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  1. Re: CF rated 89 rising to 90 ? Does anyone know when Jovetic's rating isgoing to change? The suspense is killing me!
  2. I'm not much of a follower of Italian football, but i have him in my Fiorentina squad and have been offered £20m for him. BUT, if he's likely to rise in price and status i'm happy to keep him. My questions are, Is he getting much game time? how well is he performing when he does play? Is he going to rise next time round and by how much (crystal ball required) Most importantly, would you flog him for £20m?
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My thoughts exactly. Being a Chelsea fan i love Cole, but ijust cant see him staying fit enough for a decent enough raise in the future, where asRibery is a dead cert to increase to atleast a 96 i'd have thought. Hope the guy offering me Ribery doesnt read this!
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ive been offered Ribery for J Cole + Bojan, is it worth it?
  5. Now as you can see by my measley post count (ie, E-Penis) i'm a bit of a n00b on this site and SM. But i noticed that Cahill's rating hasn't changed since 2006 - is this right? If so, WHATS ALL THAT ABOUT?!?!? Surely the bloke has deserved a rise since 2006? Does this mean, after a being Evertons rock last year, he's going to get a substantial raise in the near future? Personally i think he should be a 93 at least.
  6. Re: How much... Got him Makes me feel all warm inside. Now ive had a guy PM me, begging me to make Essien available and he reckons a player cash deal involving David Silva and a hefty sum of money. How much would you chaps ask for?
  7. Re: How much... Ive just bought Pato, swapped Drogba for him The only reason i want to offload Anelka is because i need more funds to purchase Sergio Ramos, thus completing the awesome defence of Bosigwa-Ramos-Terry-Cole. Just realised theres not many other managers in this particular world, English championship 2910 if anyones looking to join somewhere *UPDATE* Worked out another way to meet the Madrid chairmansasking price for Ramos (£32m) offered £6m + Quaresma + Carvalho, so i think il hang on to Anelkafor now, and try and offload Deco and Ballack somehow What do you guys think of the Ramos deal?
  8. ...is Anelkareally worth? I want to sell him, but so far ive only been offered £6.2m which tbh i found insulting, surely he's worth atleast £15m? I think after his last season at Chelsea his reating is sure to go up atleast 1 point soon?
  9. reddbul1


    Re: Mugshots Lets all laugh at the new guy
  10. Re: Offer for Messi He wouldnt have it, so ive thrown ib Bojan aswell. Surely he cant refuse? If he does, anyone know of another CM i could try and get? With the same-ish potential as Fabregas?
  11. Re: Offer for Messi Yeah, ive decided to leave it, he asked for 99.9m LOLZ! Last offer was Lampard/J Cole + £30m final offer thatsas good as its gonna get from me. Also offered Lampard + £20m to someone else for Fabregas, but i'm not feeling too optimistic
  12. Re: Offer for Messi Ha ha Deco! He'd probably never speak to me again! If only Essien was a few years older, i'd bite his arm off!
  13. Re: Offer for Messi I'm thinking the same tbh, but then again Lampard is ageing, Messi would easily fill his boots, but Essien? My chairman values him at 31.3m and i would rather keep him, but i dont know who else i can offer in his place
  14. Re: Offer for Messi Just got a response, he wants Lampard + Essien + £50m, ive replied saying i can only offer £30m plus those two, isit worth it? And i really can only do £30m
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