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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... got an offer of Ribery (my player) of 30 mill + carrick + fletcher from United... good deal?
  2. Re: E-Mail From SM find out where it came from, then report them. If it was on SoccerManager you recieved this message, contact support, also, delete the message as soon as possible, and also edit your message to remove the link, as it would download a virus onto the persons computer ps, you don't have a virus... they just want to get a virus on you
  3. I understand that when your players have finished their contract, you usually leave it to the chairman to sort out, overwise their wages would rise dramatically However, have any changes to the site means that you have to sort out the contracts manually or you'd lose the players, or is the system still the same? cheers
  4. Re: Keepers it is possible for me to player swap with VDS should i do that???
  5. Re: Keepers what is Boruc's potential in the short / long term? i over-looked him, he is at an external
  6. Most of the top keepers have been taken, and the managers will not sell them at the moment I have VDS and Foster as my keepers the only available keepers to buy are Kameni -90 Diego Lopez -91 Ochoa - 89 Wiese - 90 Stekelenburg -90 Handanovic -89 which has the most potential / will rise or be the highest rated out of those above?
  7. I have just inherited a Man U side, and I am wondering who to sell, or what to do with these players VAN DER SAR, Edwin Gk 39 94 £5.6M FOSTER, Ben Gk 26 87 £5.1M SERGIO RAMOS, García RB/CB 23 94 £10.9M LAHM, Philipp RB/LB 26 93 £9.1M VIDIC, Nemanja CB 28 96 £10.7M FERDINAND, Rio CB 31 96 £9.6M GALLAS, William CB 32 93 £7.3M PIQUE, Gerard CB/DM 22 90 £7.9M EVANS, Jonny CB/LB 21 88 £6.6M DE LAET, Ritchie CB/RB 21 73 £192k DRENTHE, Royston LM/LB 22 88 £6.4M LJAJIC, Adem RM/AM 18 84 £4.4M ANDERSON, Luis CM 21 91 £8.9M WITSEL, Axel CM 20 89 £7.6M GIBSON, Darron CM/DM 22 84 £3.9M TOULALAN, Jérémy DM/CB 26 93 £9.1M INIESTA, Andrés AM/Wing 25 96 £11.9M DIEGO, Ribas AM/CM 24 94 £10.5M DOUGLAS COSTA, de Souza AM 19 80 £2.2M RONALDO, Cristiano Wing/Fwd 24 98 £14.1M RIBERY, Franck Wing/AM 26 95 £10.7M NANI, Luís Wing 23 89 £6.9M WALCOTT, Theo Wing/Fwd 20 89 £7.6M VALENCIA, Antonio Wing 24 89 £6.7M ROONEY, Wayne Fwd/AM 24 96 £12.2M AGUERO, Sergio Fwd 21 94 £11.5M TEVEZ, Carlos Fwd/AM 25 93 £9.4M BOJAN, Krkic Fwd 19 89 £7.8M GIOVANI, dos Santos Fwd/AM 20 86 £5.4M WALTER, Henrique da Silva Fwd 20 78 £1.3M BRANDY, Febian Fwd 20 75 £547k REID, Craig Fwd 20 66 £10k The players in bold are the ones that I think will be the core of my side, but I am unsure with what to do with the rest, whether to keep them or to player exchange for some better ones. who would you get in, that is a superstar in the making?
  8. Re: Fitness Boost yep, same problem here, yet it only affects some worlds, as some players fitness is fine, while in others the players have not recovered since the previous game, leaving my team in the mid 70's fitness will send a ticket too, but as already mentioned, nothing will be done, yet they won't admit the problems either (shakes head)
  9. I have both Jefferson Farfan and Correia Adriano. However, I want to get rid of one of then to raise cash for a CM. looking at the forums, both have not shined for their teams especially, so which one is better?
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have Aguero, and Roma bidded for him of Toulalan and de Rossi. I think the deal would be an absolute steal, but i am worried it wouldn't go through. I am thinking of a counter-offering one of those players + money for Aguero which one should i use to counter with?
  11. I have shortlisted some CBs that I need to strengthen my defence, with a maximum of £15 million to spend I can get (off externals) Garay (91) Corluka (91) Chygrynskiy (90) Heitinga (91) Godin (90) Veloso (90) Zapata (90) Who has the most promise to improve, and to rise in both the short term and the long term?
  12. A simple question, but who do you think is going to rise the most out of the two of them? Both I can purchase easily, so who should I buy? thanks
  13. In a world champ set up, my Bayern side had an offer for Lahm from Barca of Yaha Toure + 15 mill I do not like this deal, as I won't have any class defenders in my team then. I am thinking of negotiating with Pique + Busquets + 7 mill If he accepted that I would be quite pleased, but here is the question - will Pique get close to Lahm's 93 rating any time soon? If so, I would put in that responded deal, if not than I will just keep Lahm, as he is still a world class player what do you think?
  14. Re: denilson and he will rise (if he does) in the english rating changes, because he plays in the premier league
  15. Re: Quick Help for deal on van bommel and stankovic I would do the second deal straight away Pique is pure class, and is meant to rise fairly significantly soon, and is likely to keep rising. Collison is playing regular premier league football at West Ham, so should also rise to around 88 by the next rating changes. With the money, you could invest in some youth etc. Don't know much about the first deal, not sure. But if you have a replacement player for Bommel, do the second
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