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  1. Re: World Unity FA thread - match reports, transfers, gossip etc Post Match Well obviously i am pleased. We deserved all 3 points but as at the start i would have been pleased with a draw we will settle for that. If it was bot for an outstanding performance by their keeper we would have cleaned up. We did not have the posession due to them sitting deep after their early goal. They sat back and tried to sit on their lead and this was their mistake. Shot after shot kept Van de Sar busy and the pressure told in the end. We need to work on our finishing but i was more than happy with Guillermo's performance and he deserved man of the match. I dont want to make any comments about future opponants at this time but suffice to say some results were not expected.
  2. Re: World Unity FA thread - match reports, transfers, gossip etc Team Talks Adressing the press........."I am sure a more defensive stance tomorrow will serve our purposes. We are obviously heavy underdogs but if we can hit their forwards early and harrass them, keep our tempo up i think we can make them cause themselves problems. We have some good pace through the middle and a couple of excellent front men to aim our counter attacks towards, if we catch some breaks we might get a result. A point in our first game would be great as this will definately be our hardest test all year. I aim to give some of our newer layers a run out and possibly even some of our reserves. This will keep things fresh and work into a squad rotation system i think we will need to use this season as many of our top performers will have to watch their total minutes played. Our next game is our home opener at Crew Stadium and we want to give our home fans a win against a team i see as close rivals. (Sydney FC) To this end expect a few surprises in our selection and formations each week and any team beating us on our day will certainly have deserved the win."
  3. Re: World Unity FA thread - match reports, transfers, gossip etc Gammon Speaks Out New Columbus Crew manager Ian Gammon sat down for his first words with the waiting American press. While the time spent was more of a statement than a question and answer session the waiting press appeared more than happy with the possible headlines they had scooped. The following are the main points covered in Mr Gammon's words... "Firstly i would like to take a moment and thank the management here in Ohio for having the foresight to appoint me as their new manager and i hope to have a long and happy time here in Columbus. As for the team and our goals this season it has taken some time and alot of quick scouting to put together a few ideas but nothing much is very clear at this stage. This much i can say. We wll not be positioning for the title this season. Now that will not sit well with fans but i am nothing if not a realist and even the fans can take a look at the squads of some of our early opponants and see it wont be plain sailing. Taking Zamalek for example. I am not sure what they are doing in this league. They would be more at home in the English premiership and I have them as firm favorites this year. Even Mr Villa will have trouble messing things up there. (A wry smile comes across Gammon's face.) As for new players and players leaving we have already lined up a few signings. Nothing earth shattering but i would like to point out Dwight (Yorke) is obviously aware of things to come and after speaking to him earlier he said Sarajevo were never really an option for him. He is used to top flight football and was not prepared to downgrade and sell out. After a couple of enquieries regarding Guillermo (Barros Schelotto) or Alejandro (Moreno) They are NOT FOR SALE! Thank you again for coming. I am sorry i can not go further but i will speak again ahead of our first game this weekend. Guillermo Barros Schelotto NOT FOR SALE! Alejandro Moreno NOT FOR SALE! Moves to Columbus Crew after snubbing Saraje"who?"
  4. Re: World Unity FA thread - match reports, transfers, gossip etc "Crew" sin' into World Unity FA In a brief announcement today the Columbus Crew unveild new manager Ian Gammon. Mr Gammon was unavailable at this time for a comment but his announcement earlier regarding him leaving Fenerbah├že left no-one surprised. Columbus had been trying for some time to obtain his services for their MLS campaign. It seems the Crew's decision to join the new 'World Unity FA' was too much of a temptation and the deal was done. Mr Gammon's press secretary says to expect more on his decision when he has had a chance to talk to all the players.
  5. Re: NEW GAMEWORLD - simple idea
  6. Re: NEW GAMEWORLD - simple idea Not too sure on your restrictions for managers but if allowed i would love to be in such a set up. Either English club Southend Utd but as there are alot of british already other great choices would be 1860 Munich from bundesliga .2 or further afield Columbus Crew for the US and YOKOHAMA FC from the J League 2. Ian (My rep is only 55 but i am with the origional teams i began with and have never quit on a team. Was only introduced this spring to SM)
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