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  1. Re: Worlds best derbies.. ! Most certainly the OLD FIRM is the best/most famous.. Celtic v Rangers Besides having a derby history of 100+yrs.. The intensity that it creates is second to none.. Violence occurs and Religion amongst many other factors weighs heavily on the match.. Which at one point was so bad the old firm witnessed the worlds worst ever pitch invasion.. Though it isnt as bad now as it used to be.. AND Celtic vrs Rangers is probably the most worldwide renowned/televised football derby in the sport.. which makes it an obvious choice.. And if you dont believe me do researh and be told the exact same thing =P Oh and The record attendance for the Glasgow derby is 132,870 for the 1969 Scottish Cup Final at Hampden Park, won 4-0 by Celtic.
  2. Re: World Championship 6033 Match Reports/Transfer News Thread CELTIC 1 - 0 PALMEIRAS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP CUP RND 1 CELTIC PARK - ATTENDANCE - 57,744 Monday, 6 July 2009 Scott McDonald Celebrates his 64th Minute Winner Glasgow Celtic Manager John Tomlinson is said to be delighted with on form striker Scott McDonald and has issued a hands off warning to other clubs, The Australian internationalist has already racked up 3 Man of the Match awards and as many goals in the first 5 games of this season and the fans expect it continue.. Scott McDonalds winning strike was followed with a deserved MoM award and seen him send his Celtic team mates through to the next round of the WC Cup. CELTIC 1 - 1 PANATHINAIKOS ATHENS - ATTENDANCE - 20,500 Saturday, 4 July 2009 Stephen Mcmanus celebrates his 27th minute equaliser Stephen McManus told today how he was proud to bag his first goal of the season in such an important game, and expressed his delight at new manager John Tomlinson's handling of the club thus far. McManus' 27th minute strike was the equaliser in a tough match against Greek giants Panathinaikos and the team were happy to walk away with the point. Celtic are Currently sitting 15th in Division 3, and have yet to lose a game under new Manager John Tomlinson CELTIC 1 - 0 RUBIN CELTIC PARK - ATTENDANCE - 56,956 Wednesday, 1 July 2009 Scott Mcdonald celebrates the winning goal Celtic today seen them overcome a weak Rubin side and its a wonder they didn't win by a much larger margin, Celtic dominated every area of the park and played some stunning football which was let down by sloppy finishing, Man of the match Scott McDonald who scored the winner with a fine chip was said to be delighted by the way the team played and that Rubin were lucky that it wasn't by a lot more goals. TRANSFER NEWS Celtic have acquired the talents of Spanish Midfielder, Javi Martinez from Athletic club in a cash plus part exchange deal that seen veteran Paul Hartley and Youngster Koki Mizuno switch to spain, The cash offer remains undisclosed but Celtic fans are pleased at the new managers current transfer activity and hope he continues to acquire more,young, hot prospects over the course of the season.
  3. Re: £12mil.. Tips Advice on a great young left back.. Thanks for the tips guys.. And only Adnre Santos i found was Andres Santos and hes not with corinthians in this league and is only 82..
  4. Re: Whats a good team average for Division 3? Well i got my average age currently to 25 And the Average rating is 89 And i was bottom of Division 3 when i joined, but got my first point in first game so im hoping its a good sign..
  5. Re: Whats a good team average for Division 3? Well team average was already around that when i joined.. Ive only made 2 big signings and even then there not all that great but are what i could afford and needed.. im more focused on picking up young gems and keeping them in the long run than paying through the nose for aging players with 90+..
  6. Re: £12mil.. Tips Advice on a great young left back.. **** sounds good enough to me lol.. Cheers.. Anyone know anyone else?
  7. Re: £12mil.. Tips Advice on a great young left back.. Yea i have him shortlisted.. is he projected to increase too?
  8. Re: Whats a good team average for Division 3? Oh sorry.. yea its WC.. And average age is 25.. so 89 wont cut it =/ ****
  9. Re: Best player in history Henrik Larsson
  10. Im currently sitting at Team Average of 89.. Is that normal for a division 3 team or should it be a little higher?
  11. Anyone able to give me a tip on a great upcoming young LB?! budget is £12million
  12. Re: League Predictions 2009-2010.. Scottish Premier League Winner Glasgow Celtic Runner Up Glasgow Rangers English Premier League Winner Liverpool Runner Up Manchester Utd Champions League Winners will be Barcelona again.. Though i can see Real Madrid doing something this year with Kaka and Ronaldo..
  13. Whos got this? Best fighting ive ever played.. Graphics are stunning.. Makes UFC look like fight night 3.. new physics engine is off the chain.. EA got there **** together it seems.. If you got it throw me your gamertag and well go a few rounds..
  14. Re: Viral|Designs - Sig Request Thread And there still is some great sig makers here.. i never said i was the best.. i said i was one of (therefore among).. And the website was designed to the artists requirements, it was just to show i wasnt lying bout being a designer ect.. tbh i couldnt even care what anyone thought either.. you want a sig cool.. you dont cool.. it really doesn't bother me
  15. Re: Viral|Designs - Sig Request Thread Heres a website i designed/coded and was paid for.. New Jersey Rap Artist Ameilius - www.ameilius.com Look at the bottom, When i used the name Chaos|Designs, it says Website designed by Danze & KharN.. (Danze and me started chaos designs but it stopped after danze went other way and i started Viral Designs.. and if you check the website it also says "thanks to kharn for the layout".. Feel free to show me your websites.. oh and i said i was ONE of the best here based one what i have seen so far.. i didnt say i WAS the best.. And ill make sigs when shops is open.
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