but Hi and Goodbye, nice visit 😃 No he hasn't: Only Played once since 3rd Nov 18! 10 appearances the whole season, 8 starts, 2 subbed in and sat on the bench 12 times. Leipzig play today home to Augsburg u might wait and see if he gets selected and plays 90mins b4 selling. Tho his chances are very close to the meaning of your name, Armageddon! SW19 you are Spot-On, Friendlies are meaningless and a waste of time. Well done SM😒😒
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