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  1. Grateful for this help Kev. Could you advise of one? I have no idea myself 😮
  2. French Review:- Toulouse The following players have more minutes than they need to rise:- Manu Garcia (Man City) +25.6% more Kelvin Amiam +10.8% more Leya Iseka +6.5% more C Julien +4.4% more I Sanghare +0.1% more (good yardstick to see where SM pitch their risers) French Review:- Angers J R Adelaid +44% more B Santamaria +15.3% more F Tait +5.7% more I don't think any of the above are over 25yo & some just 20yo, which is they way I like them. As long as they rise the profit is much, much more than 26 to 33yo's. The Submit Page will not allow me to upload any more Copy and Paste Versions.
  3. Suso Suso LH and EM u Definitely want OH not again ☹️ hope not... Keep Sancho it's like losing Neymar at the same point in career. -------------------------------- West Ham Update the following players have more minutes than they need to rise:- Declan Rice +39.5% more Balbueno +33.8% more Issa Diop +16.8% more (Masuaka ONLY +0.2% more) The Submit Page will not allow me to upload any more Copy and Paste Versions. ☹️☹️
  4. It's difficult on one side, he would get it on minutes (+15%) and Sevilla are 2nd at the moment. On the other hand he is rated 90 and when above 89 SM rate more by performances than minutes. Without minutes in the first place tho he wouldn't even be assessed on performance. He should get it Winter or Summer if he keeps up his present performance & minutes. Sorry to be sitting on the fence but that's the situation.
  5. St Etiene: The following players have more minutes than they need to rise:- Selnaes +18.6% more Saliba +18.4% more Khazri +14.5% more L Diony +13% more
  6. It only shows wether they will get a rise ie that they have more minutes than they need to get a rise. Not what that rise might be. I might eventually be able to work that into the spreadsheet but it's a huge amount of time I haven't got. I could use that end figure but I don't think it would be accurate until years of testing how accurate it is at different ratings ie 70 right thru to 90. I know for instance a rise at 70 might very easily go to 80 and has in the past been even higher but 88/89/90 is usually as little as +1. It's not worth the effort if you estimate it for yourself and would probably be more accurate across the board.
  7. Update Lyon:- Name Club More Minutes Than he Needs! Aouar Lyon 4th France 25.2% 30% 28.2% TanguyNdombele Lyon 4th France 25.2% 30% 28.2% Denayer Lyon 4th France 19.7% 50% 24.7% FerlandMendy Lyon 4th France 20.5% 40% 24.5% LucasTousart Lyon 4th France 8.0% 30% 11.0% BertrandTraore Lyon 4th France 3.8% 20% 5.8% M Dembele Lyon 4th France -2.4% 40% 1.6% MartinTerrier Lyon 4th France -14.5% 50% -9.5% Leo Dubois Lyon 4th France -14.9% 40% -10.9% Again failed to accept copying in original format. Don't know why it is increasingly difficult to paste. Have to reduce size and copy from Excel into word document & it copies as above. Getting fed up now
  8. More for French Review: Strasbourg- I've tried to make things clearer to explain as I keep being asked. All the above have more minutes than they need to rise compared to what SM have done in the past. The higher the figure in the last column to the right, the more likely it should be. Forget that it is percentage, its just that's how the spreadsheet calculates it and there are a lot more things included in this percentage / figure. Just the highest figure (72.5) is more likely than the lowest (18.3), tho they are all likely to rise because they are all plus figures. If you get a minus figure in the bottom right hand column he's unlikely to rise. Simpler than it is to explain it. Caci btw I have calculated using 72 and hope SM will give him a rise ontop of the recent +2. Ps When we get the review I'll see where SM are pitching there rises for 7th placed strasbourg. If all the plus's are rewarded with a rise & the minus's are not then I know it's correct. If say even a minus 5 is given a rise then I know next time Strasbourg is reviewed to adjust it to the level minus 5, IF Strasbourg is still in 7th place. By this process I expect the spreadsheet to become more accurate each time. It's not quite as easy as this as SM themselves can make mistakes.
  9. Biggest guide is France was reviewed almost exactly this time a year ago. Wether SM will again is only known by SM but it would be foolhardy to miss buying prospects in French League now! No Rise:- Only 231 minutes. Nice best Buys- Maolida, Tameze, Attal, Herrelle, Malang Sarr in that order Both to Rise Sell Jorge, Keep Caricol Martin Plus 1
  10. Continuing with France as French Review could be very close. All looking good for a rise, except J Sambia of course.
  11. If U read the first post it also gives an overall picture. But to try and answer your questions. My spreadsheet shows the last column as a percentage BUT ignore this as a % it's just a figure/ a rating and the highest figure at the top shows it's the most likeliest. If you chose the one at the bottom it would be the opposite. Hope this helps...
  12. Appreciate your comments Gaelgoir. Performances for players rated 89 & over are less of a guide than below 89 and that can be seen in these at Atletico. Really shows which Atletico players are playing more often and not how well. Interesting tho as it shows Lucas Hernandez who rested after WC and only appeared once for atletico, before 22 Sep. First game was on 20th of August thereby missing a lot of minutes. Minutes here are Only a guide Performances are Main Factor Mins Guide 990 1080 91.67% Saul Atletico Mad Spain 25.7% 10% 26.7% 650 1080 60.19% Angel Correa Atletico Mad Spain -2.9% 30% 0.1% 710 1080 65.74% RodriHernandez Atletico Mad Spain -12.3% 40% -8.3% 547 1080 50.65% LucasHernandez Atletico Mad Spain -13.4% 30% -10.4% 484 1080 44.81% T Partey Atletico Mad Spain -18.0% 30% -15.0% 467 1080 43.24% J Gimenez Atletico Mad Spain -21.8% 20% -19.8% 657 1080 60.83% T Lemar Atletico Mad Spain -22.3% 20% -20.3% 430 1080 39.81% S Savic Atletico Mad Spain -24.9% 20% -22.9% Drat! Spent 10 minutes trying to get the above to paste. Sometimes it just doesn't do it for some reason & it's changed it from what u usually see on other posts. Tempremental!
  13. Well R19, can only speak for the minutes he has right now this season. which are insufficient, so winter looks out:-
  14. Kev, SM are so random when reviewing Gk's, even those with 100% minutes. You can't rely on it so I ignore most Gk's except where I see an exceptional season of largely gamesaving exploits (rare). Plenty of risers elsewhere.... Sala as you know is on the edge of a rise in terms of minutes. Such is the feeling on the forum that it makes me feel the 11goals will get him a rise and SM may well keep the Squad Cap to accomodate him. Not sure tho, we'll see Lukke, at 89 rated his minutes are less important than his performances. However 510minutes is a fair amount and even more striking is he has played 90mins on the 20/10, 28/10, 3 Nov and 11 Nov. That is a high indicator that he must be playing well. If he get's another 90mins away at Atletico on the 24 Nov then he for me becomes a MUST buy if he isn't already. anybody watched him in these last few games? Foden is going to be great but hold onto Declan Rice as well if u can tharanidharan. Nice:-
  15. See Nantes below- Re Atletico I'm doing France at the moment but will try for you tomorrow. Warning: Both Sir Rahul and myself had the Squad cap at 88 BUT I notice there is no one left in Nantes above 87. If SM reduce the Squad Cap to 87 then Lucas Lima, Diego Carlos, Sala and V Rongier will not rise. Sala is only +0.3 so may not rise anyway even tho he's scored 11goals. On the other hand, If squad cap stays at 88 and SM judge his performance of 11goals in 12 games etc then he may well get a rise.
  16. I'd say the way Dortmund & Hakimi are playing +2 is 60/40 but it depends when they review Germany and wether Hakimi is still getting plenty minutes. Right I'll do Nantes next then.....
  17. As France was first to be reviewed last year at this time. Anyone want a French side doing that I havent done yet ? Looking for 89 or under players you think might have a chance of a rising. Younger the better... more profit 🤩
  18. Dortmund Update:- Alcacer scored again but well short on minutes. Dortmund beat Bayern 3-2 with a great display by "back to his best" Reus 2 goals. Will SM give him back +1 after only just taking it away 93 to 94?? Probably will wait until the Summer review. 11 games is insufficient. Note: SM judge 89 & above on performances rather than solely minutes which are a guide only at these high levels.
  19. Hope French review starts soon .... Rennes:-
  20. Last year SM reviewed Lille on 16 Nov 17, so on the same basis it might start in 5days As promised hesselink 😊 Leverkuson have lost their last 2 games by 3-0 & 1-4 and are 13th. Remember SM start to use performances etc as a guide for risers at 89 & over rather than just minutes. Wendell & Tah fall into this category. SM have denied Wendell a rise since May 2016 even tho he had 2121 mins in 2017/18 season. Is he due? I'd feel better if Leverkusen were a higher in the table.
  21. Leicester played Burnley yesterday 0-0 Draw Updated Leicester and added a few Burnley. Plus Injuries to rising players! PlydMins OutOf Perc% Name Club How Safe? 1080 1080 100.00% Chilwell Leicester10th England 49.3% 50% 54.3% 893 1080 82.69% Maddison Leicester10th England 34.2% 70% 41.2% 927 1080 85.83% H Maguire Leicester10th England 14.4% 20% 16.4% 640 1080 59.26% D Amartey Leicester10th England 7.6% 50% 12.6% 810 1080 75.00% N Mendy Leicester10th England 7.0% 30% 10.0% 1080 1080 100.00% Ndidi Leicester10th England 13.3% 10% 14.3% 624 1080 57.78% D Gray Leicester10th England -9.3% 30% -6.3% 875 1080 81.02% RicardoPereira Leicester10th England -5.4% 10% -4.4% PlydMins OutOf Perc% Name Club How Safe? 900 1080 83.33% C Taylor Burnley England 19.4% 50% 24.4% 973 1080 90.09% J Cork Burnley England 8.1% 10% 9.1% 927 1080 85.83% Tarkowski Burnley England 3.8% 10% 4.8% 3 Leicester players missed the match all risers:- Amartey Ankle / foot, Maddison and Maguire BOTH Knee injury projected return 24th November.
  22. It's just possible he could get a rise but I avoid buying bottom of the table or possible relegation clubs. But u might as well wait & see as the review is so close. Ikoko rated 85 has 807mins & Pedro Rebocho 84 has 900mins. I personly wouldn't buy either as their are safer ones elsewhere but this is how they look:- Liverpool00lYou caught me out - my BAD input 😰😰 failed to update Ballo Toure. And of course they played again last night drawing 0-0 with Strasbourg. Updated taking last night in too:- Not much in it but Skriniar 4Me
  23. I'll do it 4U with pleasure hesselink, but i'll wait until I have the minutes from the weekend games. Germany I think have played less big5 games than anybody else as yet. Definitely!! Robertson, Grimaldo, Telles. (Tight between Grimaldo & Telles) Lautaro long term, but as of now Piatek, Lautaro M Jovic Rudiger matured this season. Yes I have only a few spaces in my team (Max 251, I have about 220/230 atm) so on an ongoing basis I choose the best & get rid of those who won't rise. I also concentrate more on the younger ones as they are more profitable. ie Taking the profit on an ongoing process of previous risers who won't rise or are going to drop, to make room for new ones. Sounds more complicated than it is.
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