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  1. Re: Section 4 Risers - Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay & USA
  2. Re: Jefferson Montero Nothing in Ecuadorian rating changes?? Re-rate in new club Villareal? Thought it would be Ecuador!
  3. Re: Section 4 Risers - Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay & USA
  4. Re: Vincent NOGUEIRA Thanks for this Gozgozzy8, brilliant mate. A 5ft61/2 bundle of improvement this season.
  5. Re: Section 4 Risers - Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay & USA Bezron I have been BADLY LET DOWN by:- PONTIUS, Chris Predicted 76 → 80 Rose to 77 That's a MASSIVE 3 out!! It seems to me, SM reviewer (New to it?) is doing HALF a job & relying on YOU to put him right as you have had 2 MLS (@ least) that you have sent tickets for, that have been up-rated. Can you do same for PONTIUS?? (PLEASE!). Thanks mate!
  6. Re: Section 4 Risers - Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay & USA
  7. Re: Best OVERALL (JULY NOMINEES) MSF. Mark has been great in helping me straight from my first post. A wealth of knowledge & willingness to share. Thanks mate, appreciated!
  8. Re: Balance and Budget Yes BUT what about the other way round? Does the Chairman take from Transfer gains to pay players wages etc.?
  9. Re: Ritchie De Laet, Man Utd "Ritchie de Laet equaliser five minutes from time handed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side a deserved share of the spoils at Carrow Road this afternoon, as a somewhat makeshift United XI bounced back from an early Norwich goal and a first-half penalty miss to outplay their League One opposition in the second forty-five minutes." "The Reds adjusted better to the inevitable second-half changes however, and went close on a number of occasions before the unlikely figure of de Laet got in behind the City backline to slot home a late leveller." Probably played LB as:- "3. Ritchie de Laet"
  10. Re: Jefferson Montero Small update, hope i'm not overdoing these updates, just:- Montero came on in 74th minute replacing Cani in 2-0 loss @ Bordeaux (already 2-0 when he came on). Nothing mentioned re how Montero played.
  11. Re: Patrick NYARKO up to 4 months I hear. "Nyarko is getting more playing time at forward after July shoulder surgery shelved former U.S. national team star Brian McBride for up to four months. Prior to the injury' date=' Nyarko had been used as a right midfielder" "Patrick Nyarko scored in the 76th minute to lift Chicago to a 1-0 win over Real Salt Lake on Saturday night, extending the Fire’s unbeaten streak to five games." Full story:- [url']http://blog.taragana.com/sports/2009/08/02/nyarko-scores-in-76th-minute-to-lift-fire-to-1-0-win-over-real-salt-lake-16903/[/url]
  12. Re: Marco Pablo Pappa Ponce Okay looking @ Chicago Fire Squad, other RM Thorrington is rated 80 & average for whole squad is 79 I would say rise to 80 or 81 as hes preferred. Okay?
  13. Re: New Goldmembers Can you NOT manage another team if you are NOT a Goldmember obviously in another league??
  14. Re: Tomislav Barbaric<---Croatian big talent and riser Surely Bornich if we compare your Tomecak with your Barbaric, Tomecak should get bigger rise? Both v. good but better rise for Tomecak?
  15. Re: Section 4 started?? Usa starts here: (present time) http://www.soccermanager.com/playerchanges.php Then, go pages back to 5 & 6 for Swedish etc etc Helps?
  16. Re: Section 4 started?? YES Grotolo, USA MLS, started Friday Night! Le Toux, Steve Zakuani etc, good enough?? Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay etc to follow
  17. Re: Section 4 Risers - Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay & USA
  18. Re: Legend Sir Bobby Robson passes away at 76 "LEGEND" doesn't do THIS MAN justice, there should be an even bigger/greater word. RIP Sir Bobby.
  19. Re: VELAZQUEZ, Pablo: TopScorer at Paraguay, just rated 78!!! Confirm Paraguay Top Scorer Pablo Velazquez of Rubio Nu. leading marksman: 15-goals.
  20. Re: Post your favourite lyrics. Wow! Sonofpluto that is heavy "Be exactly who you want to be, do what you want to do" "I am he and she is she but you're they only you" GREAT!! reminds me of:- I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together, with maybe a bit more meaning? Hate to be sacriligeous... anyway that's just me...sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come.
  21. Re: Post your favourite lyrics. Kylan ALL great BUT just luvved this particularly:- Her lingo went from the cockney to the gringo any time she sing a song, the other girls sing along and tell all the fellas that that lady is single a fickle way to tickle on my young man's tingle ...Wow:p!
  22. Re: Post your favourite lyrics. You know your music/ lyrics too, Top Marks Sonofpluto!
  23. Re: Post your favourite lyrics.
  24. Re: Post your favourite lyrics.
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