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    My name is Oscar Espinoza.
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    Making nachos, making fajitas, watching football, playing the maracas.
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  1. Re: The Rap Thread. [Game] My name is Nacho Man I'm a world diplomat I can solve the crisis in Iran But I can't stop Nathan being a prat.
  2. Potential Risers In SWITZERLAND DISCLAIMER: I KNOW THE TIME WHEN SWITZERLAND IS REVIEWED IS A LONG TIME AWAY, BUT I WATCH QUITE A LOT OF THE FOOTBALL OVER THERE. IF I CONTINUE TO GET INFRACTIONS, THEN IT IS LIKELY I WILL NOT BE HERE TO DO THE THREAD. The Swiss League has just kicked off, so I will be offering my ‘advice’ on who is likely to be getting big rises. AC Bellinzona Alessandro CIARROCCHI - 21 - CF - 78. This young, but highly-rated, striker is attracting rave reviews for his play for AC Bellinzona. Ciarrocchi played 21 games last season, but most of his opportunities
  3. Re: The Rap Thread. [Game] I'm going for a poo, Where it'll be really smelly. Then I'm going to buy a shoe, Should I get a welly ? Yeah, people, you've got me in a chuff, You told me that my shoes are floppy. So I had to lick Muntasir's muff, Which, I tell you, was very sloppy.
  4. Re: The Rap Thread. [Game]
  5. Re: The Rap Thread. [Game]
  6. Re: Mario Gavranovic I saw what you did there.
  7. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS MY FIRST ATTEMPT AT MAKING A SCOUT THREAD, SO MOCK ME GENTLY PLEASE. Nzuzi Toko Nzuzi Toko Bundebele, or Nzuzi Toko, is a Congolese midfielder currently playing for Swiss Axpo Super League side Grasshopper Club Zurich, in the Swiss Super League. Toko is a tender 18 years old, but has already started to stake his claim for Grasshopper Club Zurich. He first played for the senior Grasshopper team in August 2008 against Polish side Lech Poznan. That game would be the start of something special for this young footballer. Toko then jumped up successfully from the U
  8. Re: Marko Marin I would keep him because of his recent transfer to Werder Bremen and the fact he will be a big part of Germany's future. The transfer wouldn't go through anyway, so it is a pretty immaterial question.
  9. Nacho Man


    Re: Jokes An old lady came home from the church bring and buy sale quite pleased that she had managed to get an old oil lamp to replace the one she'd broken. Sitting it on the kitchen table she began to give the glass cover a good old clean when in a puff of smoke a little old man appeared. "Fuck me!" she said "Who the hell are you?" "I am the genie of the lamp and you now have three wishes." "Yeah right! Like I believe all that bollocks. OK if you're a Genie then make me young again. Make me 21." There was a flash and the old lady felt very different and rushing over to the mirror she wa
  10. Re: European based Players I predict do well next season Did you not hear that he has just been granted French citizenship a few seconds ago ?
  11. Nacho Man


    Re: Mugshots To be fair, I only posted it once. Making shizz up about me posting it over and over again isn't true - why lie ? And aren't you not allowed to swear, even with asterisks ?
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