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  1. Last year SM reviewed Lille on 16 Nov 17, so on the same basis it might be in 8days Nicolas Pepe +1 to 88
  2. Yes a huge list for 2nd to bottom Monaco:- Aholou foot inj, Jovetic Thigh, Sidibe Hip / Thigh, Subasic Thigh muscle, N.Doram Arm / Elbow due back 14Nov, Pellegri Groin/ Pelvis due back 14Nov, Rony Lopes Thigh due back 14Nov, Geubbles Knee due back 14Nov, Raggi Susp due back 25Nov ☹️ Thanks for your interest Emelocks, they are all on this thread starting about page 419/420 to this page so far (425). Just scroll down each page quickly and you'll see the bright coloured columns. I'll be updating from time to time so keep in touch with Sir Rahuls Great thread:- Lille:-
  3. I can't choose between them TBH Middle Finger, but I have looked at Bordeaux and Udinese IF it helps:- Obviously Pablo, Sankhare, Poundje, Lasagna, Opuku could go either way safer with the higher figures above them. BUT a good test to see where SM are pitching there rises when they review. If it was critical to choose guess I would go for RDP, but both Kamano & RDP should rise. On the other hand Kamano is 22yo with more time and scope. 😕
  4. I give up on you Floodstreet. I'm not talking about a few players your putting up as illustrations. I'm talking about reviewing ALL the players in the Big 5 like SM does. Enuff said u stick to the way u do it & so will I. Your original point re Obscure Leagues and Lower ratings is just wrong. Not wasting any more time ....
  5. Number of Players Average Rating Average Age Average Value Total Value Average Wage Total Wages 107 86 21 £9.6M £1028.0M £34k £3,642,100 Players on Loan It's a competitive GW, started with 38 now down to 3 others. Just a snaphsot of a few of my risers from the Big5 just on loan at the moment and detailing a 14day period 11June18 to 25 June 18. 1028m on loan in total. You refer to the Squad balance at 1913m but that is actually my cash balance. My Squad Value is (on Loan 1028m) plus ( £1381.4M not on loan.) Plus 1913m cash all made from buying & selling risers. Number of Players Average Rating Average Age Average Value Total Value Average Wage Total Wages 111 84 22 £12.4M £1381.4M £54,163 £6,012,110 Your point re Obscure Leagues and Lower ratings is just wrong look above at 91 90's & 89's and these are just what I have on loan and who rose in a 14day period. They didn't come from Paraguay or Turkey or even Netherlands/ Portugal, they came from The Big 5! I can & will post more proving that my spreadsheet works after the Big5 review.
  6. Hope this update helps, slight changes & a few additions. Usually SM start with France so thought I'd find a few more sometime soon. Cheers socca
  7. Stoke City ID: 27006 Division 1 £1913.6M I can partly agree with Floodstreet2017 as this is exactly what I have said myself about players 89/90 and above, see above highlighted. Knowledge is power I agree again. Stats are Power. But surely u agree that SM need a yardstick for the rest, something they can rely on for the great majority of players? You say it's not minutes?? Also you can see what a difference it's made to one of my clubs in cash terms highlighted above.
  8. Mustafi, Bellerin and Xhaka's winter rises, will be judged by SM more on performances etc than minutes in just 11 matches. It's a good start tho. Guendouzi and and Holding look good. Torreira has been catching up in terms of minutes but he also has greatly added to Arsenals recent performance, winning the ball and passing forward more than past arsenal midfielders did. On the cusp as far as minutes go as you see above BUT more importantly I think he looks sharper in front of goals recently. Scored 5goals & 2assists in the League but having said that Aubameyang scored 5 goals in October alone and 7 altogether. Watch closely who looks better in the next few games taking into account Aub is 95 and Lacaz 92. Aub down and Lacaz up?? Special performances or goals could make the difference to Lacaz at the very least. I think this may be my 3000th post???
  9. Think this is straight forward - If 75 rated Saliba got no further minutes until EOS then his rise would still be safe, guess probably a +3 instead of +5.
  10. You make a very good case EnglishPirlo and I agree Montpellier should get a rise in the Squad Cap this next review to 88. They are 2nd after all! BUT will SM do this? I'm not taking the risk as they're so many risers out there. This is my usual stance in these situations. Skhiri does deserve it tho... So few games so far, probably +1 winter and another +1 in Summer if he continues in the same vein. and thank you too, it's enjoyable to see the forum buzzing almost like the "old days". Maybe as you say for Ndidi we'll see... Again you make a good case, I hope SM think the same... Yes he was... Equally bizarely turkeys look forward to Xmas.... gulp
  11. This is a perfect example of why mins alone cannot decide rises for Top players such as Mbappe and Marquinhos. Mbappe is exceptional 93+ calibre now and just cos PSG haven't played him sufficiently so far this season, his performances at WC and since, scoring 11goals & 4 assists in just 8games. Marquinhos is the other side of the issue, playing 11 out of 12 games doesn't in itself provoke SM to make him a 93 whereas Mbappe's performances do. Marquinhos probably will get 93 at some stage but at a time of SM's choice.
  12. Wasn't on my spreadsheet, edited original post just for you TMC 🙂 A bit too close for comfort, doubtful:-
  13. Yes Ndidi has potential to reach 90 at Leicester as cap is Vardy's 91. Question is will they do it next review or at EOS. I think they could +15.3% and 100% minutes but is now only 11games in. He is lowest riser and sometimes SM get tired of doing so many at 1 club especially as they gave him +1 to 89 as recent as 12 June 2018. Edit For TM Costa 🙂
  14. Monaco are struggling 2nd from last and Chadli only has 376mins out of possible 1080, No Rise I'm afraid R19
  15. Remember, when SM review players over 89 they take more and more account of how impressed they are with performance, goal tallies & national team appearances, compared to minutes. They must have minutes as well of course, but the guide/ spreadsheet is less the higher you go. Not particular high Safe ratings but suprised Icardi isn't in the black. Politano looking good tho. I just did this now in response to MF's post.
  16. Admirable display by Wolves to comeback from 0-3 down to almost pull-off a draw with Spurs yesterday. Ruben Neves scored and Gibbs-White looked a fine young prospect when he came on. Can't wait to see more from him in the coming season (S). Have to agree with Kev & Middle Finger back in September about Conor Coady who along with Neves are ever present's this season. Edit: I DID delete 2nd one but it won't have it!
  17. Update on Celta Vigo, have to admit my spreadsheet doesn't have as many risers as Sir Rahul as I tend to concentrate on the younger players who are better money makers. Roncaglia 33, Aspas 31 & Alvarez 31 are not considered due to their pensionable age 😀😀 Last night Celta drew 3-3 at Real betis. Maxi Gomez came on with 29minutes to go and Celta Vigo 2-0 down. Maxi scored 2 and Brais Mendez got the 3rd to lead 2-3. Canales equalised for Betis with 3minutes to go. Lobotka & Sisto didn't appear at all. Lobotka has an ankle/ foot injury (1 Nov) which may affect his +14.3 if he doesn't recover for the home game against Real Madrid next Sunday. Cheers Socca
  18. Update after Sevills 0-0 draw tonight. With so few games played, missing the game tonight which Andre Silva missed due to a knock, he has slipped from 21.2 to 12.6. Not serious an injury so hopefully he'll get a few 90 mins and goals or assists b4 the review. Ibrahim Amadou recovered and got some gametime but only 110mins so far this season so unlikely he'll get a rise this coming review.
  19. Bit personal isn't it? Actually he was waiting for the SM Page to load...... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  20. I haven't kept him as he has zero minutes and there are so many risers out there. He's ony 21 and he has scope to improve but it might take years for him to come to fruition. Trade....
  21. Probably there is a reason why Sir Rahul has omitted Ake from his list of risers ie he already sits at the top of rated Bournemouth players at 88. There is also a fair argument for SM to increase the cap to 89. They could use Ake to do exactly this taking into account Bournemouth's fine form at the moment and there 6th placed position. Will they do it, I don't know, so even tho he scores +29.3% it's probably a waiting game... A list of fine risers above it would seem. This is based on 6th position & this may change should they slip down the table. Lewis Cook is playing more regularly now and if he continues might soon be in the safe zone.
  22. Update on Top of Bundesliga Dortmund 4pts clear of Bayern after yesterdays result & interestingly Paco Acacer got a few more minutes but didn't score this time. Wonder if Reus by EOS will get his 94 back. How things look now:- Adou Diallo-Thigh muscle strain missed match, estimated to be back 14Nov. Jadon Sancho & Paco Alcacer substituted on 78mins & Sancho seen in "somewhat heated" conversation with manager on bench at final whistle. Bruun Larsen subbed out 90th minute. Reus goal settles it on 27th minute assisted by Delaney.
  23. Akanji, Gelson, Diawara and Lopes See Everton above, he is on the cusp at the moment BUT has played 7 lots of 90minutes since early September, apart from later today. If he plays 90mins today he'll be into + territory. If he continues to be selected then great! I've always liked him, he's still young, has played well everytime I saw him play for Chelsea. Getting gametime next season for Chelsea and becoming a regular again will of course be his "proof point". I'm keeping him til at least then. Rash & Trent would be great. Whenever I've watched Werner (WC & Germany) I've found him slightly disappointing/ ordinary in that bracket. Club form must be better? Icardi for me tho.
  24. Paco has an incredible stat this season and I don't know how SM will judge him. 127mins only but 7 goals for top of the League Dortmund. Judge him solely on minutes and he's no chance! No mins in La Liga either 🙁 Hopefully he'll get a lot more goals and importantly more mins b4 SM review the Bundesliga. It's usually late-on in the Big5. As it stands now they'll probably wait to judge at the end of Season review.
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