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  1. Re: Wesley Sneijder He is a great player with great potential and should of been increased a while back
  2. Re: LowerLeague Forum Championship - Respected Forumers Wanted ! can i join.... sounds fun!
  3. Re: LuckyDip League UK Sounds Great Can i be included?
  4. Re: 'Forum Fun' Happenings... APOLLO QUITS BENFICA After losing 3-1 at the hands of sevilla Apollo decided that was enough..and has now left the club he led to promotion last year and will leave this setup.He highly recommends his old club to any manager.And thanks Bobo and everyone in the setup for a great time.
  5. Re: Right now i'm listening to... ...restless by Unkle Feat.Josh homme
  6. Re: THE BEST FORMATION (inc Poll)
  7. Re: THE BEST FORMATION (inc Poll) i used 4-1-4-1 woth a benfica in bobos setup and i got promoted!
  8. Re: Who is the best club in the world? I voted inter becouse of the alround quality of their players but there is no best club in the world Each team will have lots of bad days and if one of those bad days is against another great club then they would be considered weaker- Some teams have won more trophies but most of course would have in the past It all depends on situation-fitness-morale on a certain occasion There is no best club inthe world-well the idea of the CL is to determine the best in europe-but then chelsea lost to liverpool who beat barcelona but who lost to milan are milan the best in the world ?no one voted for them in this poll!what are people voting by what standards is one team voted for and another not ? well in the 1st leg against bayern they seemed weaker than the germans one 1 day and much better another- Lyon have dominated the ligue 1- with6 titles in as many years and have been quite sucselful always going past the group stages well recently anyway man utd getting the most votes 1st prem title in 3/4years reached semi finals of CL.is the 1 prem mire important that six ligue 1s in a row or the CL you cannot say there is a best club
  9. Re: 'Forum Fun' Happenings... 12-0 to benfica! against unmanaged marseille iaquinta netted 6 nuno gomes 4 manuel fernandes and guardado both got 1 aswell putting benfica 4th in div two -
  10. Re: SM International Stadium How about "The Toenail Breeding Spoon Bending Arena"?
  11. Re: APOLLOS FORUMER OF THE MONTH AWARDS(official) naa no point u can see the best sm-ers on the homepage anyway:cool:
  12. Re: APOLLOS FORUMER OF THE MONTH AWARDS(official) why not for a start everyone who posted here recently vote?
  14. Re: Chelsea Gossip oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh would he go?
  15. Re: Chelsea Gossip do we? Drogbas the best in england -Pizarro great backup-Kalou can score-Sahar will be very good soon-Shevchenko can be good thats 5 good strikers have we got alex yet/?\
  16. Re: APOLLOS FORUMER OF THE MONTH AWARDS(official) no one voted im afraid so no one won!
  17. Re: next player to reach 99 wouldnt 100 be the perfect rating...?
  18. Re: Hiliaro Outfield? nice rumour though i think sahar will get the place though but with that in mind would hilarios position be changed to G/F
  19. apollo


    Re: Berbatov DONT ARGUE WITH TEB HE TOLD U van n is better then berba SO HE IS!
  20. Re: 'Forum Fun' Happenings... i do and ive edited thx-sorry i wasnt sure which one to bid for -but as i needed cover at LB an RB LEE seemed perfect thx for him thx to teb for ERKAN-i will stick to my promise he will get min 10 games and as part of the deal i will let u have him on loan for the 1st ten weeks of season if u like?
  21. Re: 'Forum Fun' Happenings... can u make bids for players in UNMANAGEABLE clubs or are they the same as UNMANAGED clubs- and a deal has been accepted for youg pyo lee
  22. Re: 'Forum Fun' Happenings... latest news benfica put in a bid for young pyo LEE... and yerkan -1 of grays athletic prized assets will manager teb-let him go up a step in becoming a superstar-or will he ruin his career by keeping the benfica manager has promised yerkan will be played at least 10 times during the forthcoming season-
  23. Re: 'Forum Fun' Happenings... After having bids for Makaay and Rogerio Ceni accepted-BENFICA are looking for brazilian fullback-an offer has been made for ARRUDA PAOULO CESAR of PSG. still interested in any bids for katsouranis 89 rated greek CM,worth 5.9 m but will be sold for anything over 6 m Meanwhile Benfica fans seem worried about NUNO GOMES' future after the bid for makaay-fearing he will drop to the bench as makaay seems certain to partner iaquinta upfront -manager said "we will see over the course of time tomorrow we will have three internationally recognised forwards in red for us-at this moment in time none is 3rd choice-bids for NUNO will be coonsidered though"
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