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  1. A little bit of Fun!

    Percentage chances please of a rise Next Review in May (From 0-100%), Obviously your estimation on who wins League or Cups or Champions League or goals scored or performances will be critical also:-


    Lucas Moura 




    Issa Diop 

    Doucoure (Watford)


    Bernardo Silva 


    Luke Shaw 





    Solly March




  2. 5 hours ago, Middle_Finger said:

    I think Bayern will come triumph at the end. BVB will buckle if Bayern take a tiny lead.


    5 hours ago, thorgan lesar said:

    Bayern Munich again, I think


    4 hours ago, KERSPALT! said:

    Would love to see Dortmund win it but it's hard to see past Bayern now.

    Yes I think its the way things are going. Dortmund have struggled without Reus. BUT to make some hopeful possibilities:-

    1) Reuse is back now and the team could get back to earlier form when they looked great front runners.

    2) Bayern at Home, were really dominated by Liverpool and easily turned over in the end. They can react 2 ways after that result...

    BUT yes I have to give it to Bayern too, but I hope Dortmund prove us all wrong in the end.

    Edit: Just checked with about 10 mins left Bayern 6 v 0 Mainz. Goal difference out of the question now but it's points that matter and Bayern have got to drop points to lose now. They have Freiburg away Dortmund at home and Fortuna Dusseldorf away. Dortmund HAVE TO BEAT Bayern away or its in the bag.

  3. Who will win the race for the Bundaliga??

    Well Dortmund managed, with some difficulty to win away at H.Berlin yesterday. They had gone behind twice before equalizing early in the 2nd half thru Jadon sancho assist for Zagadou to score. Going into extra time  it was Sancho who again assisted a Reus sidefooter and it ended 2-3 to Dortmund.

    Diallo, Reus. Sancho, Akanji, Pulisic, Zagadou and Weigl all got 90mins. Wolf 78mins, Bruun Larsen 75, Hakimi 12mins.

    Of these I can see Diallo, Zagadou, Bruun Larsen, Hakimi and of course Jadon Sancho all getting rises.

    So Bayern are 3pts behind but play their game in hand today Home to Mainz at 5pm and already have +1 goal difference advantage over Dortmund

    Then next, the BIG possible Decider on Saturday 6 April Bayern v B. Dortmund in which incidentally Tolisso may well be fit to return. Whose your money-on for the Title forumers?


    4 hours ago, SanchoJr said:

    Can anyone tell me do friendlys impact on players fitness? (I’m playoffs d2 and have a friendly tonight before final tomorrow)


    Definite No and it should tell u this on your tactic screen (I'm on Old system, so might not be on, but should

    3 hours ago, !¡BµKa🔑 said:

    Neymar FOR Mbappe (Swap deal)

    Good deal?


    Is Timo Wener worth buying? 

    On SM Neymar is more effective now BUT Mbappe will be in the future. So that is your personal decision are you looking say 2to3 seasons or more or now?

    Werner isn't progressing much so for my mind not in a non competitive GW and yes otherwise

    2 hours ago, Joshivic230 said:

    Of course not 

    Don't know why I clicked on this Joshvic but Hi and Goodbye, nice visit 😃

    2 hours ago, Armageddon2872 said:

    What are people’s opinions on Nordi Mukiele, has he done enough for a rise next review?

    No he hasn't: Only Played once since 3rd Nov 18! 10 appearances the whole season, 8 starts, 2 subbed in and sat on the bench 12 times. Leipzig play today home to Augsburg u might wait and see if he gets selected and plays 90mins b4 selling. Tho his chances are very close to the meaning of your name, Armageddon!


    1 hour ago, Id rather be in SW19 said:

    no they dont and they do not seem to have any real point as I played the same team against a mate 3 friendlies in a row all of them at my place and three completely different outcomes (with the same players and tactics each time) I then played him in the league a week later and got slaughtered with the same players and tactics (previously I had won easily then 0-0 then 3-3) so I went into the game thinking my tactics were great.

    SW19 you are Spot-On, Friendlies are meaningless and a waste of time. Well done SM😒😒

  5. 2 hours ago, Alurcard said:

    Gotta be safe I'd say, he's doing fine up there and 85 is fair. 


    One for me for a change if people would be so kind. 

    Bruun Larsen and Lautaro Martinez or Leon Goretzka?   I'm thinking long term and potions aren't important. 

    Well I like both Lautaro M and Bruun Larsen and rank that slightly better than Goretzka

    9 hours ago, Yuasa said:

    Tolisso + lautaro for rashford is a good deal?

    And also tolisso + kante for pogba.


    Rashford Definitely. Watched him last night and only Lukaku outshone him. He's progressed greatly, taking responsibility and performing better under both his club and national managers.

    8 hours ago, Joshivic230 said:

    Am I the only one who thinks Alex Telles will finally get his rating change to 90 in the summer? Just got his team to quarter final in the UEFA Championship League..

    Yeah he should have got it last time and has to wait a fair time to get itnext review. Do your Random review SM and make up for your mistake.

    6 hours ago, Middle_Finger said:

    To the person who asked yesterday if Mbappe will get 97 playing for PSG. I hope you got a live answer last night. If PSG keeps choking Mbappe will go back to 90.

    On last nights performance he would be 90 rated BUT we know he's much better than that don't we?

    3 hours ago, Atkin92 said:

    Just to confirm. You get double the amount of money the player is valued at if a player retires?

    Don't think so! SM would never be generous with it's customers. You'll be lucky if u actually get his value. I've never actually seen a retirement notice from SM tho I've had a few retirements over the years. Anyone else seen it in writing and added??

    Predicted Return Dates from Manager or Staff

    Man City: Laporte 6 April, Fernandinho 4 April, Delph 10 March. Stones, KDB no report as yet.

    Man Utd: Sanchez 21 April, Valencia 16 March, Martial 11 March. Phil Jones 50% chance next match.

    No reports as yet for Herrara, Mata, Lingard - all being currently assessed.

  6. Some Random thoughts, talking points and Info, focusing on:-

    Wolfsburg beating the 3rd placed Monchengladbach 0-3 away was quite a display after beating Mainz by the same score the week b4. It prompted me to have a close look at both squads looking for potential risers from both (as long as they continue at the same rate of course).

    Wolfsburg first:-

    Rexhbecaj +4 to 82

    Roussillon +1 to 88

    William Furtado +1 to 88

    Others with good chances but could go either way are Gerhardt. Mehmedi & Brekalo (will keep an eye on them). Gerhardt got the all important first goal assisted by Roussillon. Mehmedi came on for Brekalo and promptly scored twice in the 68th and 83rd minute. Wolfsburg are much improved this season and SM must make full allowance for this improvement.

    Monchengladbach seem to have lost their way a bit of late after also losing at home by the same emphatic score 0-3 to Hertha just 8 days b4. Nevertheless Neuhaus should rise to 85/86 if he continues. Louis Beyer hasn't played or even been on the bench (not injured!) since 21 December but it won't take much gametime if he does get selected (only 76rated) so I'm keeping him into next season at least. Elvedi possible +1 but I'd say 40/60 at this stage. Hazard, Ginter and Plea would appear to be capped at 90 at the moment unless SM change it (Unlikely I would have thought).

    While talking about Bundasliga: Injury  info:-

    Hertha: Torunarigha Achilles - Anticipated return 9 March

    Hanover: Bebou been out since last November with Thigh Muscle Strain, Anticipated return 30 March

    Freiburg: Koch out since 10 Feb (Shoulder) Anticipated return Unknown

    Hofler (MCL Knee Ligament) out since 11 Nov Anticipated return 5 March

    Schalke: Stambouli out since 25 Jan (Facial Injury) Anticipated return 2nd March

    Schopf out since 25 Jan (LCL Knee Ligament injury) Anticipated return 29 March

    Embolo out since 11 Nov (Metatarsel Fracture) Anticipated return 29 July!

    Oh and Soumaoro was mentioned on forum recently Suspended until 3 March, Xeka also at Lille has now finished his suspension. Maolida again was mentioned on forum recently has Thigh Muscle Strain on 11 Feb return to action at this stage is unknown...

    That's all there is...

  7. 39 minutes ago, liamgriff said:

    Does he have to move to get 91/92? 



    Yes he is the 90 Cap and wears it well...

    So indeed he almost certainly would have to move to a bigger club to get 91/92. Why "almost certainly"?

    Well, like Chiesa was raised from 89 to 90 at Fiorentina they could raise Bruno Fernandes to 91 and set a NEW CAP next review if they wanted to, but it doesn't happen that often and usually when the Club has had an unusually good season as well.

  8. 1 hour ago, Middle_Finger said:



    PS: The reason I answered is coz I want a personalized thank you comment.


    27 minutes ago, !¡BµKa🔑 said:


    U gat it

    Here it comes 😂🤣



    @Middle_Finger thank you👍




    26 minutes ago, !¡BµKa🔑 said:


    Thanks 😎


    25 minutes ago, !¡BµKa🔑 said:

    Thanks 👍


    !Buka, kindly could I just drop a hint here? There is to the right of every post a "Heart Shaped Icon" where you could, IF YOU WISH, Click it, to love it or thank.

    Thank you posts are just transitory (they disapear like bubbles) whereas a click is forever.

    Like Puppies are not just for Xmas, MF could cherish your Love or Thanks forever........

  9. On 2/16/2019 at 10:12 AM, Soccahappy said:

    I can CONFIRM it is definitely English Championship NEXT, it's piling up pn Soccer Wiki now guess 3days time.

    Incidently SM very cheekily took the cream off the top of the BIG RIsers a week or so ago. "Criminal" to treat their own customers like this! Jack Clarke +10, Bogle +13, Adarabioyo +3, Barnes+3, Tavernier +3, Kelly+5, Da Silva +2, Harry Wilson +3, Tomori +2, Tuanzebe +4, Dan James +8, Mepham +3. Some actually were more than a week ago.

    Get (not done yet) Norwich: Lewis +4 or 5, Cantwell +6 or 7,  Max Aarons +4, Leeds: Peacock Farrell +5, Phillips +2 or 3, Middlesborough: Wing +10, N. Forest: Lolley +5, Swansea: Roberts +5, Grimes +4, Hull Jarrod Bowen +2, Preston: Storey +10, S. Weds: Dawson: +5


    Heads up on SW. Saw quite a number of Australian players and clubs going thru Soccer Wiki today. Brisbane Roar was one & Central Coast Mariners & Western Sydney Wanderers , maybe Gold Coast too.

     Also Leeds and Norwich finishing Championship off..

  10. On 2/19/2019 at 4:23 AM, ombarcagunners said:

    Declan Rice to 87 this summer?

    Really good prospect 86 maybe 87 if he continues to impress & West Ham are clear of Relagation which they should be...

    On 2/19/2019 at 6:23 AM, STX said:

    Help please. Isco, Depay or Son?

    Son, Isco, depay 3rd choice

    On 2/19/2019 at 8:57 AM, RayNFFC said:

    Will David Silva drop in next review?


    On 2/19/2019 at 11:43 AM, congola said:

    so whose more likely to raise to 93  marquonos or sandro? im thinking sandro has he plays in a better league.

    kieta or allan? who would you keep - leaning towards kieta as liverpool may just win the league :( 

    Keita is still settling in at Liverpool. Liverpools midfield wasn't as good as usual last night v Bayern ( a bit disjointed and passes not as quick and accurate as usual) Keita was taken off in 2nd half. Having said that I think he will come good in time just like Fabinho who was great at Centre Back last night. Keita just.

    18 hours ago, liamgriff said:

    Sell pepe for B.Fernandes and C.Lincoln? 

    The Duo

    14 hours ago, TMNT said:

    I can see Fabinho rising to 92 AND getting CB added to his positions at the end of the season, he could be a very useful player to have. 

    See above comment, YES very useful :)


    There was also a mention of Upamecano which the Multiquote hasn't saved. He's had an injured knee since game 23rd January but it was hoped to return by end of February.

    Some other Injuries in Bundasliga I made notes on might be of interest:-

    Haidara also at Leipzig out since 31 October with ACL Knee ligaments due back End of March

    Dortmund: Akanji out since 18 December (Hamstring) due back this week : Reus Out since 5 Feb (Thigh Muscle Strain) was due back on 18 February.

    Bayern: Tolisso ACL Knee ligaments due back March 19th : Robben out since 2nd December (Hamstring) due back Feb 24

    Monchengladbach: Hofmann out since Feb 10th (Ankle / Foot) due back Feb 23 : Ibrahima Traore out since 13th December (Thigh Muscle) due back April 29th

    Leverkuson: Retsos out since 29 November (Thigh Muscle Rupture) due back Feb 21 : L Bender out since 31 January  (Thigh Muscle Strain) due back Feb 28

    Eintracht Frankfurt: Almamy Toure out since 21st November (Thigh Muscle Strain) due back Feb 28

  11. On 2/2/2019 at 6:26 PM, Haru said:
    any chance of being Belgium the next country to update?


    51 minutes ago, RayNFFC said:

    Any ideas when the Belgian league will be reviewed next?

    Obviously only SM actually know when BUT if we take the last 2 major reviews of Belgium they were 2nd July 2017 and then 22 Apr 2018 ( Standard Liege). That's roughly 9months between those reviews.

    So SM are already overdue and they should have done it in January, ie a month ago. Does that allow us to say it's immenent?? Only SM know but with 10weeks being the waiting time to sell, I'd say its safe enough to BUY NOW!

    Specially if SM get up to their recent trick of "taking the cream off the top weeks b4"

    BUT I have bought the Cream already! 😛

  12. 18 minutes ago, ombarcagunners said:

    Jan Bednarek worth buying?

    Definitely IF he continues playing most of Southamptons games as the same rate he is now, should get +2 or 3 again dependent on relegation situation.

    Theyr'e playing with more spirit under the new manager but the winning or drawing streak has tailed of a little with their home defeat against fellow strugglers Cardiff. I watched that game & they didn't play badly tho. that day & were a little unlucky to lose with hardly any time left when Cardiff scored the winner. He seems to be a fixture in the side since he arrived in September. I may buy him in March/ April myself.

  13. 25 minutes ago, Yuasa said:

    % havertz 91? 90 i think is already sure. Thanks

    You MUST be watching the game against Fortuna D tonight Yuasa? Havertz scores in first half eh.

    He's playing really well so far this season, probably Leverkuson's best player but he's got a Longgggggg time to keep it up to May EOS. 90 Yes but at the moment would guess 30% chance at most to get 91. If he continues & carries them to a Champions League place & win The Europa League? Maybe better % then. Speculation at best at this stage tho.

    Good Luck for both of us I've had him a long time myself 😋

  14. 7 hours ago, Dasylver said:

    Unai Nunez,Jules kounde keep or sell

    Kounde Definite KEEP (100%minutes!) Nunez Definite SELL  as benched 12 times apart from 90minutes on 7 January. Nice to be dfinite for a change Dasylvr 😀

    3 hours ago, Sir Rahul said:

    seems like they have begun with Championship today. There were some random rises from a bunch of leagues too: Turkey (Adebayor), MLS (Baird), Finland (Lappalainen), Austria (Haland, Klauss), Uruguay (Caceres), Spain (Puig), France (Lahne), Argentina (Perez), Portugal (Plata), Colombia (Tolosa) and Italy (Zaniolo).

    Zaniolo set up for another +3 in the summer then.

    These bunch up together on the database, so they aren't the usual bunch of minor rises.

    SM gotta SM. 

    SM Gotta Chaotic as well as being  Slow Motion....

    SM even denied me "Likes" and "thanks" for 24hours, waiting to return more than a few to forumers 😞

    2 hours ago, !¡BµKa🔑 said:

    Please any ideas of a 90 rated CB that will definitely get a +1 by the next review.


    No definites at this early stage but Matip has a string of 90mins for title challenging Liverpool & maybe Maguire or Sanchez ? Anybody else come up with one for Ibuka??


  15. 10 minutes ago, Dasylver said:

    Please what's the squad cap for fiorentina?

    It was 89 Dasylver until Chiesa broke it when he was raised to 90 in SM's recent December Review.

    Note: It's always the highest rated player in a Full Squad of players. ie If someone in the game purchased Chiesa it would still be 90 even tho highest rated looked to be 89. Hope that helps so u can always find it yourselves.

  16. 29 minutes ago, Sir Rahul said:

    they always do this! they think we are fools...

    now to be fair, Adarabioyo, Barnes, Da Silva, Wilson, Tomori, Tuanzebe were reviewed with their PL side. Usual practice. Mepham got his on back of the Bournemouth move. Agreed on the rest though.

    Thanks and yep fair to point out that. But this may be a continuing spoiler story from SM. Didn't they do it in Turkey too??

    2 hours ago, vitor_mfc said:

    Kind of strange to read this as 6 months ago for you Sarri and Jorginho were just the start of the Chelsea way back at the top.

    I told you then that Chelsea needed way more than a good coach and one good player. I'm glad that time proved me right.

    We are not gonna resurrect this long running saga again are we? Why not create a separate thread called "We just DON'T agree to disagree, and we just Love it!" Perhaps I'm being harsh please so don't bring me into it. I'm running for cover....

    2 hours ago, Dasylver said:

    SMS,Thauvin and chiesa. Who to sell? Who will get a rise soonest please?

    None of them as far as I can see... IF you don't play them consider selling All who don't.

  17. 1 hour ago, hesselink said:

    ??? 🙄

    I can CONFIRM it is definitely English Championship NEXT, it's piling up pn Soccer Wiki now guess 3days time.

    Incidently SM very cheekily took the cream off the top of the BIG RIsers a week or so ago. "Criminal" to treat their own customers like this! Jack Clarke +10, Bogle +13, Adarabioyo +3, Barnes+3, Tavernier +3, Kelly+5, Da Silva +2, Harry Wilson +3, Tomori +2, Tuanzebe +4, Dan James +8, Mepham +3. Some actually were more than a week ago.

    Get (not done yet) Norwich: Lewis +4 or 5, Cantwell +6 or 7,  Max Aarons +4, Leeds: Peacock Farrell +5, Phillips +2 or 3, Middlesborough: Wing +10, N. Forest: Lolley +5, Swansea: Roberts +5, Grimes +4, Hull Jarrod Bowen +2, Preston: Storey +10, S. Weds: Dawson: +5


  18. On 2/12/2019 at 3:45 PM, cropper said:

    Quick question, what is the squad cap per team on this game?

    1) No of Players in your Squad + 251 Player limit or if you meant...

    2) Squad Cap for each team. it changes for each team and is based on the highest rated player Example:  N.Pepe I have as one of the highest on 89 at Lille = Lille's Squad Cap therefor 89.

    12 hours ago, KERSPALT! said:

    Saul. Keita blowing hot and, mostly, cold so far for Liverpool in my opinion. Hasn't shown the quality from the Bundesliga. Sessegnon needs to move, Fulham are going down

    Totally agree, Kersplat! ...Kerspalt

    12 hours ago, Kev said:

    He should rise next review, so sell him after that. You're well covered in that position!

    Kev,  (N.Pepe) as I mention above - I have him as already reached Lille Squad Cap of 89? which will apply unless SM raise it at the next review in May??

    36 minutes ago, Mickbor59 said:

    Verratti for Gabriel Jésus + gundogan it's interessant?

    I myself would prefer the duo. Gundogan is to my mind similar to Verrati, has a chance to rise at Man C and Jesus has a great future even tho he likely won't rise next review.


  19. On 2/11/2019 at 5:06 PM, SkyWalker said:

    Lozano or Nicolas Pepe? :)


    4 hours ago, BOOM said:

    Someone is going to pay a lot of money for Zaha & make a big mistake.  It won't be Pep as they're too good at scouting & analysis to make such a big mistake for an overrated player.  

    He is a match of the day player.  Let's just forget about his antics of diving, getting sent off, walking round the pitch thinking he's Neymar, tracking back rarely...

    His output is really poor.  He just gets the ball & dribbles, to a very low success rate.  Really poor footballing brain.

    Suso is easily the better option here.  Younger, playing for a better club & a better footballer. 

    You can't have watched Naby Keita much pre LFC or even his last few displays then.

    He is a brilliant player & he's beginning to show it. 

    Also it's best to judge LFC signings under Klopp after 6 months or so - as Ox, Robertson showed.  Fabinho & Keita are beginning to show this too.  It's hard to adapt to the way they play, especially in midfield.  Keita is the real deal.

    I have watched as I said many Liverpool games and have not been impressed, as I mentioned Fabiano has played better & so has Wijnaldum. I DO AGREE with you that Keita under Klopp could well improve, most have he's a marvel of a Manager, but he came with a big reputation, I haven't seen that standard yet & expected a lot more. He cost a small fortune afterall.

    We are allowed different opinions Boom and when I see Keita improve I'll probably shout loudly at the tv "BOOM THERE YOU GO!"  I hope you will hear me Mr Boom! B)🤯😵😀

    I Multi-linked quite a few other posts to reply to, but they seem to have disappeared. Anyway I bought Chiesa a fair time ago with the hope he would rise in SM terms, he did & I profited. I have "liked" & taken in the information & views given. It largely confirms my thoughts. I have better forwards that start, it was just for Future potential and I think that it's dried up temporarily at Fiorentina. Should he move onto a bigger club, I'll no doubt do a deal and re-buy.

  20. 1 minute ago, hesselink said:

    I have Jorginho & Naby Keita - which one to trade?

    Neither appeals to me on current displays and I've watched many Premier League matches with them Playing this season. Not impressed at all. One is 92 & other 91 so either or both if u can for better? Keita if just one. Fabinho & Wijnaldum Playing better at Liverpool. Kante at Chelsea and plenty more in the P.L. and Worldwide. I haven't mentioned such as Pogba because he's been twice the player since Moan-ero was sacked but of course you'll tell me he's not available.

    What's your option buys, Hesselink?

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