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  1. Re: Official Manchester City Thread did u hear that the mighty cities arabian owners would like some arab players in our starting line up next season ive just seen it on sky sports news they say they want some talent from there homeland and have already sent out scouts i like that they are promting the team and giving us money but let the manager do his job is there even any good arabian players out there.
  2. i started with a normal ipswich town team and have gradually bought youngsters whos ratingings have incresed and have then shipped them off in search of big name stars so this is my team at the moment. james(91) grygera(91) cordoba(94) chivu(93) maxwell(92) makelele(92) cambiasso(95) gourcuff(90) nihat(91) suarez(90) tevez(93) FAVALLI 89 NUNO GOMES 88 WEIS 87 HUMMELS 86 RAFAEL Pereira Da Silva 86 how can i improve to be able to challenge in the very top division consistantly although i am proud of my efforts to date does anybody aknow of any up and coming risers i could implement into my team or sell on thank you.
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